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Though many of my friends and fans think of me as The Gun Guy (because of all my gun-law books), I'm a full-time writer, have been for more than 30 years, covering news, free speech, publishing, politics, constitutional issues, numismatics, geology and more. News accuracy and ethics have been on my plate the whole time.

I'm proposing a new page for newspapers ("Page Nine" regardless of the page it runs on), that covers stories as they ought to read, not the way news rooms color things. News on steroids, but right down the middle, for the print world. It would be the most read page in the paper, a refreshing breath of clean air.

Here's a casual sample. It might make you say, "They'll NEVER run that!" but the page will be built around ad revenues from right thinking mainstream businesses.

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Index items below list stories the lamestream media covered or missed.
(The Page Nine reports describe the news behind their "news.")


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Page Nine No. 195: WAIT! 1st Tuesday After 1st Monday in Nov.
1. "Just Shoot 'Em in the Leg!"
Presidential candidate recommends committing armed felony.

Mess media fails to correct him, or inform public of dangers involved.
Justification for use of deadly force is not permission to intentionally wound.
Biden shows more concern, compassion for armed attackers than murder victims.
Demonstrates near total lack of understanding of firearms and self-defense principles, law.
2. Preparing for the Election
"Everything will be peaceful," nobody said.
3. Important Stuff:
-- When to Vote
-- "Uniting the Country" myth
-- Three parties running for president—
Democrats, Republicans and Communists

Chinese communists have gone public with their intent and plans to dominate America and the world.
Active in our Congress, schools, media, economy, have candidates running this year
4. Joe Biden's Plan for Everyone's Guns
No Excuses

Page Nine No. 194: Policy Conference! and Biden's Gun Plan
100% online Sep. 19 - 20, 2020

1. Joe Biden's Plan for Everyone's Guns
No Excuses

2. Joe Biden Cannot Hold a Debate
Not won't, he can't. Everyone knows this

Page Nine No. 193: Birther is an "N" Word.
1. What Is a "natural born Citizen"
Was it ever defined?
What was/is the definition?
Did the Founding Fathers know the definition?
Did they just throw that in without knowing what they were doing?
Is there a reason they used it? What was the reason?
Can the Constitution be changed without an Amendment?
(You know the answer to that)
Why do people who ask get called dirty names?

Page Nine No. 192 -- BRIEF
Kamala Harris Is Not Eligible

Page Nine No. 188: 2020 Traveler's Is In, AZ Rally in Feb, Sanctuary battles
Traveler's Guide 2020 is here!
Get yours now.



Stopping psychos, and gun checks, are unrelated

Page Nine No. 187: Bill of Rights Day 2019
1st Amendment faces risks as great as 2nd Amendment
4th, 5th, 6th and 10th Amendments also under assault

Gun Laws We Need Are No Longer Options

Page Nine No. 186: Anniversary of Kristallnacht
Remembering what Germany didn't finish --
that millions of people still want.

Nov. 9 is the day Jewish genocide became official government policy,
"anti-Semitism" writ so large today's use of the term is silly.

It's not anti-Semitism -- Arabs (Semites) want it.
It's Jew hatred.

Page Nine No. 185: Armed with Weapons of Sport
Robert Francis Couldn't be More Wrong

The “Nicknamed Candidate” has no clue about firearms

Page Nine No. 184: Democrats Cross Bright Red Line
"evinces a design to reduce them to despotism"
Democrats have "come out of the closet," cheering to disarm the public.

Attacking Gun Rights Due To Massacres Is Nonsense

It’s a convenient excuse for disarming the innocent, that’s all.

Page Nine No. 183
Typical left-leaning citizen, self-righteous, feels justified and correct (but is not):
"They should take away all the guns!"

Simple right-leaning citizen, in disagreement, calmly:
"Who is they"?

Lefty: "The government, of course, idiot!"
Righty: "But don't you believe Trump and his associates are Nazis?"
Lefty: "Everyone knows they're Nazis! Don't you follow the news?"
Righty: "So, you want to take all these guns and give them to... the Nazis?"
Lefty: Stunned, vacant look, dead silence.
Lefty: "Well he won't be in power forever!"
Righty: "If you give him all the guns he might be.
We thought the previous guy was pretty bad."
When you examine left-leaning arguments with simple clarity they fall apart, just like this.
I've been doing it in this column since 2006:

Page Nine No. 182
1- Communist China
The brutal, murderous dictatorship
Media calls it "China," carefully
hiding totalitarian communistic truth.
They didn't used to. Red China. Our sworn mortal enemy.
2- The Wall
Seeing is believing.
 Cont'd throughout

3- Armed Pittsburgh Rally
Touched off by Temple of Life and corrupt politicians
Local officials seek to ignore law, enact their own rules
Residents won't stand for it, march on City Hall

Page Nine No. 181
1- Dems Introduce 658 Bills At Once
Part of 100-hour ethics reform "sprint"
Report from Page Nine #24 reminds us
How easily we forget history
2- Last Chance for National Carry Bill
It lives or dies in the next few weeks
You can make phone calls, possible save it
3- The Mueller Report
Crossroads Gunshow this weekend
Scroll down for details, discount entry

Bill of Rights Day Dec. 15

Links, goodies, pictures


Page Nine No. 180
1- The "Other" John McCain
More scandals and controversy than I can fit here
His own party censured him, remember?
Can you say, "Lincoln Savings and Loan"?

2- The "Other" Barack Hussein Obama
Back on the scene with bigger and better stories

Media still hides his full name but reason increasingly clear
Scandals list huge, growing, getting worse, media coverup ongoing
3- Hurricane Florence Displays "Climate Models"
Huge Disparity in Full-Color Broadcast for Days
Computer modeling couldn't make accurate predictions
Climatologists needed to get it right for hours, not decades


4- One Yale Prof Gets It
Michelle Malkin nails it too
5- Infringement is Constitutionally Banned
Punishment must be made swift and sure
"Officials" think anything is OK. It is not.
Those who would infringe must face punishment.
6- U.S. Marines Guarding U.S./Mexico Border
Until and unless there's a wall, there's Marines
Border Patrol accepts and relies on the excellent help
Report directly from the Marines

Page Nine No. 179
1- Communist China's Secret American War
Unrestricted warfare revealed from Chinese source
New infographic exposes 40-front campaign
"China is not our friend, never was"
Mass murderer remains on their currency
2- Why Are Kids Killing Kids?
Will the children's "March for our Lives" stop them? 
Are kids promoting the same gun-control myths -- by coincidence?
3- Illegals Are Forcing Kid Separations
You can't put little kids in prison with felons

Even the ACLU and its collaborators know that
Still, media and they complain, encourage more border violators


4- We Need More Gun Laws
Say what?
Politicians infringe, that's illegal, they just skate
It's way past time for change
5- Vote Fraud Documentation
3.5 MILLION more voters registered than people alive
Census data analysis confirmed, twice
Mainstream reports, if any, didn't make much noise, did they?
6- Americans Agree on 15 Gun Policies - (Not)
Lamestream Report Based on Pure Bias
Reported as if Credible, Without Real Basis
Science News is no longer science, or news
7- Stop the Space Force?
It's already there pal -- think of this as branding
It's basically a budget request, and more bureaucracy
Military branches will fight for control, they already hand out --
Astronaut Patches
8- Isn't it Better to Kill the Murderer?
"Guns May Be the Highest Calling"
Don't let derogatory prattle wear you down.

Page Nine No. 178
Identify People Ready to Commit Murder, By Saying So?
Confiscate their property, with no due process, then turn them loose
What kind of housewife feels safer after that?
Identify Serious Criminals, Then Turn Them Loose 
Criminals standing in the store, trying to buy guns,
FBI on the phone
Send them away? Is this what "97% of the public" actually supports? Do they even know?
Gay Community Thinks Crosswalks Are Political Billboards

What color should Black Lives Matter get?
Dancing in the streets about to become a real safety hazard

Making Legal Guns Illegal Is Infringement
Left-wing politicians and mass media forgot infringement is banned
Child activists know little of the Constitution, but it's not an excuse
6- Guns Are A Public Health Benefit
CDC Continues to be banned from interference
For good reason

See article in STARTERS below

Page Nine No. 177
Congress Goes Along, see the subject-ban list

2- "RED FLAG" LAWS: Extreme Danger
Identify and poke people ready to kill -- then turn them loose?
"People too dangerous to keep their own guns are too dangerous to be roaming around."
...with knives, vehicles, chainsaws, gasoline... other guns... how is this safe?
Driven by gun-fear, another left-wing disarmament travesty, hoplophobic,
worse than pretend gun-free zones where the mass murders take place.
The children's march insists on it.
We asked them -- they don't know what it is, or why they want it done.
4- No Immediate Response
Media hubris is unabated

White House failure to step-n-fetch-it upsets reporters
At least the subject was dumb -- Hillary cheated on Bernie
5- FAKE-NEWS POLICE Report For Duty
Reason to be optimistic, good guys coming on scene

"His hands are bound."

Even seeing isn't believing.
The term "gun politics" has replaced "gun rights"
Spotted by accident -- affects NRA, SAF, GOA, JPFO, more
Proof is in Wiki archive

7- Industry Grows
Media snoozes

This much growth anywhere else would be a headline
Reporters are embarrassed, could be proud

Better than average reader remarks (at end)

Page Nine No. 176
The Gloves Are Off -- It's a Gun-Ban Movement
Democrats: "No right to bullets" (Schultz)
Gun confiscation by ballot initiative (Oregon)
2- It Makes Sense the Left Is Using Children
Why should anyone be surprised?
Darling little kids are motivational, it’s all that matters
3- Is Science News Over?
A funny thing happened on the way to Science Newsiness
Note: movie comment below

4- NRA Is The Devil! -- Or Maybe Not.
Training must come from somewhere
The preeminent trainers, media left that out
5- Anti-Rights Groups "Out" Themselves
It was always about taking guns away
Pretense ended
6- Arizona Lacks at Least One Senator
Senator McCain recovering, Doesn’t Vote
“Might Return by Summer,” daughter says
21 legislative days until August recess
7- Everyone Backs Speech Ban, the Idiots

Loads of letters this time.

Page Nine No. 175
1- The Problem Isn't the Shootings
It's the murders
The lamestream media has twisted everything using words
2- Sexually Explicit Remarks Among Marines!
Leftists are stunned, seek reparations
Oh, wait, reparations are for the Civil War, this is recriminations. Retributions?

3- Trump's Iran Plan Makes Sense
No bomb for Iran, simple. What, you didn't know?
Obama's plan was to let them get nukes, media has kept you misled
4- The Bump Stock Deception
Plus—If the infringers get something we should too
You cannot condone extorting an infringement based on tragedy
5- Fix "Fix NICS"
A "Fix NICS" bill is getting a lot of attention
NICS itself needs to be fixed, not just expanded and better kept
6- Korwin Admits: "We need better gun laws."
Did he sell out?
Just what sort of "better gun laws" is he talking about?
For every one they propose, we must propose two, it's only reasonable.

Page Nine No. 174
This isn't a drug story, it's a "news" story
Reporters still swallow police reports whole
2- "Children of color" aren't "Colored children"
Simple word play convinces racists they aren't racist
Nation's main purveyors of racism fooling everyone
3- Fake News vs. Phony News
The "news" media delivers both, fails to distinguish either

Officer Friendly looks less friendly to me
Invulnerable cops good for them -- but for you? Don't miss this SHOT Show report!
I had to get this out before the end of the month, so a bunch of promised features remain undone.
I have an autobiography of a living WWII vet almost on press,
with top secret clearance he instructed pilots on radar,
my Page Nine file is bursting, it's late here, I have all this
correspondence to edit and include, a Model Laws folder
that desperately needs attention and circulation, more soon.
You have no idea how frustrating this all is to me,
having more to do that I can get done.
Check out Dave Hardy's new book.

Page Nine No. 173
1- The 911 Limited Immunity Act
"Provide Miranda-style protection to 911 callers."
Preserve the Fifth Amendment, and right to silence and an attorney
2- Gun-Free-Zone Liability Act
Denying a person's civil rights may be legal, but it's reckless, negligent and dangerous.
"You can create a gun-free zone, but you're liable for any harm it causes."
3- Sunshine Gun Laws
Models for your state. All explained here:
4- Kosher Gun Laws
JPFO has described what a basic set of gun laws ought to be:
5- Complete plain-English review of the National Carry bill
From Page Nine No. 172
Will be posted soon if it is not already,
or ask and I'll send you a copy.

Page Nine No. 172
Of course Indians died when Columbus arrived, that's how life works
Whoever arrived first would have made the strong survive

H.R. 38
What's REALLY in the National Carry Bill?
You better be sitting down for this:

-- If you can carry at home, you can carry nationally, with conditions
-- Constitutional Carry is recognized and counts (11 states so far) BUT
-- BUT: Official local gun-free zones can be made everywhere, by anyone
-- Magazines become handguns -- Ammunition become handguns -- Armed federal judges OK'd with no training or, well, anything -- Bump stocks, Indians, some of it's funny...
3- National Carry Part II
Inventions, lies, some plain stupidity, astounding
States already claiming power to ignore the law
National Carry Part III
You got none of this from either side
I had no idea until I studied the bill.
5- National Carry, Cont'd.
6- Fix NICS - Now part of the Carry bill
The fix is in -- it doesn't really fix anything, if that means crime
7- Fix NICS, Cont'd.
Bump stocks, Indians
8- Voter Fraud Is Rampant

Page Nine No. 171
1- Background Check “News” Deceives
Government handout replaces reporting
2- Death by Hurricane!
Hurricanes don't pose the risk they tell you
Gun grabs are meaningless distractions
3- Leave Work Early
USA Today finds a new low
4- Why Does Anyone Need an AR-15?
Short video provides clear answer
5- Sexual Harassment Observation
This herd mentality thing can destroy us
6- Spotlighting Serial Killers
Ethical Guideline Ignored
7- Thank God I Had a Gun

Page Nine No. 170

An insult to the Bill of Rights
We can deal with other offensive statues later, maybe
"Why" isn't the question
What are YOU going to do about it?
Forget the rumors, here's what really happened.
The big Q: What would YOU do?
DACA is not about the people, it's about the usurpation
If the president is out of control, and Congress doesn't act, you get a crisis
We're used to the noise, odd when it's not there.
But there is no violence.
Award-winning front-page propaganda leads phony campaign
7- Texas Gun-Law Update for 2017
Ugh! Ran out of time.
Completely done, included with all books, will be posted online soon.
Thank you for your patience.

Page Nine No. 169
1- New AZ and TX Gun Laws In Place
Update for The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide
2- Republicans Quit Trying on Gun Rights
Wait till you see the excuse
3- Mandatory Gun Training Demanded
Calls for government takeover coming from our side
4- Is Aaron Zelman Dead?
JPFO Remains Alive and Kicking
"Friends of JPFO"
5- Scientists Aren't Political -- say what?
Attracting billions in tax money refutes that nonsense
6- Working Less Is Good, or is it
They keep their staff working despite the report
7- Obama's Citizenship Case Won't Die
His proposed library pointedly claims he's a citizen, not an American citizen
8- Should Blacks Have Guns?
Blacks are arming themselves anyway, just like white folks do

Page Nine No. 168
Reporter can't gush hard enough
Promised bloodbath fails to materialize
New continent discovered on Earth. If it gets the votes
Oh, and, uh... it's 94% underwater.
Naval ship commissioning attracts one political party
5- Law Firms Gang Up on the Constitution
"Firearms Accountability Counsel Task Force"

$1,000/hr. muscle aiming at your head
Empower relatives and friends to declare anyone unfit
Californians like it
8- A Fox News for the Left?
Left-wing outfits keep failing

Page Nine No. 167
1- What Did Russia Really Do?
Permanently bent out of shape by Hillary's loss
2- Rainbow Flag Burning Planned
LGBT community flaunts rights others are denied
3- BHO Gun Lawlessness Reversed
Trump gets it fixed, media freaks out
4- Suspicious Google Result in Georgia Vote
100% democrat spin is a very black eye

As effective as no-guns-allowed signs.
5- Proof of Vote Fraud?
100,000 voter registrations untouched in boxes
6- Pro-Gun-Rights Bills Stalled
That ain't enough:
HR367 Hearing Protection Act (Silencers)
HR38 FTC: Freedom To Carry (National Reciprocity)

7- Trump Gun Training Triumph
You thought we won when the other "guy" lost,
but you know government isn't the answer.
As originally seen in Dillon's Blue Press

Page Nine No. 166
They're not even filed yet ("under audit"), reporting hits new low
Hidden better than Obama's school records
14 states now have Freedom to Carry (FTC), no government interference
Promised bloodbath a no-show, continues to disappoint reporters
And still a sworn enemy of freedom, not some new friend
And still a brutal merciless dictatorship even if you just call it China

Messages too fast for the eye are in your home
How much effect does this stuff really have?
5- Trump WINS on Obamacare!
Media gets it completely wrong, again
Greatest head fake in a decade
6- 86,000 M1 Garands Coming to America?
Exciting story may be... a story
7- Do you know what tomorrow is?
Public (i.e. "government") schools now hide it instead of celebrating

Page Nine No. 165
1- Freedom To Carry Act 2017
The National Reciprocity Bill Explained
2- The Hearing Protection Act 2017
Legalizing Silencers/Mufflers/Suppressors/Modifiers
3- Obama Bans Lead on His Last Day
Whatever he ever said about respecting gun rights was a lie
4- SHOT SHOW Review
Biggest firearms trade show on Earth
5- Is Trump True on Media Truth?
This is what an Ombudsman is for

Page Nine No. 164
1- Electoral College Has Arch Enemies
"News" Media Has Decided It Must Be Abolished
It did save gun rights from Australian-style destruction
2- America's Toughest Sheriff Rides Off
Pink Underwear, the Posse and Chain Gangs
3- Who Really Won the Election?
It's the math, silly
4- "People of Color" Is Racism
People Without Color?
5- USA Today Promotes, Fails to Report
"Spontaneous" women's march staged, paid for --
"I wish my uterus was a gun so it wouldn't be regulated."
6- Trump's Tax Returns
You know the answer
He'll release it on the same time frame as the birth certificate
7- Virginia Gun Laws on the Move
37 Anti-Rights Bills Defeated, 16 Good Ones Still Alive

Arizona has 30 gun bills running too

Page Nine No. 163
1- Usurpations Grow
Bill of Rights Day good time to reflect
2- Illegal Immigrant Revolving Door Policy
Fake news includes getting no news
3- It's Not a Margin of Error
News groups all know it, now you do too
See the chart
4- How to Manipulate a Poll
Just for fun
5- Tucson Is Melting Guns Again
Banned By Law Here, They're Being Charged
Special White Paper linked too

Page Nine No. 162
1- California to Repeal Laws of Physics
"Zero-Emission Car" Lunacy, Discrimination Against "Low Income" People
2- Electoral College Disaster... or Salvation?
Mob Rule or Good Federalism?
3- Stop the National Carry Permit!
The wrong way to restore lost rights
Don't grant government power it does not have
There is a better way
"Gunism" Exposed
4- Hillary Got No Majority, That's Total BS
But it shows just how bad the media really is
5- Fake News Dustup
How You Can Tell?
Watch ABC or NBC and C... BS

Page Nine No. 161
1- Illegals Crossing Mexican Border "Plummets"
Only a quarter million in 2015.  Too low for news?
2- No-Fly No-Buy Lie Won't Die
"Too dangerous to go through an airport scanner—
but strolling our streets and driving?"
It doesn't even make sense.
3- Media Lies About Sex Remarks (Sexy) 
Hypocrisy, distortion, can't sink low enough

4- Both Sides Fight "Open" Elections
Repubs and Democs Work to Swing Results
5- Arizona Gun Law Has Tripled
Chart attached

Page Nine No. 160
1- Wolf Blitzer's Professional Demise
Recent Interview Ends All Doubt
2- "Don't Inspire Evil Initiative" for Journalists
New support
We made our voice heard at national journalism conference

3- Trump Pfumpfers Through No-Fly-Fraud

The No-Fly Scheme Seems Attractive -- But It's Tyranny
They didn't get the memo?
4- U.S. Nukes Stored at Turkey's Airbase At Risk
Official's Lies Are Blatant, Self Evident
As safe as "Blocks of concrete"? C'mon!
We'll Never Get Truth About Foiled Coup
5- Early Voting Is Dangerous
"News" Incentives Should Be Warnings
6- To Be Fair Just Let Anyone Vote
7- Take Away The Bad Guns
New York Times assaults good guns

Page Nine No. 159
1- "Don't Inspire Evil Initiative" for Journalists
Put an end to the Golden Age of Glorifying Mass Murderers
Proposal to national journalism conference has major supporters

Government Weather Forecast Tells Nothing, Carefully
Immigration Isn't Broken, Advocates Are
Counterintuitive but true
Obama Nearly Doubles Commutations in Month
Gun Rights Infringements Take New Shapes
BATFE, others, acting alone, attack rights, little to stop them
6- Of Course U.S. Can Ban Alien Immigrants
8 USC §1182 grants this power to president, democrats used it last

Page Nine No. 158
The American Protection of Arms
“Making legal arms illegal is infringement.”
Democrat candidates for Congress and the presidency
have announced plans to act against the ownership,
possession and use of arms and ammunition by the public.
They are asking for trouble.

Page Nine No. 157
1- Doctors As Gun Control Agents
2- Good Gun Law Identified
3- White House Uses Emails To Promote Gun Control
4- “We Sell Handguns" Sign Banned
5- Ignorant Reporter Buys Gun, Brags, Sorta
6- Columnist E.J. Montini Sets Record
Most Gun Myths in One Article
Nominated for Golden Calf Award
7- Gran'pa Jack #9 is Korwin's 15th book
OK, so it's a comic book, on press now
8- If Only Gun Control Worked
A national feature
9- Korwin's Daily Caller Columns
Supply is growing

Page Nine No. 156
Caetano v. Massachusetts

New Supreme Court Gun Case
Protects Helpless Women
Court Says Second Amendment Saved Caetano’s Life --
that’s it’s purpose
Restraining orders are “useless,” they say
Massachusetts Effort to Victimize Abused Lady Reversed
Attempt to Outlaw Stun Guns Because They’re New Is Bogus
Of Course Guns Are Dangerous, That’s Not Grounds For Ban
Where is the “news” media on this monumental decision?

Page Nine No. 155
$50 Minimum Wage
PB&J in Slo Mo made with Gunfire
Korwin's Daily Caller Gun-Myth Series Keeps Growin'
Korwin on -- If Only Gun Control Worked
Hillary wants it
1- A Presidential Fable
2- Background Checks for Presidents
3- Pistol Looks Like a Cell Phone
4- Judge Garland Is No Moderate
5- Scalia's Greatest Hit
(on sale too)
6- Unilateral Background Checks
Like Wanted Posters, no gun-owner registration

Page Nine No. 154
Korwin's Gun Myth Series Grows in Popularity
1- Obama Calls for Arbitrary Gun-Ban List
2- Scalia's Greatest Hit -- And Why
Honoring the Author of the Heller Case
3- Politically Correct Glossary
"Gun Violence" vs. "Crime"
4-"Smart Guns" vs. Smarter Guns
5- 1st Hand Refugee Report from Europe

Page Nine No. 153
McCain Would Close Gun Shows for Obama
Progressives Propose Gun Myths to Stop Progress
Normal Capacity Magazines
Korwin Directory Posted Finally
Liberals Building Monument to Murderer
Misguided Management
John Lott's New Study
Changes to Virginia Gun Laws
OMG! One Newspaper Might Lean Right
"Law Abiding" Dying as PC Glossary Grows
The SHOT Show Highlighted
Texas Open Carry Arrives and Described

Page Nine No. 152 -- SPECIAL
1- Texas Open Carry Law in Plain English
-- Comments on the Texas Open-Carry Changes
-- Compete technical description of the 15-page law
2- Talking Points for legislators on 30-round magazines
3- Look and see...
...and may 2016 be everything you want it to be.

Page Nine No. 151 -- SPECIAL
1- U.S. Attorney General Can't Count, Media Can't Tell
2- Media Portrays Obama Illegal Act As "Setback"
3- Democrats Go All Out For Gun Bans
(Error Correction)
4- (Hundreds of)Thousands Still Pouring Across Southern Border
But hooray, Border Agents say numbers have dropped
At least Syrian refugees are being checked, probably
Here's a few we could use
6- "Guns Save Lives" Beats Censorship Again
Censors Sink, Signs Up Around Town:
(saved the best for last)
7- Why Hillary Won't Be Indicted

Page Nine No. 150
1- Gun Bias in Presidential Debate
Special KORWIN Feature on
2- Gun Rights Police Conference 2015 Summary Report and Pics
3- Hillary Lied, Americans Died, Media Goes AWOL

Page Nine No. 149
1- Texas Introduces COMITATUS Gun Law
Punishment for out-of-control government agents!

2- Complete Gun Law Update for 2015
3- Moms Against Guns Prototype Plan
4- How Background Checks (Do/Don't) Work
5- Do Black Lives Matter? (Evidence)
6- Robert Conquest Dies, Socialism Gains
7- Destroy European Culture -- Send Muslim Immigrants

8- Letters, Including a Lefty Loony

Page Nine No. 148
1- The Solar Plane IS HEAVY
Plenty of oil needed to make it run.
2- "Arm The Army" Congress Demands
Five New Gun Bills Introduced (Korwin in Townhall)
Surprisingly BAD Idea, even though praised elsewhere
Same mistakes anti-rights people make, and more
3- "Arm The Army" Commander in Chief is AWOL
Congress acts because commander doesn't (Korwin in Daily Caller)
4- The secret about background checks:
They aren't background checks. (Korwin in Daily Caller)
5- Another left-of-center profile on Korwin
So I'm infamous? But am I insincere? Ahh... music! (Korwin in
6- Navy Names Ship After Anti-Gun-Rights Activist
"What's next, the USS Sarah Brady?" asks one observer
7- Bonus Column -- National Carry
8- Letters Keep Me Going

Page Nine No. 147
I'm now a columnist on They have a stellar cast including
Ann Coulter, Thomas Sowell, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Michelle Malkin, more.

My first column dealt with the (now done) Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.
I took an approach no one had taken, which the High Court missed.

It's short and sweet, makes you wonder why no one else has thought of it already.
Would very much enjoy hearing what you think.
(My Arizona friends and Townhall readers have seen this.)

My concern was that the Court's decision would plunge us deeper
into the exact mess that has already caused grave harm to the nation.

It did. Enjoy:

Page Nine No. 146
1- Congress Stops Obama From Giving Iran Nukes
98 to 1 atom-bomb defeat gets little coverage
2- Baltimore Police Allow Rioting
3- Cops' Body Cameras Work One Way Only

Big Brother watches you, you don't watch them.
Who gets to see the videos, when, other problems overlooked
4- Officer Uses "Pistol," not "Semiautomatic Handgun"
Stops jihadis in the act, not "suspects"
5- LGBT Discrimination Better Protected Than RKBA
Civil rights discrimination is no longer acceptable
6- $5B Spent to Help Afghans -- But to Who?
7- Medical Hope for Hoplophobia Sufferers

Page Nine No. 145
The Blatant Racism of "Diversity"
Somebody's got to say it.

1- "News" scheduled to get dumber
2- Brian Williams-NBC Had No Gun Credibility To Lose
3- Bloomberg Assaults Nevada Gun Owners
4- Obama provides cover for radical islam
5- Is Kayla Mueller Really a Hero
Media wants you to think so, reality more complicated
6- Kansas Gets Constitutional Carry
TrainMeArizona Plan Spreads to Kansas
7- The Blatant Racism of Diversity

Instead of tremendous praise for unparalleled accomplishment
racists attack, seek to force inequality, destroy culture.
"News" media aids and abets, shows bias, no objectivity
8- School Safety With Guns in USA Today
Illustrated story surprises readers

Page Nine No. 144
Media Ignores Netanyahu's Key Message:
1- Iran says, "Israel Must Be Annihilated"
What Netanyahu really said (omitted by most media outlets)
2- Two Iran reports from the Wayback Machine
3- Al Gore's Inconvenient Nobel Prize
4- Illegal immigration still running amok
5- Government meddles with menus, defies First Amendment
6- Missing words often tell the story
7- The bottom line in BATFE attempt to ban ammo

Page Nine No. 143
"Sleeper Cell" Edition
1- Demands for gun control after muslims attack Paris
2- PBS scraps ethics, assaults civil-rights group (NRA)
3- Sharpton bigotry exposed but media still promoting
4- U.S. Senate may cancel Superbowl
5- America's gun-murder crisis solved!
6- Who GOT the $40 million to write torture report?
7- Government shutdown averted (snore)
8- Shadowy gun groups influence "news" media
9- The Korwin Poll (mixed in with letters at the end)

Page Nine No. 142
1- Bill of Rights Day -- Monday, Dec. 15
Honor It; Edward Snowden's Lawyer Comes to Phoenix, What's In Your Town
Sign up now or get closed out in Phoenix
2- The Assault-Weapon Myth Explodes
NY Times Opens the Can of Worms
3- Media Fuels Ferguson Riots (not "protests"), Gains Ratings
Uses Blacks, Again, To Make Money
3a- Media Misrepresents Riots, Fuels Hatred
3b- More Media Misrepresentation Fuels Hatred
3c- Troops Deployed to Ferguson After Rioting Ends
3d- Panel Set to Whitewash Ferguson Fallout
4- Global Warming Heat Still Missing
Science Baffled, New Theory Emerges Amid Disagreements (a stunner!)
5- Factoid Replaces Travel News

Fascinating comments from readers, name calling even.

Page Nine No. 141
1- Ebola Questions Reporters Need to Ask
Relevant questions are missing from "news" reports

This is a short edition due to the national emergency

Page Nine No. 140
1- Arizona Instructor Was Shot, Robin Williams Was Not
A single tragic accident out of tens of thousands of happy customers is not national news unless...
2- Things We Learned From the Ferguson Race Riots
A Public Service Announcement from the Virginia Citizens Defense League
3- Government Theft Now Called "Waste"
Criminals still at large, no warrants issued
4- ObamaCare Is Now Just "the health law"
Provides skimpy coverage, so protect its namesake
5- Archie (from the comic book) Takes a Bullet
For his gay friend, but there's no culture war in America
6- JPFO and SAF
Insiders know what I'm talking about
Three new bumper stickers
and some interesting correspondence (brief)

Page Nine No. 139
James Brady Dies at Age 73
"News" Media rewrites history, credits him
instead of wife Sarah with gun-control programs
True nature of Brady group and bill explained.

Page Nine Nos. 137 and 138
The First-Responders Report TM
Stories of Self Defense, appearing in USA Today
as a paid-space advertorial -- a first-ever feature!
Read all about it, see the actual columns, watch the videos

Page Nine No. 136
1- An open letter to the Governors of the 50 States
Re: Stopping Psychotic Murderers in Your State
2- Paranoia Sweeps Media As Governor Expands Civil Rights
3- "Guns Save Lives" Censorship Case Win Is Now Final...
     And We Add Half Million More Views Per Day!
4- Where Is Chris Simcox Now?
     "Secure Border" Can't Repel Teenagers and Kids
5- Twenty Years of Guns On The Streets
6- The Gun Registration We Already Have
7- What Is An Ombudsman, Anyway?
8- Government Is Like Soylent Green -- It's People
Comments on my open letter to the President

Page Nine No. 135
1- "Guns Save Lives" Signs Go Up Monday!
2- McMillan Group International Joins TrainMeAZ
3- Why Obama Hasn't Been Impeached Already
4- Photo ID For Voting Is Racist, Dems Say
5- Extremist Groups Rising -- But Which?
6- Disarm Half The Country First
Blockbuster new idea to stop crazed maniacs
7- Truth Leaks on Gun-Free School Zones
8- Economy is Strong -- in Gun Biz

Page Nine No. 134
BLOCKBUSTER: 1- Gun Registration Bill Exempts "ObamaCare" Entities
2- "Mental Health" Gun Bans Growing
3- Gun Business Is Booming, the Economy, Not So Much
4- No Gun Bills Pre-Election
5- Thought Experiment
6- Gun Business Is Booming, Pt. II
MIND CONTROL AND GUN CONTROL:7- Obama Encourages, Funds "Behavioral" Scientists
"BRAIN" Program Designed to Physically Modify Behavior

Page Nine No. 133
1- "Prohibited Possessor" is now "Prohibited Household"
2- "High Capacity" Magazines Are Insufficient
3- Mental case: Autism Next To Ban Gun Rights?
4- The 111th U.S. Supreme Court Gun Case
5- Media Hides Gun Business Milestone
6- Good gun laws moving in Arizona (AzCDL report)
7- Obama Funds BRAIN research to physically modify behavior

Page Nine No. 132
1- AP Fakes Photo... Again
2- Lead Ammo Ban Fails... Again
3- Insanity Is Now Gun Control -- are you nuts?
--The NICS List is now America's gun ban
-- Definition of crazy person expands dramatically
4- Cold Dead Fingers... Baloney!
5- Western Conservative Conference

Page Nine No. 131
1- Feminists Support Women's Oppression
2- Media Continues to Ignore Lives Saved By Guns
3- Wall of Silence Surrounds Newtown
4- Feds Want Guns -- To Save Their Lives
5- Year After Delhi Rape, Women See Changes
6- Who Gets U.N.'s Billions of Food Dollars?
7- Feds 40-Year Study Doesn't Stop Bacteria, or Feds
8- U.S. Pledges Billions It Doesn't Have
9- Magpul Moving to... Wyoming
10- Amnesty Proceeding -- Border Remains Insecure
11- Guns Save Lives Day a Huge Success

Page Nine No. 130
1- Breaking News: Schumer sneak attack on plastic-gun-ban defeated
2- New Jersey sees 500 SWAT-member overreaction
3- Oral argument in Guns Save Lives censorship case - Summary
4- Effective response in Newtown anti-rights effort outlined (for Dec. 14)
5- Obama approves Iran's work on A-Bomb
6- Tactics That Work! Use Telemarketers (don't just hang up on them)

Page Nine No. 129
1- Oral argument set for censorship case on Dec. 3
2- New MUST PASS federal gun law also coming on Dec. 3
3- Guns Save Lives Day adopts the red-heart logo
4- Gun Rights Policy Conference
8- Think you don't scare easy?

Page Nine No. 128
1- The self-defense case that won't die; 2- Muslims seek world domination;
3- Crime drops, media drops the ball; 4- U.S. far better than reported;
5- Mayors Against Guns bleeding members; 6- Illegals get OK to go gun shopping;
7- New gun buyers get profiled; 8- Think you don't scare easy?

Page Nine No. 127
1- The Amnesty Surprise:
When 11 Million Illegals Become Legal They Become
11 Million Potential New Gun Buyers

2- Government Hiding Sandy Hook Details
3- U.S. Spy Agencies Are Spying
4- Patriots Fight Back Against Spying

Page Nine No. 126
Trayvon Martin HAD NO ICE TEA
News media made it up -- Trayvon had watermelon juice -- media hid their racist bigotry
The entire national frenzy was fabricated from simple self defense

Page Nine No. 125
Single subject report: GUN "BUYBACK" FIASCO
"Mayors Against Guns" Involved
Was Bloomberg's Out-Of-State $200,000 Involved?
2,000 guns bought anonymously, across state lines, no paperwork, straw purchases?

Page Nine No. 124
1- South Korea Makes U.S. Announcement; 2- Associated Press CEO Gets His Own Medicine;
3- Syrian Kidnapping Spun Into Anti-Gun Story;
    Fugitives Set Free, Constantly, Lack of Prosecutions Outrages Congress,
    Push for More of the Same Now Questioned,    Monitor the Innocent or Capture the Criminals?
5- NICS Operations Stats Too Horrible to Believe; 6- 80% of Kids Die From Undisclosed Causes
7- U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Coming June 3

Page Nine No. 123
Single Subject Report:
The Most Dangerous of All Phobias
We think we're having legal battles, we're fighting a medical condition.
by Dr. Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D. and Alan Korwin
Plus: Photos from the Boston bombing the "news" media missed

Page Nine No. 122
Single Subject Report:
Manchin-Toomey Bill Is Gun Registration-- Studied and Revealed
Media chatter about background checks a smokescreen
Manchin-Toomey Amendment Orchestrates Gun Registration, read it yourself*
    Background checks is a code word for gun registration
    "The Only Problem with Gun Registration" (clear description)

Page Nine No. 121
1- Background Gun Check Records Are Saved; 2- Communist China Cyberattacking U.S.
3- Voting's Not Working; 4- Schumer Offers Nothing; 5- Closing Builds Business?
6- Federal Stingray Exposed

Page Nine No. 120
1- Key Items Missing in Feinstein's Gun Bill
2- Code words for Universal Gun Registration
3- Background Checks vs. Gun-Owner Lists
(including schematic diagram of NICS system)

Page Nine No. 119 -- SPECIAL
Uh Oh -- Gun Lobbyist Ready To Act

Page Nine No. 118 -- SPECIAL
Gun Lobbyist Ready To Give Up (Newtown, Conn.)

Page Nine No. 117
Fast and Furious Smuggler Gets One-Month Sentence
For Each Smuggled Gun

"Fast and Furious" Sentence Sparks Outrage, One-Month-Per-Gun Is Unprecedented,
Plea Bargain Instead of Trial Stuns Public, Sentence Lighter Than Citizens Get for Paperwork Errors,
Smuggler's Guns Involved in Agent Terry's Murder, Drug Lords Laughing at Us,
"News" media ask no questions, see no problems

Page Nine No. 116
1- Court Censors "Guns Save Lives"
2- Next President Faces Constitutional Carry
3- Zimmerman's Lawyer Addresses Gun Rights Policy Conference
4- Mexico Plans U.S. Gun-Control Through the U.N.
5- Blow Hards Blow Harder Than "Sleeper" Storm Sandy

Page Nine No. 115
1- Gun Rights Policy Conference; 2- Guns On The Streets; 3- Model Laws;
4- Universal Background Checks; 5- Death to NICS; 6- Outdoor Sports Huge;
7- AP Abandons Accuracy (illustrated); 8- Movie Trailer Inflames Associated Press;
9- Hoplophobia Remains Repressed

Page Nine No. 114
Arming Illegal Aliens; Campaigns Funding... Media; Healthcare Wackjob Nosejob;
Congress Finally Shrinks; UN Arms Trade Treaty -- full plain-English analysis;
News Blackout Continues; Gun Sales Soar;Firearms Industry Grows

Page Nine No. 113
Can the U.N. Gun Treaty Trump the Constitution?
The facts, the cases that set precedent, the myths removed,
The Vienna Convention of 1969, all in preparation for the
U.N. Arms Treaty of 2012

Page Nine No. 112
"No one's seen a communist in a decade" -Bill Clinton
The Wayback Machine (News media scares that never happened)
JOBS v. WORK: Why the government can't create jobs
National Training Week: Final preparations

Page Nine No. 111
1- Firearm Sales Exploding; 2- Ammunition Exports Exploding; 3- FFL Numbers Exploding;
4- Media Admits Suppression; 4- "Birther" Is An "N" Word; 5- Hiding communist China;
6- Racist Presidential Campaign; 7- Black Teenage Murderer; 8- Security Rules Ignored ;
9- Pakistani Aid Unabated; National Training Week Is Coming

Page Nine No. 110
Special White Paper Report:

Page Nine No. 109
1- Important missing word has been found: "Gunless"; 2- National Training Week;
3- Hispanic Shoots Black (includes amazing photo); 4- Self-Defense Poor House;
5- New "N" Word ("Birther"); 6- Arizona Attacks Animals;
7- Criminals Switch -- Blades; 8- Acronymed To Death

Page Nine No. 108
Special SHOT Show 2012 report

Page Nine No. 107
1- "Diplomatic Carry"
2-  Toys Aren't Weapons; 3- Hunting With Silencers; 4- Pro Gun President
(short edition, busy preparing for SHOT Show)

Page Nine No. 106
1- Holder's Hubris Stuns; 2- Because Walters Says; 3- Internet Taxation Promised;
4- Hunters Reducing Hunger; 5- TrainMeAZ Year-End update ; 6- Killer's Rights Defended?;
7- Illegal Immigration Persists; 8- Global Whining Unravels;9- Readers' Comments, &
Bias "Occupies" The Media,& Too Late for Christmas, &
CounterIntuitive Man and the Search-Engine Snowjob

Page Nine No. 105
1-  BATFE Gun-Smuggling Promo Resurfaces; 2-  Gun-Free Presidential Debates;
3-  Birthers vs. Media; 4- Hemenway Suffers SugarShock ; 5-  Posse Comitatus Eliminated;
6-  Illegal Immigration Succeeds; 7-  Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni:
The Fix For America's Problems That No One Is Talking About

Page Nine No. 104
SPECIAL: Eyewitness report from the "occupy" rally in Phoenix
Loaded with photos, not like anything TV has shown you.

Page Nine No. 103
1- Shooting Isn't News; 2-  Invasion Isn't News; 3- Satellite Is News;
4- Cops Overpower Military; 5- Crime Plunge Mystifies; 6- Obama Supports Jews?;
7-  Are Poor Rich?; 8- Firearm Jobs Listed; 9- Firearm Sales Increase;
Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni Is Back:
"The Fix The Country Needs" (borders on brilliant)

Page Nine No. 102
1- Ghadaffi Still Missing; 2- Firearm Imports Droop; 3- Strictly Lax GunLaws;
4- Jobs, Jobs, Not; 5- Fishy Fish Tails; 6- Orwellian 9-11 Language;
7- Election Statistics Missing; 8- Justifiable Homicide Stats; 9- Tidbits

Page Nine No. 101
National Training Week 2011; Armed Jews Have New Leader;
Weiner's Wife Is the Real Story; Walter Mitty's Second Amendment;
Tidbits; Counterintuitive Man Is Back

Page Nine No. 100
Phoenix Sued for Censoring "Guns Save Lives"; Stats Expose "Safest Border" Lie;
How Is Gabrielle Giffords Doing; Osama Bin Laden Is Dead; NICS Checks Flawed;
Wyoming Gets Constitutional Carry; New Ammo Developed;
Obama's Secret Gun Ban Plans

Page Nine No. 99
1- Biden Disburses Cash; 2- NPR Spin Incontrovertible;
3- Top Firearm Brands; 4- BATFE's Increasingly Rogue;
5- Culture, Not Guns, Control Behavior (Japan Tsunami);
6- Obama Spins Gun Yarn Expertly; 7- No Nuclear News (Japan);
8- Whose Budget Is It Anyway (Has Executive Usurped Congress' Role?)
9- Government Shutdown Baloney;
EXTRA -- Total News Blackout on Gabrielle Giffords Condition
(Not even the National Inquirer has released pictures or any real deal on how she is)

Page Nine No. 98
1- Cold Global Warming; 2- Electrical Supply Short; 3- Safe Cribs Outlawed;
4- Congress Scraps GreenForks; 5- Imaginary Alien Life; 6- Government Manages Wage;
7- Gun Safety Billboards; 8- Arizona Gun Map

Page Nine No. 97
1- Magazine Ammo Limits Are a Smokescreen
Talking Points for proposed full-capacity magazine bans;
2- New Report Ranks 64 Nations for Gun Availability and Rights;
3- Author Calls for Overhaul of NICS Gun Background Checks ("BIDS" System)

Page Nine No. 96
1- New Gun-Safety Rules Released; 2- CNN Wrestles With Korwin, Gets Butt Kicked,
Canadian Broadcasting Similar Result; 3- SHOT Show 2011 details and photos!;
4- 90% of Mexican Guns NOT from U.S., ATF Confides; Tucson Shooting Misreported;
Obama Is Now A Centrist, Media Proclaims; 2011 Traveler's Guide Is In, Improved

Page Nine No. 95
1- The 2011 Traveler's Guide is in, improved
2- Bill of Rights Day results impressive, action agenda described
3- Meet me at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 18-20, 2011
4- 64-nation "WorldWide" Gun Owner's Guide nearly done
5- Utah picks "State Gun," other states scrambling to pick theirs
6- Indiana Gun Owner's Guide released

Page Nine No. 94
1- Reverse Miranda Proposed; 2- Rangel Wrangles Redemption; 3- Drug Farce Continues;
4- Lame, Duck Insults; 5- Brady Zero Tolerance; 6- Millions For Marksmanship
7- Healthcare Poll Nonsense; 8- Naming Criminals Nicely

Page Nine No. 93
Format change for this issue
Outrage grows over Phoenix censorship of "Gun Safety for Kids" campaign
Links to national news stories
Phoenix refuses appeals to reason
Options, including lawsuit, weighed and discussed here
Plus: more on the Diall-911-And Fry" problem

Page Nine No. 92
Format change for this issue
Phoenix Censors "Gun Safety for Kids" campaign
50 contracted bus-stop posters torn down without notice
Plus: More on the self defense loophole, and
Constitutional Carry program draws praise

Page Nine No. 91
Format change for this issue
1- Senator Pearce issues statement about Constitutional Carry
2- Deadly loophole in self-defense law revealed in new book:
"After You Shoot: Your gun's hot. The perp's not. Now What?"
3- "Culture of Marksmanship" campaign launches this month in Arizona

Page Nine No. 90
1- Hidden Firearms Threat; 2- SB1070 Training Revealed; 3- Mexican Infiltration Advances;
4- Health Care Freedom; 5- Feds Double Salaries; 6- Confiscation Isn’t Revenue;
7- Spy Story Mythologies; 8- McDonald Case Spins; 9- Firearms Lawsuit Filed;
10- Cartel’s American Grenades; 11- Internet Freedom Threatened

Page Nine No. 89 - Extra Special
Arizona Lifts Gun Limits!
Constitutional Carry takes effect, any law abiding adult in the state
can carry openly or discreetly without prior government permission.
The TrainMeAZ Campaign replaces government-mandated classes.
Stats on the Shooting Sports, Number Two in the nation

Page Nine No. 88 - SPECIAL
McDonald v. Chicago Analysis
The U.S. Supreme Court case that says the states have to obey the Second Amendment.

Page Nine No. 87
1- L.A.Times Gun Truth; 2- Guns Decrease Crime; 3- DISCLOSE Democrats Deviousness;
4- Mythology Dies Hard; 5- Suicide Absolves Guilt?; 6- Armed For Safety;
7- Federal Firearm Databases (plural); 8- Mexico Cedes Arizona;
9- Brady Group's Dying

Page Nine No. 86 - SPECIAL
Censored photos of the illegal immigrants rally on 5/29/10, with commentary;
Supposed calls for jobs and family care are a smokescreen;
PLUS: Two new 50-state guides to self defense and armed travel

Page Nine No. 85
1- State Department Infringement; 2- U.N. Firearms Trace; 3- GLBT Discrimination Ignored;
4- Discreet vs. Concealed; 5- Campus Violence Rising?; 6- Maybe Earthquakes Likely;
7- Mysterious Tea Party; 8- Government Extorts Toyota; 9- Uninformed Immigration Stupidity;
10- 16,800 Firearms Careers

Page Nine No. 84 - SPECIAL
Arizona Enacts "Constitutional Carry" For Firearms!
Expansion of freedom widely hailed • Permits remain but are optional;
Anyone with right to arms may carry discreetly with no
government infringement or supervision.
"Firearms Freedom Act" also signed into law

Page Nine No. 83
1- Obamacare Death Threats; 2- Phoenix Marchers Armed; 3- Gun Popularity Grows;
4- Doctors' Offices Invaded; 5- Iceberg Scientists Confused; 6- Reverse Tenth Amendment;
7- Pandemics Wimp Out; 8- Inert Explosives Company; 9- Friend's Closing Wisdom

Page Nine No. 80, 81, 82 - SPECIAL
Eyewitness reports - McDonald v. Chicago - Oral Argument
Do states have to obey the Second Amendment?
U.S. Supreme Court, March 2, 2010

Page Nine No. 79 - SPECIAL
McDonald v. Chicago Gun-Ban Case
EYEWITNESS Supreme Court Report -- Prelude
What's at stake in this gun-rights case? Everything.

Page Nine No. 78
1- Guns Gone Missing; 2- Winter Olympics Shooting; 3- More Olympic Shooting;
4- Gun March Growing; 5- Record Gun Sales; 6- Tax-Free Gun Sales;
7- Jihadi Trial Movement; 8- "Who Dat" Racism?; 9- Is Everyone Retarded?;
10- AP Bias Revealed; 11- Government Crushes Competitors
12- Baby Gabriel Distortion; 13- Cooper Defines Hoplophobe -- Breaking News
14- Cause For Hope; 15- The Wayback Machine

Page Nine No. 77
1- "Million Gun March"; 2- U.N. Gun Bans; 3- Right to Knives;
4- SHOT Show Spectacular; 5- State-O-Union Nonsense;
6- Is Obama Lightskinned?; 7- Haitian Money Giveaway
8- The Wayback Machine

Page Nine No. 76
1- Freedom To Carry; 2- Kill Chicago's Gun-Ban?; 3- Illinois Wants Islamofascists;
4- Brady's Praise Sotomayor; 5- Ft. Hood Redux; 6- Shootout Accomplishes Nothing;
7- Obama Welcomes AIDS; 8- Islamic Morality Crackdown; 9- Kevlar Inventor Dies

Page Nine No. 75 - SPECIAL
2009 Year End Memo from
Alan Korwin, The Uninvited Ombudsman

Page Nine No. 74 - SPECIAL
Bill of Rights Day Invitation
Committees of Correspondence; True American Values;
The Constitutional Divide; One source of the problem.

2- Corrections to Page Nine #73; 3- Starters; 4- Hated Thought Crimes;
5- Firearms Busy Season; 6- Muslims Have Guns; 7- Global Warming Cooling;
8- Five Trillion Globo-Dollars; 9- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni:
"United Nations says that diversity is bad and fossil fuels are good"

Page Nine No. 73
1- 1,400 Arrest 46; 2- ACORN Still Funded; 3- 9/12 Was Gigantic;
4- Quarter Pounder Ignorance; 5- Impossibly Longrange Predictions;
6- Women Shooting More; 7- Obama's Muslim Unsupporters;
8- McDonald v. Chicago ; 9- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni --
"No one gasped in shock when Obama said he was committed to the will of the people"

Page Nine No. 72
1- Border Invasion Unabated; 2- "Vigilant Eagle" GunSpies; 3- Ammo Shortage Ending;
4- Presidential Student Indoctrination?; 5- Obama's Eduspeech Excelled; 6- Health Debate Irrational;
7- Government Incompetence Documented; 8- Jones' News Vacuum; 9- Muslim Attacks Misnamed;
10- Racists Are Racist

Page Nine No. 71
1- AR-15 At Rally; 2- Spontaneous Demonstrations -- Not; 3- CIA Interrogators Probed;
4- Reporting By Clunkers; 5- Ted Kennedy Dies; 6- Fairness Doctrine Redux;
7- 200 Million Rounds; 8- No Gun Taxation!;
9- Special Guest Columnist Barrett Tillman: Why Do We Shoot?

Page Nine No. 70
1- SPECIAL REPORT: Black Man With A Gun Commandeers National News;
2- False Gun Search; 3- NICS Numbers Grow; 4- Tzars Overrunning America;
5- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni: The U.S. Dept. of Pizza

Page Nine No. 69
Special Health-Care-Bill Report:
Outlining the actual content of the bill, not the poli-hype in the news

Page Nine No. 68 -- SPECIAL
Sotomayor Overlooks All 14 Self Defense Cases
Entire nation falsely believes the issue has never come up

Page Nine No. 67
1- Environmental Hoax Proof; 2- Schools Can Work; 3- GM Ownership Lie;
4- Join "The Race"; 5- Muslim Jihad Deniers; 6- Abu Hussein Praised;
7- Muslims Overrun Sweden; 8- Tzars Gaining Ground; 9- Stop The Tzars;
10- Government Banning Pocketknives

Page Nine No. 66
1- Muslims Soliciting Obama; 2- National Parks... Again; 3- Drug Cartels Promoted;
4- Hollywood Hypocrisy Hyped; 5- Criminal Smoker Glorified; 6- Pimping Your Ride;
7- Swallowing Industries Whole; 8- Sotomayor Gets Nod; 9- Obama Fried Chicken

Page Nine No. 65 -- Special
The American Way

Page Nine No. 64
1- Environmental Firearm Abuse; 2- Pocket Knife Ban
3- Fires From Muzzleloaders; 4- Obama's Mama's Hajj
5- Tenth Amendment Smokescreen;
6- "The Montana Firearms Freedom Act" HB246

Page Nine No. 63
1- Antigunners Bypass House; 2- 100 Million Guns; 3- National Carry Law;
4- 100% Mexican Artillery; 5- Interrogation Secrets Released; 6- Socialism Is Socialism;
7- Futile Tax Solutions; 8- Government Confiscates Funding; 9- Gunman Stops Himself;
10- Firearm Safety Skyrockets; 11- Pelosi's Gun Backfire; 12- Counterintuitive Man Says:
    The U.S.-Led War On Some Drugs Is A Good Thing!

Page Nine No. 62
1- Centralized Gun Registration; 2- Tea Party Redux; 3- NRA's "Wholesome" Convention;
4- Phony Mexican Gunrunning; 5- "Gun Runner" Freed; 6- College Shotgun Championships;
7- National Parks Re-Banned; 8- Disarm Armed Pilots; 9- Why Ammo's Scarce
10- Special Guest Columnist Craig J. Cantoni: "Stupid Educated Americans"

Page Nine No. 61
1- Gun Sales Astronomical; 2- 4473 Form Shortage; 3- Bloomberg Shot Down;
4- Hate Crime Hoax; 5- Not Obama's Budget; 6- Book Beats Socialism;
7- Barack Born Again; 8- Obfuscating AIG’s Malfeasance; 9- “Ban” Becomes “Change”;
10- Freest States Identified; 11- Baloney From Stem-Cells; 12- Government Schools Shrinking

Page Nine No. 60
1- Gun Ban Announced; 2- Affordable Rifle Ban; 3- Heller Case Working;
4- Earmark Ban Fails; 5- Ammunition Scarce Somewheres; 6- Swimmer Dunks AP
7- Nation of Cowards; 8- "Stimulus" Oversight Implausible; 9- Don't Say Terrorism

Page Nine No. 59
1- Million Gun March; 2- State Sovereignty Bills; 3- No-Fly Gun Ban;
4- Gun Rights Commerce; 5- Pork Free Stimulus; 6- Kelo's Empty Lot
7- NewsBull Continues Unabated

Page Nine No. 58
1- First 2009 Gun-Ban Bill Introduced; 2- Gun Registry Growing; 3- FBI Fraud Revealed?;
4- $800 Billion Blind; 5- Phony Government Jobs; 6- Hotter Than Pistols;
7- Budget Cuts Finally; 8- Obama's Qualification Questioned;
9- CNN Qualifies Caroline; 10- Tax Reduction "Costs"?;
11- Taxation Through Conspiracy

Page Nine No. 57
1- Caroline Kennedy's Gun-qualified; 2- Shooting Your Foot; 3- Economy's Great Elsewhere;
4- CNN Poll Nonsense; 5- Internet Censorship Coming; 6- Story Placement Bias;
7- Real Presidential Numbers; 8- Bureaucrats Bounce Businessmen; 9- Permit Carry Expands
10- SPJ Misses Mark; 11- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni --
     Obama to Give Alcohol to Alcoholics

Page Nine No. 56
1- Backdoor Ammo Bans; 2- Obama's Selling Guns; 3- Love Ain't Science;
4- Leftists Subvert Journalism; 5- Phony Fairness Doctrine; 6- "Open Government" Closed;
7- Emanuel Dishonors Electorate; 8- Planet's Cooling Again; 9- Burgeoning Bailout Balderdash;
10- Partisan Executive Orders; 11- Holder Hates Rights

Page Nine No. 55
1- Obama Litmus Test; 2- Obama's Gun Plans; 3- White Powdered Calcium;
4- Politicians Aren't Businessmen; 5- A Tough Shot; 6- Dangerous Energy Drinks
7- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni -- Are you a mainstream American?
8- Closers

Page Nine No. 54
Correction on Obama's Anti-Gun Policy; The Cartridge Family is on YouTube;
Death to "Gun Nuts"; Fact In The SPiTLIGHT;
1- Stock and Wesson; 2- Buying Votes Legalized; 3- Muslim Insensitivity Suppressed;
4- Liberty Poll Grows; 5- Postage Stamps Ending; 6- Bank News Nonsense;
7- Who's Bailing Who?; 8- Special Guest Columnist Craig J. Cantoni:
    The war over who owns your body

Page Nine No. 53
1- Brady Schemes Exposed; 2- Party Gun Platforms; 3- Dangerous BATFE Changes;
4- Miller’s Gun Ban; 5- Palin Gets Booked; 6- Heller Citings Growing;
7- Heller’s Suit Expensive; 8- Jury Rights Day;
9- Chicago War Deaths; 10- Muslims Get Booted

Page Nine No. 52
1- al-Qaida Still Struggling; 2- Election Avoids Guns; 3- Political Convention Redux;
4- Convention Ugliness Unparalleled; 5- Convention Drunkenness Omitted;
6- Olympic Deception Recap; 7- Olympics Threaten Equality; 8- Bar Coding People;
9- Socialists Endorse Obama; 10- Carry State Clarifications

Page Nine No. 51
1- Not Much Ammo; 1- BIDS v. NICS; 3- Student Shotgun Programs;
4- Gun Sales Rising; 5- Islamist News Vacuum; 6- ChiCom's Muslims Active;
7- Indians Screwed Again; 8- Government Represses Economy
9- Shooting, Not Buying; 10- China's World Stage

Page Nine No. 50
1- Are Handguns Machineguns?; 2- Boring Earthquake Glorified;
3- Olympics Firearms Teams; 4- Religion of Pieces; 5- Journalists Define Journalism;
6- Cool Obama Deception; 7- Cooler Obama Deception; 8- Global Whining Blame;
9- Global Whining Disproof; 10- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni--
      You choose -- coctail parties or prison; 11- Counterintuitive Man says:
     "Cold dead fingers" is a myth!

Page Nine No. 49
1- Hero Joe Horn; 2- Guns Kill Criminals; 3- Dangerous Brady States;
4- Gun-Free Suicide Soars; 5- Global Whining Idiocy; 6- Battery Funding Scam;
7- Golf Hides Shooters; 8- Schooling Problems Identified; 9- Smokers Cost Less;
10- Saddam’s Uranium Unloaded; 11- No D.C. Handguns

Page Nine No. 48
1- Heller Insider Info; 2- RKBA Escapes Recession; 3- Gun Intolerance Tolerated;
4- Prison For Misfire; 5- Unexpected Tax Cuts; 6- Journalists Advance Deception;
7- Accurate Lies Continue; 8- Different Flood Results;
9- Overwhelming Campaign Funding; 10- Black Male Blackmail;
11- Counterintuitive Man says: Lobbying and lobbyists are swell!

Page Nine No. 47
1- Global Warming Waning; 2- Space Station Gun; 3- Traffic Stop Surprise;
4- Government Declares Summer; 5- Self Defense Denied; 6- Jews Score One;
7- Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni: How Mack the Millionaire became Mack the Knife
8- Counterintuitive Man says: "Democrats are Republicans!"
9- Counterintuitive Man says: Support unequal treatment!

Page Nine No. 46
1- Olympic Shooting Plans; 2- Presidential Gun Runners; 3- Hiding Illegal Aliens;
4- Advanced Degree Druggies; 5- Homeless Carbon Bigfootprint
6- Communist Knife Crackdown; 7-Anti-gun Promo Blackfires (Balt. Sun Maps)
8- Gunning For Toys; 9- Special Italian Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni:
"Racial" and "Racist" Are Not Synonyms

Page Nine No. 45
1- Earth Day Follies; 2- Olympic Shooting Champion; 3- Media Range Day;
4- College Shotgun Champions; 5- Levy On Tour; 6- Self Deportation Working;
7- Gun Control Refresher; 8- Columbine-Style Denials; 9- Phony Gun Endorsement
10- Journalists Promote Segregation; 11- Counterintutitve Man Says:
What Me Polygamy; 12- Special guest columnist Craig J. Cantoni:
Government Harming not Global Warming

Page Nine No. 44
1- Sarah Brady Hospitalized; 2- Nobody Minds Shootings;
3- Candidates' Positions Unknown; 4- Holster Shoots Gun;
5- Solarpanel Trumps Trees; 6- Government Workers Superior;
7- Preposterous Border Fencing; 8- Campaign Finance Deform;
9- Study Attacks Newspapers; 10- It's Not China; 11- Decades of Trial;
12- Special Guest Columnist Eric Cartridge -- "Taking Gun Virgins for a Desert Shoot"

Page Nine No. 43
Heller Case Eyewitness Wrap-up
1- Second Amendment's Meaning; 2- Five Year War; 3- Whether The Weather;
4- Gun Lawsuits Misfire; 5- Candidates: Three Stooges; 6- Armed Government Drunks
7- Shooting Outshoots Golf; 8- Pilots Don't Carry

Page Nine No. 42
1- Ballistic Fingerprint Baloney; 2- Sikhs Remain Armed; 3- American Hunter Alert;
4- CO2 Absorbing Crystals; 5- Media Missile Mayhem; 6- White House Follies;
7- Bathroom Shooting Penalized; 8- Papers Hide Mismanagement
9- "Superdelegate" Is Deceptive; 10- Student Kills Jihadi;
Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni: "We have superb presidential candidates."

Page Nine No. 41
1- Heller Briefs Filed; 2- Superbowl Deception Detected; 3- SHOT Show Spectacular;
4- Media Bias Worsening; 5- Kucinich Announces Announcement; 6- Natalee Holloway Again;
7- Starving Fat People; 8- Primary Results Arriving; 9- Global Whining Chilled;
10- Guest columnist Craig Cantoni -- Treat the president like the garbage man

Page Nine No. 40
1- Gun Ban Questioned; 2- Political Gun Control; 3- "Greenwashing" Abuses Investigated
4- Bush Snubs Heller; 5- U.N.'s Comic Book; 6- National Biometric ID
7- Superbowls Aren't Elections; 8- Friendly Gasoline Tax; 9- Times' Grizzly Deception

Page Nine No. 39
1- Gun Sales Increasing; 2- The Race Ended; 3- Robot Warriors Coming;
4- Gun Manufacturers Protected; 5- New Crime -- "Muzzling"
6- Gunning For Drugs; 7- Global Cooling Danger;
8- Super Bowl's Gaseous Nonsense; 9- Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni --
    Just Cancel The Super Bowl

Page Nine No. 38
1- Waterboarding Isn't Torture; 2- McCain Wasn't "Mistreated"
3- Semiautomatics Confuse Brady; 4- Unlimited Government Power
5- 822 Energy Pages; 6- Tigers Need Cash; 7- Bad Vaccine Safe
8- Thieves Steal Roofing; 9- Guest columnist Craig Cantoni--
    Will A President Fix Our Problems?

Page Nine No. 37
1- Gun Saves Lives; 2- Deer Kill People; 3- Hate Crimes Blossom;
4- Police Late Again; 5- Heller Amicus Briefs; 6- The Ramadan Diet;
7- Firefighters As Spies; 8- Muslim Demands Challenged;
9- Guest columnist Craig Cantoni -- Why liberals love guns

Page Nine No. 36
1- National Ammo BUYcott; 2- New Ray Gun; 3- Vick's Dog Gone;
4- Gun Lobby Power; 5- Intelligence Levels Vary;
6- America Funds Mexico; 7- $3 Billion Guntax; 8- Cantoni: Global Whining

Page Nine No. 35
1- Empty Holster Protest; 2- Gun Arrests Working; 3- Gun-Crime Offsets;
4- ACLU Re-arming Felons?; 5- Criminal Funds Democrats; 6- Columbia Earns Rebuke;
7- Gun Policy Shaken; 8- Minutemen Spotting Many; 9- Debate Lacked Debate;
10- Angering Turkey Useful

Page Nine No. 34
1- Carville Needs Help; 2- Vick's Dog Meat; 3- Helicopter Crash Longevity;
4- Katrina Destruction Preserved; 5- Larry's Bathroom Follies; 6- Green Car Nonsense;
7- Immigration Law Works; 8- U.N. Fights Rights; 9- Left vs. Right

Page Nine No. 33
1- Gun Sales Exploding; 2- Gays or Guns; 3- Gun Rights Day;
4- Miners Still Trapped; 5- Carbon Offset Scam; 6- BBC Bias Revealed;
7- Parker Gun Case; 8- NICS Expansion Problems; 9- Minutemen Making Headway
10- GunOwners Without Borders

Page Nine No. 32
1- OSHA's Gun Ban; 2- Gun Turn-In Fraud; 3- Parker Case Timing;
4- Jihad's Effects Increasing; 5- Media Elitists Grieving; 6- Supreme Court Lambasted;
7- Internet Censorship Coming; 8- Guest author Craig Cantoni:
What if government theft were face-to-face? (Enthralling!)

Page Nine No. 31
1- China's Carbon Counts; 2- Muslim Moderates Missing; 3- The Parker Case
4- Recall Which Troops?; 5- Cutting Essential Services

Page Nine No. 30
1- Webb's Assistant Skates; 2- Dead Islamists Missing; 3- Virginia Supports Rights;
4- French Turnaround Possible; 5- Czars Overrunning America; 6- Reporters Inspiring Copycats;
7- Conclusions Precede Research; 8- Reporters Report Reports;
9- Gun Sales Skyrocketing; 10- Parker Decision Upheld

Page Nine No. 29
1- STARTERS (Quotes from “newsmakers”);
2- Hillary Raises Millions; 3- McCain Raises Millions;
4- Air Marshall Pistolcraft; 5- More Mammograms Please; 6- Europe Goes Sharia
7- Faulty Immigration Math; 8- British Hostage Mystery; 9- Doctors Cheer Windfall
10- Homeland Defender Market; 11- Guest author Craig Cantoni -- Who has the biggest beef?
12- Yes, Counterintuitive Man says, it’s OK to hate, no?

Page Nine No. 28
1- Senator Loses Handgun; 2- Criminals Facing Gunfire; 3- Gasoline Prices Rising;
4- FBI Not Arrested; 5- 3,000 FBI Violations; 6- Global Cooling Lightbulbs;
7- Genocidal Peace Supporters; 8- Reparations Due Us; 9- Guest Author Craig Cantoni on AAPS;
10- Yes! Counterintuitive Man looks at the end of the world, no?

Page Nine No. 27
1- Utah's Muslim Murderer; 2- Insensitive Video Infuriating; 3- Oscar Ratings Low
4- Conjecture Wins Documentary; 5- Paramilitary Teams Assembling
6- Poll Accuracy Predictable; 7- Democrat's Gun Ban; 8- Next 100 Hours
9- Department Of Peace; 10- Yes! Counterintuitive Man looks at
      voting statistics, no?

Page Nine No. 26
Special Single-Subject Report -- Global Whining

Page Nine No. 25
1- Death Penalty Evidence; 2- Bomb News Suppressed; 3- Peaceful Muslim Quandry;
4- Toys For Police; 5- Tracking Plutonium Shipments; 6- Budget Corruption Overlooked;
7- Immigrants Hate Immigrants; 8- Racial Teen Pregnancies; 9- Illegals’ Crimes Recognized;
10- Tax Is Tax; 11- Colder Warming Worsens; 12- Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni asks:
Anna Nicole who?

Page Nine No. 24
1- SHOT Show Explodes; 2- Invader Story Changes; 3- Saddam Influences Youth;
4- Two Outperforms Three; 5- 658 Resolutions Ignored (Guns); 6- Evenhanded Press Club;
7- Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni asks:    Can a "classical liberal" get elected?;
8- Yes -- Counterintuitive Man examines the value of felonies -- no?

Page Nine No. 23
1- Marksmanship For Novices; 2- 100-Hour Delusion; 3- Lobbyists Laughing Loudly
4- Marijuana Market Madness; 5- NRA Fears Congress; 6- Black Congressmen Controversial
7- Greenhouse Is People; 8- Bias Becomes Blatant;
9- Yes -- Counterintuitive Man examines the left and right -- no?

Page Nine No. 22
1- Third Hottest Year; 2- Bush's Bump Lambasted; 3- Virgin Birth Announced
4- Editorials Remain Alive; 5- Government Waste Helpful; 6- Jihadi Deaths Unreported
7- Louisiana Still Demolished; 8- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni:
Should government run pizza parlors? (BRILLIANT!); 9- Christmas Sales Questioned;
10- Yes -- Counterintuitive Man examines history denial -- no?

Page Nine No. 21
1- Counterintuitive Man comments on illegal immigration; 2- Gun Sales Exploding;
3- Brady Announces Plans; 4- Oil Drilling Unblocked; 5- Islamist Deaths Unreported
6- Don't Say Queer; 7- Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni on: Are We Free?;
8- Lesbian Mary Pregnant; 9- Single Parents Dangerous

Page Nine No. 20
1- Counterintuitive Man comments on elections; 2- Judiciary Committee Stacked; 3- Freshman
Congressman "Trained"; 4- Darfur Gun Controls; 5- Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni on:
    Anticipated Democratic Breakthroughs; 6- Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni on:
Hispanic Single Moms; 7- Rumsfeld Gets Riced; 8- Handouts Aren't Charity;
9- Special Guest Correspondent Charlie Cutshaw responds to Cantoni's remarks
about idolizing police officers who kill themselves while breaking the law

Page Nine No. 19
1- Post-election Gun Prices; 2- Hillary's Objective Reporters;
3- News "Stories" Unchanged; 4- Minutemen Figures Posted; 5- Left Bias Pronounced;
6- Special Guest Correspondent Craig Cantoni figures out why
government has deteriorated so badly; 7- Corrections and Reader Comments

Page Nine No. 18
1- Gunshot Saves Life; 2- Muslims In Darfur; 3- Spinach Is Poisonous
4- Nuclear Bomb Baloney; 5- Special Guest Columnist --
Craig Cantoni: Media Overkill Over The Death Of A Police Officer

Page Nine No. 17
Special Single-Subject Report
October Minuteman Borderwatch

Page Nine No. 16
1- Memorial Humiliates Democrats; 2- Clinton Hates Bush; 3- Muslim Condemns Terrorism;
4- Democratic Racist Enigma; 5- Drug War Promoted; 6- Inactive Congress Valued;
7 - “Wetback” Controversy Flares; 8- Leftists Controlling Colleges; 9- Pope's Efforts Insufficient
10- Mexico Dislikes Fence; Corrections

Page Nine No. 15
1. Police Disarmament Planned; 2. Pope Upsets Muslims; 3. Osama Lives Forever
4. James Bond's Guns; 5. Hydrogen Salvation Questioned; 6. Chinese Censorship Tightens
7. Iranian Uranium Growing; 8. Media Attacks Guns; 9. Criminal Immigrants Mislabeled
10. Kinky Angers Blacks; 11. Bombed Muslims Unhappy; 12. No Dancing Arabs
In Memoriam -- Col. Jeff Cooper

Page Nine No. 14
Phony Fierce Resistance; Self Defense Protection; Malnutrition Precedes Obesity;
Good Cheap Schooling; Murderers Filling Morgues; Is God Allah; Gore's Sexy Truth;
Smashing The Moon; Obrador Won't Quit; Hurricane Size Disappointing; Polygamy Has Fans

Page Nine No. 13
Pluto Scientifically Demoted; Census Bureau Profiling; Minutemen Editorialized Again;
Edible Viruses Approved; McCain's Whereabouts Denied; Theft Renamed Funding;
Giant Oyster Invasion; Racial Strengths Ignored; Uranium Cookie Jar
Corrections: Million Dollar Vote; Easy Liquid Explosives; Mexicans Slip Through;
News Fraud Abounds; Lebanon Winner Disputed

Page Nine No. 12
Nobody Wins Lebanon; Million Dollar Votes; Drug Lieutenants Promoted
Iraqi Bomb Deaths; Murders Outpace Iraq; Liquid Explosive Recycling
Islamo Fascists Exposed; Muslim Leaders Upset
Corrections: Web With Ham; Global Phlogiston Warming; Clearly Not Right

Page Nine No. 11
Airline Attack Foiled; Flags In Classrooms; Phony IDs Meaningless
People Avoiding Taxes; Humans Aging Slower; Bribery Affects Voters
Sex Has Effect; Praise The Turkish; Millions Attract Billions; Reuters Falsifies Israelis
Corrections: French Testosterone Levels; ATF N FBI; Toy Assault Weapons; Dark Web Worries

Page Nine No. 10
Machine Gun Stickup; Illegals Heading West; Internet Over Powerlines;
Renzi Visits Lebanon; Another Jihad Database; Murderer Idolized Again; Bush Acts Politically;
Breasts Outrage Women; Landis Has Testosterone; Jews At Gunpoint; Must Stop MySpace
Corrections: Carbon Dioxide's benefits; Reader Sees Bias

Page Nine No. 9
Criminals Aren't Victims (2); Mexico Exporting Criminals; Muslims From Mexico;
al-Jazeera Coming Here; Stem-Cell Research Booming; China Greenhouse Contributions;
Bloggers "Adopting" Journalists; Government Gambling Profitable
Corrections: Unions Run Wages; Missile Defense Working; Naturally Terrorists Torture; Mr. Hillary Clinton;
Agents Recognize Border; Maps Aid Shelling; Yes, Republic's Lazy
July 25, 2006

Page Nine No. 8
Mexican Mapping Nonsense; Congress Threatening Internet
July 17, 2006

Page Nine No. 7
Jersey Didn't Close; North Korean Nonsense; Border Patrol Reality; Light-Rail Timely Again;
Mexican Election Unresolvable; Doctors Misdiagnose Flu; Muslim Atrocities Downplayed;
Minimum Wage Unauthorized; Flag Desecration Consequences
Corrections: Hawking's approach faulted; Slow trials OK; Work schedules slip; Ann Coulter satire
July 10, 2006

Page Nine No. 6 -- Special
Special single-subject report on a proposed new mental disorder:
"Intermittent Explosive Disorder"
Promoted nationwide by major "news" outlets with no balance or analysis at all.
July 5, 2006

Page Nine No. 5
Ann Coulter's "Godless"; FBI's Crime Growth; Karl Rove Exonerated; Racism Driving "Mexodus";
FEMA Funding Perpetrators; Speedy Trials Extinct; Traffic Cameras Disappoint; Media Mentions Jihad;
Mexico Sanctions Invasion; Hawking Endorses Spacemen; Lightrail Delays Miraculous; Militia Lacks Ammo
(Corrections: Kerfuffle debacle)
June 19, 2006

Page Nine No. 4
Pat Robertson's Weights; Gun Safety Stats; Iran's Nuclear Bomb; Congressman's Office Searched;
East Timor's Muslims; Naval Academy Graduates; American Banking Clothes;
McCain's Amnesty Numbers; Phone Tax Ends; Fugitive Murders Cop.
(Corrections: 1,171,387 illegals arrested; Gas taxes higher; Female basketball players)
June 7, 2006

Page Nine No. 3
NRA Milwaukee Convention; Brazil's Citizens' Guns; Bush Poll Results; Murderer in Lousiana; Iran's Nuclear program; Phoenix's Successful Security; NSA Phone Database; National Anthem Lyrics; Mexican Banking Clothes
Plus a Special Report from Northwestern University:
What reporters think about "perceived" news bias.
(Corrections: 1,171,387 illegals arrested; Gas taxes higher; Female basketball players)
May 24, 2006

Page Nine No. 2
Phoenix Suns Win; "Undocument Immigrants" Protest; Prescription Drug Benefits;
Oil Company Gouging; Iraq's Civil War; Anonymous Sources Cited.
(Corrections: Simcox cited "lamestream"; "Clean" elections local; Desert incursions ambitious)
May 11, 2006

Page Nine No. 1
Our National Anthem; 9,000 Fugitives Arrested; Buy Nothing Gringo;
Illegal Immigration Debate; Border Patrol Arrests; Hispanic Boycotts Held;
"Clean" Elections Running; Stolen Body Parts; Local Roads Planned; Terrorism v. Jihad.
May 4, 2006


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