The following form letter was created by Virginia activist T.S. Eggleston. He encourages you to use it when you find a store or other public establishment that posts one of those extremely dangerous No-Guns-Allowed type of sign.


[Name of Offending Establishment]
[Address of Offending Establishment]
Attn: [Manager's Name]
Dear [Manager's Name]:

An acquaintance was beaten and robbed at knifepoint in a shopping center parking lot last year. Because of this, and numerous similar crimes in the news, I must question your 'no weapons' policy -- even for people holding court-issued permits -- at [Mall or Store Name].

However well intended this policy may be, the net result is that law-abiding citizens are at the mercy of the criminal element while patronizing your establishment.

Firearm permit holders have passed thorough local, state and FBI criminal background checks. They are trained in safety and the law and the responsibilities they bear prior to being issued a permit by the proper authorities. Concealed firearms permit holders are therefore among the nation's most responsible and law-abiding citizens. Since the beginning of each state's programs, permit holders prove to be among the lowest crime-rate groups in the nation. Imagine these two scenarios.

Criminals Welcome
The management of this facility has made
every effort to disarm your potential victims.
Law-abiding persons in our stores and parking lots are defenseless.


Warning To Criminals
Some Patrons In Our Mall Stores and
Parking Lots May Be Legally Armed.
To help ensure the safety of our customers,
the management of this establishment
encourages the patronage of
Trained, Police-Approved, FBI-Cleared
Holders of Concealed-Handgun Permits.

The former scenario is the message sent by your "no legal firearms" policy, and in essence, the message you are sending to criminals who would prey on your patrons.

Do you genuinely believe that violent criminals, intent on plying their trade in your establishment are going to obey your signs?

I am not suggesting that you display signs welcoming permit holders onto your property, merely that you remove the signs denying us access and squelching our civil rights. Otherwise what you are telling the public is that the only people who are armed in your stores are the criminals. That's not very reassuring.

This holiday season my family and I made a concerted effort to avoid those stores and malls that would disarm honest citizens and leave them at the mercy of those who don't obey signs, rules or laws.

I urge you to examine your policy of leaving your law-abiding patrons defenseless when on your property, while at the same time encouraging and empowering armed criminals.


Copyright © 2002-2003 by
T.S. Eggleston
Updated 08/24/2003

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