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Your First Gun

Should you buy one and join 60 million
safely armed American homes?

by Alan Korwin, 128 pgs., $9.95


Women are now the fastest growing segment of the market and for good reason -- guns represent empowerment, equality, and shatter the glass ceiling, it's not a man's world anymore. For many couples, it is the woman who understands that a gun in the home provides safety and security. This book explores the social and cultural questions without any technical or macho mumbo jumbo, gets you ready mentally for the changes that come with being armed. In Q&A format, answers the questions on every new gun owner's mind. Read more about it here.

Available now!
Your First Gun by Alan Korwin

Only $9.95 +S&H.
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How to Raise an American Patriot

How to Raise an American Patriot

By Marijo Tinian, 162 p. #HTR $17.95


Enjoy the enormously warming stories of 13 patriotic Americans—rekindle the secrets, to teach future generations the values that have made this nation great. Instilling the virtues that define the American character, Debbie Lee, the mom of Marc Alan Lee, America’s first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq, is helping the author bring this book to the public eye. It’s worth it. Find out how Newt Gingrich, Reagan’s AG Edwin Meese and other notable Americans were raised or raised their own, to have pride in America. Inspirational, with key points for sharing.

Concealed Carry for Women

Concealed Carry for Women

By Gila Hayes 240 p. #CCF $22.95


A great resource for women who own a gun or are interested in obtaining one. Explores challenges unique to women, best types of sidearms for women and fashions that work well for women carrying discreetly. Reviews the laws, interacting with officials, tips on gear, etiquette for women, extra coverage of carry options that tip the scales in your favor. Should I? Why? Can I? How do I? What if? What will people think? Serious subject done seriously. Carry with confidence.

Personal Defense for Women

Personal Defense for Women
Practical Advice for Self Protection
By Gila Hayes 288 p. #PDFW $22.99


Self-defense secrets for women, from avoiding confrontation to winning if you must fight. Prevail against attackers, no matter their size. Building blocks to a self-defense lifestyle, awareness, confrontation avoidance—and knowing when and how to fight back if necessary. Learn personal safety, empowerment and security in your home, vehicle, workplace or on the street. Emotional and physical consequences of survival, self-defense options and techniques, hit them where it hurts, getting started with guns and discreet carry for women, shotguns too. Hundreds of photos.

Emily Gets Her Gun

Emily Gets Her Gun

By Emily Miller, 384 p. #EG $27.95


Award-winning reporter Emily Miller exposed Wash., D.C. bureaucrats’ efforts to deny residents their right to carry by making it nearly impossible to get the red-taped permit. She details the delays, costs and pure BS they threw in her way, and how she helped change the world in the process. She won JPFO’s David and Goliath Award; very satisfying read.


A Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry
by Kathy Jackson, 382 p., $19.95


Women don't fight like men -- no bragging or machismo, it's about getting away from danger, whatever it takes, and fierce defense of kids and family. The editor of Concealed Carry Magazine brings her enormous talent and experience to this book for women, an excellent addition to the limited material available specifically for women. Covers all the bases, an all-around guide for carry and use.

Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill

Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill

By Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano 240 p. #ST $15


Grossman, a scholar, soldier, speaker, one of the world’s foremost experts on human aggression, issues this call to action to parents, teachers, citizens—he has trained soldiers to kill, and sees the same impassionate techniques aimed at our kids, with predictable results. We’re encouraging psychotic behavior, teaching the mechanics, getting sick results, read the science, digest the research, get tools to fight back.

The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Being Fearless

The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Being Fearless

By Cathy Steinberg 202 p. #FGG $16.95


Staying safe without guns—armed with knowledge, skills, prep and attitude, stay safe, live your Fabulous Life and learn gun craft—from all our other goods. The author, a former correctional officer at a super-max male prison, a mental hospital for the criminally insane and a death-row women’s prison—is a personal-safety expert who conducts workshops at abuse shelters and nonprofit women’s groups. An avid markswoman herself, she’s dedicated to helping women lead safer lives. Inspiring!




Armed and Female: Taking Control
by Paxton Quigley


The ultimate guide for women is back in print
at last! No macho BS, just great advice for
women from the internationally famous trainer
who shattered this glass ceiling forever.

Revised and updated from cover to cover.
A great gift idea. Read more about it.


by Masaad Ayoob.  $8.95
One of the world's leading experts on lethal force issues, this father of two shares his thoughts and very practical ideas on gun safety for kids in a classic short booklet.  Includes a good primer on handguns for the novice. Does not advocate avoidance.
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Women Having Fun With Guns
by Debbie Ferns, $15.00

Here are real woman who have taken up shooting sports because it’s fun. Author Debbie Ferns broke through the myths and taboos herself, and shares loads of stories of similar women—even Sandy Froman, the president of the NRA. It is nothing short of exhilarating. Anti-rights advocates now have a tough new adversary—women. “Babes With Bullets” changes the paradigm. Read more about  Babes With Bullets.

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Neal Know Gun Rights War

Available now!

This is one amazing new book!

One woman's fight against gun control
Suzanna Gratia Hupp $22.95 Hardcover

Surviving a mad-man's rampage where 23 innocent people are slaughtered can really ruin your day -- and change your life forever. Suzanna watched as both of her parents were cut down, while her own gun sat useless in her vehicle -- because a hopelessly bad law banned it in the Luby's restaurant, and she followed that rule. She had a clear closeup shot at the psycho, and couldn't take it.

Infuriated by the denial of her rights and the price she paid for feel-good do-nothing harmful laws, she won a seat in the Texas legislature and successfully battled to put gun laws on the side of the innocent. National media didn't know what to make of her, a decent, soft spoken, intelligent woman campaigning to arm the public. She tells her story in a compelling way, going from a naive young lady to a freedom fighter we can all look up to for inspiration.

The book gives you chills, makes you want to cheer -- a first-person survivor's account of one of America's worst atrocities, and the aftermath that helped us all.
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True Accounts of Self Defense

Chris Bird
, $19.95

The nationally acclaimed author of The Concealed Handgun Manual has put together 14 bone-chilling tales of people who are alive today because they had a firearm, loaded and ready, when the moment of truth arrived. Their stories of bravery and successful tactics are lessons for the rest of us, and help dispel the "news" media nonsense that guns have no proper place in society.

From 80-year-old Clarence Cochran of Arkansas who took a belly shot before killing his attacker and wounding the accomplice, to Barbara Thompson who shot two burglars with a shotgun at her plant nursery, you'll cheer for these brave men and women and their courageous efforts.

"There is much to be learned from Chris' painstaking, detailed research. I recommend this book highly." --Massad Ayoob

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and what are you going to do about it?
Bill & Janet Liebsch, 284 p., 9.95.


A Disaster Preparedness, Prevention and Basic First-Aid Manual

Husband-and-wife team have created the ultimate guide for protecting your family.

This is the book the Dept. of Homeland Security uses, available by special arrangement. Not like other manuals, this is organized by disaster type—flood, storm, hazmat, heat and cold, wildfire, disease, terrorism, radiation, chemical, cyber attack, evacuation, and more, covering each in great detail. Family and property planning, grab and go kits, prepare for shelter, food prep, sanitation, water purification. It includes a full first-aid section for multiple needs, public contact numbers, printed in attractive two-color format. Ask us about large quantities.
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Dianna Barra, M.S., $8 bucks, save $9.95!

Most of our customers probably own a few survival-type books, but do you really want to live under a tarp and bang rocks to make fire? Here at last is a practical, comprehensive guide to preparing for civil disorder -- from natural or man-made emergencies. It's custom designed for each member of your family and will help you not just survive, but survive in style.

Forget the Rambo-approach of rapelling gear and a gilley suit, here are clear instructions for plans and kits suited to home, school, office, vehicles, indoors and outdoors, with special coverage for infants, pets, the elderly, medical needs, and a disaster planner that brings it all together. Definitely takes it further than the average military survival guide.

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A Woman's Guide to Firearms


Host Gerald McRaney (TV's "Major Dad") leads you through and entertaining, step-by-step easy program designed with women in mind. Helps reduce the fear some women experience when learning about firearms, makes you more comfortable with a whole new world. A comprehensive how-to video, including instruction from two champion shooters. 60 minutes.
$24.95 list, our price only $19.95!

Personal Safety Training:

Various contributors, $19.95

An all-around tutorial for home owners. Experienced police and SWAT team instructors guide you from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Tips on purchasing, safety and rules, eight basic shooting fundamentals, stances for making home defense shots, tactical movement, night vision, moving family members to a safe room, confronting intruders, avoiding hostage situations, and what to expect when the police arrive, as they usually do, after the incident is over.

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Shoot / Don't Shoot Scenarios

David Kenik and Ralph Mroz, $19.95

48 staged gunfighting scenarios—
many involving women in day-to-day situations.

These are like the scenarios that simulator systems use—and force you to react. Should you draw, can you safely and legally fire? Using your TV, you can dry-fire practice (using an EMPTY gun that you have absolutely proven is empty before proceeding) with these incredibly realistic carefully staged situations. You really “get it” for bringing a gun into play in an armed confrontation.

Things happen so fast and without warning, especially on a first viewing, you'll see just how tough it can be to bring a gun to bear in a life threatening situation. But—was it really life threatening? Watch them and see, then study the careful analysis that follows every episode. Each scene is a life-like situation you could find yourself in at home, work, shopping and more. Careful analysis follows every scene.

After you've seen them all and (sort of) remember what to expect, these videos still present excellent opportunities for targeting an attacker at a distance, with innocents nearby, in fractions of a moment. And then, a whole new training opportunity opens when you let your friends experience the video—when you know what to expect—and you can watch them fumble, hesitate, and make the right and wrong judments you already had to make. One of the best training tools I've ever run across—short of owning your own simulator for tens of thousands of dollars.

Get Armed Response 4 and 5 for one low price.

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Original Intent


Mathew Spalding, 110 p., $7.95

The easiest way to come up to speed about the documents that make America what it is, guard our freedoms and set the stage for all our rights. You’ll be knowledgeable about why we’re great, easily defend the principles and structure of the American Dream. The Heritage Foundation, one of the nation's leading think tanks, produced this basic guide to help fill in the gaps left by our deplorable school system -- which, if they even teach people about these documents at all, might provide a distorted view of what they are, what they mean and why they're so vitally important. Highly recommended.

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"A More Perfect Union" Complete Package

Produced by the National Center for Constitutional Studies.
Here is a superb, exhilarating look at how America got started,
the civics lesson every school should teach (though most do not).
Give your kids the truth about America.

Designed for classrooms—and the perfect refresher for all freedom activists, and home schoolers too. Relive the roots of liberty, the men, places, documents and meanings of this great nation. In clear, straightforward language, you get the uncensored truth about The American Way, with no political-correctness corruption. A total delight, as you recall things you may have learned in your youth, which have been whitewashed (blackwashed?) and hidden from Americans by a corrupt school system that is intent on indoctrinating kids instead of educating them.

The Teacher's Guide is a thorough course on our core principles and history, perfect for kids or adults, closely paralleling the More Perfect Union DVD. An enjoyable read, arranged in neat "lesson" sections, with Q&A and study guides for each lesson to help it all sink in—perfect for quizzing yourself, your kids or for teachers to use in classes. (Do you remember what the Great Compromise was, that let the union form?) Only $6.00 each, call us for quantity discounts.
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A More Perfect Union DVD is a top-quality brilliantly acted 2-hour movie of our founding days, produced in 1990 by Brigham Young University. It aired initially on PBS and was seen by millions, and is now available as a low-cost DVD. What a pleasure to watch 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in the Assembly Room in Philadelphia, as they debate the principles and hammer out the charter that helped set us on our way. (Rhode Island refused to attend, hoping the Articles of Confederation would remain in place; only 39 delegates signed, from the youngest, 26-year-old Jonathan Dayton, to the oldest, Ben Franklin, who at 81 was still sharp mentally but had to be carried to the sessions in a sedan chair). Only $14.95 each, call us for quantity discounts.
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The Wall Chart Constitution Poster has the complete Constitution as originally enacted, the Bill of Rights, all the subsequent amendments through 27 (which was the second article in the Bill of Rights as originally proposed, concerning limits on pay raises for Congress!) and a fascinating and detailed time line of of our early history. Only $5.00 each, call us for quantity discounts.
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The Complete Package (recommended) gives you the Teacher's Guide, the two-hour DVD "A MorePerfect Union," the Wall Poster of the Constitution, plus we include our pocket edition of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights.

$28.00 if purchased separately—but only $19.95 for the set—it's worth it!
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Various Authors and Prices

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state gun-law guides for you.
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10 button set

Speak your mind with our stylish
mylar-covered political statements.

New designs available by the piece
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Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
Roger Fisher and William Ury, 200 pgs., $15.00

Based on the Harvard Negotiation Project, these groundbreaking principles are the heart of the most productive negotiation techniques, and will make you more effective with friends, family, legislators, bureaucrats, teachers. Tells you how to: Separate the people from the problem; Focus on interests, not positions; Negotiate successfully with people who are more powerful, refuse to play by the rules, or resort to dirty tricks. Universally applicable methods for negotiating personal and professional disputes without getting taken or angry. "This is by far the best thing I've ever read on negotiation." —John Kenneth Galbraith
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Anonymous, 28 pgs., $3.00

This remarkable little booklet, written during the Great Depression and still popular today, describes an astonishingly simple plan for getting what you want in life. (Basic precept: "If you know what you want you can have it.") They key is truly knowing what you really really want, and this simple method helps you crystallize your core goals easily. If your true desires are even a little fuzzy, your success is compromised from the get go. I can personally attest to its value—these principles have guided much of the success I have experienced as a writer and publisher. Increase your effectiveness in politics—or improve any other area of your life—throw this little gem in with your order for only a few bucks.
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The Futile Attempt to Suppress the Human Spirit
Louis E. Carabini, 112 pgs., $9.95

What a wonderfully uplifting and optimistic book -- an easy-reading refresher course in why liberty is the answer. Attempts to suppress liberty bring misery and poverty to all but those doing the suppression, "the masters." Some people are inclined to liberty, others inclined to mastery, and understanding that struggle is the key to seeing how the world really works and helping freedom win. The statist mindset says, "Something is unfair and we ought to fix it." But "we" really means them (another term for the royal "I") and provides "a moral justification for physically forcing others to live their lives as 'I' see fit." Crystal-clear explanation of how money is the go-between in human relations and provides power to those who understand how to use it. A bit different for our line of books, but I loved it and recommend it.

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