When you're out of ammo,
it's better to swing a blade than an empty gun.

Most gun owners own, use and enjoy some pretty nice knives.

Even meek housewives (can I say that?) have imagined
using a kitchen knife against an intruder.

But have you ever thought about (or studied) knife techniques and strategies?
Sure, you can open a box or slice a steak, but self defense?
There's more to it than wildly waving a wicked blade.

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The Traveler's Gun and Knife Law Book

The ultimate knife (and gun!) reference guide.
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John Styers. 180 pgs. $19.95

A Marine fighting man’s approach to close quarters combat, with edged weapons from bayonets to all sorts of knives, clubs and even bare-handed conflict. Loaded with step-by-step photos, blends martial art, anatomy, strategy and various non-gun tools for self defense.
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James Lafond. 228 pgs. $24.00

Analyzes more than 250 knife fights, from the perspective of attackers, witnesses and victims. Offers deep insight into blade and shank encounters, detailing the methods and psychology of attacks, injury patterns and legal ramifications. Provides tips on what happened and why.
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John Sanchez. 90 pgs. $14.00

A real-life training manual for advanced students, touches on techniques of knife fighters from around the world. Covers target training, strike patterns, striking methods, knife shifting and more with helpful diagrams. Special section on deviant styles.
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Special Blade Videos:

$34.95 list, our price only $19.95!

They're small, lightweight, very popular and... extremely dangerous even if they seem innocent! The ultra-popular "little knife" with a 2- to 3-inch blade can spell big trouble.  This video displays and demonstrates the most popular little knives now available and shows what they can do when used viscously and violently against an aggressor.  You'll see Benchmade, Spyderco, Cold Steel, and even Leatherman and Gerber multi-tools like you have never seen them before.  You'll have a new-found respect for those little knives after you see what they do to the star of this show..."Meat Man." If you typically carry a small blade, see what that little puppy is capable of doing.
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Special Blade Videos:


A graphic look at the awesome power of a 4-inch folder when placed in the hands of a moderately trained individual.  You'll see an incredible cutting demonstration with the star of the show, "Meat Man."  Plus, examine basic and advanced knife fighting skills, a realistic approach to what happens in a knife fight, what to look for and what to do when a knife is presented towards you, what type of knife is most recommended for self-defense, and why. Incredible and beautiful cutting demonstrations, and why some modern knife fighting experts do not truly understand the power of this blade.  This is a great reference, because it wakes you up to the reality that there are a lot of people who carry these knives and don't know what this blade can really do.
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Knife Laws

Knife Laws of the 50 States
A Guide for the Law-Abiding Traveler

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A blade guide at last! Attorney David Wong has done
a tremendous job getting and explaining
knife laws for all 50 states.

Filled with interesting text and clear explanations,
plus a chart shows each state's carry rules for
Fixed blades
Automatic (switchblade) knives
Balisong (butterfly) knives

and more!

Covers each state in plain English, includes
the primary knife statutes for the state, word-for-word.
It even includes selected court cases at the state level.
Well organized, with extensive resources listed.
Large format 8.5 x 11 inches; 200 pgs; only $24.95!

This is it folks -- most gun-savvy people carry a knife.
Some prefer a knife since it's easier to carry it legally.
"Knife Laws of the 50 States" takes away the guesswork!
Stay legal. Stay safe.

Get Knife Laws of the 50 States
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