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And 186 Other Things You'd Better Not Say
The Not-So-Funny Guide to the Threats To Free Speech

by Alan Korwin, 352 p., $19.95

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Free speech has reached a breaking point where every politically correct and diversely foolish idea muzzles you. You can be fined, fired, jailed or die for speaking your mind. It's a free country and you can say what you want? Not anymore. And the effect on gun rights — where absolute bans on speech that recognizes or promotes gun safety and marksmanship — in schools and the "news" media is a severe threat to the Second Amendment. Even the NRA cannot advertise themselves or their issues as they would want to. Read more.



Kincaid/Aronoff/Irvine, 114 pgs. $4.95

Produced by Wash., D.C.-based Accuracy In Media, the newsmedia watchdog that holds these scoundrels' feet to the fire. They have compiled a set of examples—news stories you'll recall—that are inaccurate, deceptive, manipulative and contribute to a misinformed nation. Reporting that borders on treason, risks U.S. lives, promotes myths about climate, Islamists, diversity, Hollywood, firearms, etc. Exposes blatant fakery and the leftist influencers behind it, sheds light on the sorry state of affairs, perfect for waking up people who think if it's in the news it must be true.
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Richard A. Epstein, 156 pgs. $10.95

Free speech and other fundamental rights are dissolving because “progressives” (formerly known as liberals) have been gutting the Constitution. Learn how they’ve done it to stop future abuse. Pick up techniques and strategies being used against the American way, to help preserve, protect and defend the values we hold dear. This thoughtful book from the Cato Institute lays it bare. Beautifully written, an eye-opening read.
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Kincaid/Woolley, 94 pgs. $9.95

Gun rights have one main voice remaining —talk radio—so the left is trying to shut it down, and they are getting awfully close to succeeding. The plan is to use the FCC to manage the content on radio, and effectively shut out pro-rights gun programming, or drown it out with anti-rights malarkey. Government should have no role whatsoever in managing program content, but the left couldn't care less in their struggle against freedom. Learn what the so-called fairness doctrine is, why Soros, the Democrat party, Hillary and others are pushing for it, and how to stop them. They don’t want you to know what’s in this book.
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Kristina Borjesson, Ed. 462 pgs. $21.98

Winner of the National Press Club’s press-criticism award, a powerful collection of essays exposes how a free press has been compromised. Real red meat from people in the business. Mainstream reporters spill about internal memos, manipulation, self censorship, political agendas, topic avoidance, more. Reveals the dirt on why the media has gotten so bad, who's responsible, and how the news is controlled.
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Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
Roger Fisher and William Ury, 200 pgs., $15.00

Based on the Harvard Negotiation Project, these groundbreaking principles are the heart of the most productive negotiation techniques, and will make you more effective with anti-rights zealots, legislators, bureaucrats. Tells you how to: Separate the people from the problem; Focus on interests, not positions; Negotiate successfully with people who are more powerful, refuse to play by the rules, or resort to dirty tricks. Universally applicable methods for negotiating personal and professional disputes without getting taken or angry. "This is by far the best thing I've ever read on negotiation." —John Kenneth Galbraith

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The Destruction of American Liberty
James Bovard, 408 pgs., $16.95

Just how bad is it? Here's a virtual catalog of the bottomless pit of U.S. government abuse, incompetence, dishonesty and outright oppression. Highly researched and documented, it contains enough ammo to shoot down any feel good silliness the other side uses to deny how bad our government has gotten. A full section on guns, but also taxes, seizures, police, petty dictators, subsidies, free speech and much more. The only way many agencies can measure their "public service" is by the number of citizens they harass, hinder, restrain or jail. A highly readable analysis of the bloated system.

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