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The main gun-law reports, exposes on news and current events, discoveries in the media and culture arenas and new white papers are now gathering in Page Nine, the Uninvited Ombudsman Reports. They are well indexed, have just enough irony, keep breaking new ground, and you should choose -- either scan down this list of classics or start at the link above if you understand what GunLaws.com and Alan Korwin are about.


Some of my best work is now appearing in columns at these top two Intenet news sites. I guess I've finally arrived! If you don't have time to read my full articles, the summaries to these stories on the index page will give you key talking points, plenty of insight not found in the mainstream. Take a quick peek.


CAETANO Vs. MASSACHUSETTS -- Supreme Court Gun Case 2016
A monumental gun case affirms the right of self defense, officially recognizes orders of protection are "useless" and "futile" (the Court's words), states that revolvers and semi-autos are the top choice for home defense, acknowledges the Second Amendment saved the life of a woman against her huge abusive boyfriend -- and the media kept the story hidden from view. A gun-rights advocate's dream, a gun-controller's nightmare, here it is in technicolor. Includes a link to the actual case.

The loud cries for "universal" background checks are really schemes for universal gun- and gun-owner registration. These are promoted by politicians who know exactly what they're doing (the proposed bills are explicitly registration bills). They then deceptively tell a different story, but every innocent gun owner's name and gun data is sent directly to the FBI, by the tens of millions. In unilateral checks, the prohibited people list goes to gun dealers, and like wanted posters, licensees do the work and the FBI gathers nothing. There's more to it of course, and rights deniers hate it, because it exposes and defeats their real purpose. Shrinks the bureaucratic behemoth too. Why they don't arrest the Brady criminals they do find.

All the talk about being a "natural born citizen" and whether candidates for President are really eligible under the Constitution is critically important to our rights. Which comes first -- the candidates or the Constitution? How foreign is too foreign? The answer is plainly evident in the historical record, which I've researched and present here in plain English. It's not up to the courts to interpret, or for talking heads to spout opinions about -- the Founders made it crystal clear, even if we'd prefer to ignore it today. See what they told us to do to stay safe and secure.

••••• ARM THE ARMY •••••
August 12, 2015 -- In the wake of the muslim jihad assault on military recruitment stations in Chattanooga, Tenn., Congress has rushed five bills into the hopper, just like anti-gun-rights activists do after a psychotropic drug-crazed madman shoots up a public place. The same problems afflict both groups' actions -- poorly drafted bills, unintended consequences, wrong way to fix things and the chances of passage are remote. It's hard to believe what Congress threw in here -- very bad.

SUBARMED A critically important new White Paper, widely published, read it here.
There’s a point between fully armed and disarmed that is subarmed.
Being subarmed is dangerous. Officials would never stand for it themselves.
It’s the point at which you don’t have a very good gun,
or certainly not the type you’d prefer, or not the type your police prefer
for their own safety, and not the right ammo, or certainly not enough of it.
It isn’t the caliber you want, and the magazine is too small. You’re subarmed.

If anti-rights people interested in disarming Americans can limit our access to arms just a bit, they can subarm us, and win their battle incrementally. They are well down this path and picking up speed, under the radar.

Nope, and you'll agree when you see my reasoning and think about it. This article appeared in my regular column in American Handgunner magazine. Who would you grant the power to authorize this -- the federal government? They should have power to authorize your right to carry? What if they change their mind? Or set up impossible conditions? There's got to be a better way, and there is. Part 1. and Part 2.

While the nation looks feebly at how to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unfit, a different mental issue plays into the gun debate in America. Hoplophobia, the morbid fear of guns, is a real, extremely dangerous, widespread and clinically recognizable complex specific phobia. It has caused and continues to cause grievous harm in America. Because sufferers act out their fears in the political arena, it represents a significant and under-appreciated threat to the nation. April 29, 2013 by Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D. and Alan Korwin.

Are they right? And who are The Shomrim? This groundbreaking White Paper from JPFO answers a question that has baffled people for decades. American Jews support armed defense of Israel against muslim enemies, but lead the battle to disarm American gun owners. The anti-gun-rights leadership in Congress is made up of Jews. Why do they hate guns so much? I wrote this with the Rabbi from JPFO and it went viral. It helps explain why liberals in general hate guns too. Read the press release.

Gunless people, those who steadfastly refuse to keep and bear arms, practice marksmanship or learn gun safety create certain burdens for the rest of society. The need for a word to describe and identify such free riders has long been needed. Now they can be discussed and the problems they represent be addressed more directly. 3/24/12

A legislator told one of our chief lobbyists, after Constitutional Carry was enacted in 2012, "Well, now you've got it all, there's nothing left for you to do." That got me thinking. Had we really reached the end of freedom's trail? Nope, not quite. There is an entire layer of freedom-to-carry above the one we commonly think of and enjoy. There is a new standard in town, a higher bar, on which to measure our freedom, and the goals we should set. 1/16/12.

It's that time of year again -- around New Year's Eve and the 4th of July -- when we get the Shannon's law story. "Reporters" read and print the same police department press release they have read and printed for the past decade, pretending it's news. They use a law, a ten-year-old event, and threats, to discourage "celebratory" gunfire, instead of just discouraging "celebratory" gunfire. Was that sort of gunfire really even the culprit in Shannon's tragic death? Evidence and logic raise some doubts. 1/16/11.

In what could be Mr. Obama's Watergate, federal authorities have smuggled thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels, with permission from higher-ups. How high up is being investigated by Congress. Mr. Obama's response has been to attempt to pass gun statutes by decree, and avoid Congress in making new gun-reporting and reecording requirements. This would be in direct violation of existing law banning gun registries (FOPA, 1986). An explosive situation, insider details here. July 18, 2011.

For the first time in decades, a new set of gun-safety rules has been drafted. There are rules for preventing accidents (e.g., Treat every gun as if it's loaded) and for defending yourself (e.g., Your gun should always be loaded and ready to fire), new rules deal with the aftermath of self-defense incidents (e.g., If you ever shoot in self defense you must be prepared to defend yourself against execution for murder). June 2011.

Will "Freedom To Carry" replace "Right To Carry"? The right to discreetly bear arms should not require a government-issued permission slip, with paperwork, approvals, classes, testing, fingerprints, photographs, criminal-database lists, taxes called fees and expiration dates. Alaska passed it. Vermont has always had it. Texas got a good chunk of it in 2007 -- and everyone is still alive. Your state should have its rights restored too. 2010

People talk about the left vs. the right. Well there is a left in America for sure, attached
to the very opposite of what America stands for. But what people mistakenly call "the right"
is really the core -- central values that make America the shining beacon of freedom it is.
A simple chart spells it out, easy to reprint for people who need a political slap upside the head.
Helps promote The American Way. 2010

I gave a speech to a large group on Patriot's Day, commemorating the shot heard 'round the world.
Several thousand people turned out on a nice sunny day and to my surprise, constantly interrupted
with applause. Seems I touched a nerve with this uplifting view of what makes America great.
Many asked for a copy of the speech. Here it is. Permission to circulate gladly granted.
Download an easy-to-print version. 2010

The Tucson homicidal rampage proves something -- defenseless citizens are in danger.
While the forces aligned against the civil right to arms use criminal assaults to campaign
against our rights, it's time to recognize that police are second responders, and we the people
are always there first. We need to repeal obstacles, not pass new laws or empower government
to "allow" us to exercise our rights. February 2011

Should States Demand Their Sovereignty?
At least seven states think so in 2009, and have introduced resolutions demanding
the federal government cease and desist any actions not enumerated in the Constitution.
This is what the Tenth Amendment requires, and if all the states stood up, we'd finally
have the needed counterweight to restrict and restrain an out-of-control Congress.
Is your state on the list? It should be. Convince your peers to put it there.

Bill of Rights Day Report 2008
This is dangerous stuff. It's supposed to be a recognition and celebration of our rights,
but when hundreds of people assemble and consider the sorry state of our rights,
serious anger bubbles up, and the Fourth Branch or government -- we the people --
start talking about how to right the wrongs, putting government policy and officials at risk.
Read about The Committee for the Bill of Rights starting to form, with some proposed actions.

If we must have gun-buyer background checks to stop criminals,
do it without compiling massive records on the innocent.
A simple system called BIDS does this at far less cost than NICS.

Gun Owners Without Borders
Taking a cue from other successful human-rights groups, author Alan Korwin
is calling for international recognition of a person's right to live,
which supercedes state sovereignty and any justifications used to
exterminate individuals anywhere in the world.

D.C. Gun Ban Ending A Mixed Blessing
Rights activists were joyous when a court took down the 31-year-old D.C. gun ban,
but there's more to it than meets the eye, and until the appeals are over, it isn't over.
It's not even clear how a D.C. resident could buy a gun now that they can keep one
(only at home), since they have to go across state lines to get it.

The Left Wing's Gun-Ban Plans (for Elections)
The left and the Democrats aren't talking about their feelings about guns
before the elections, because they know how badly it would hurt them.
But their ideas haven't gone away, we've just forgotten them.
This reminder (their list) will shock you.

"Page Nine" News-Media Watchblog
Regularly issued reports now chronicle the inaccuracy, slant and flat-out
propaganda that passes for news in the "lamestream." Not limited to guns,
if the media is spinning it, it unravels here.

Post-Shooting Procedures (Cheney Incident)
Standard police guidelines are no statement for 48 hours, and then it's in writing.
Allows for proper lawyer contact, review, trauma recovery, coherence.
You should be entitled to the same respect and legal protections.

New Brady Gun "Decommissioning" Strategy
Introduced quietly under President Clinton, "anything that will keep a gun
from working" is now in eight separate places in federal law.

Why Aren't All Brady Violators Arrested?
It’s well known that of the people stopped by the Brady-FBI background check,
very few are arrested—even though it’s a felony for many to attempt the purchase.
Why don’t the police arrest all the Brady criminals they find?

Federal Gun-Free-School-Zones Problem
Technically, anyone who carries a gun in most populated areas
commits a 5-year felony. It has got to be fixed. See the maps.

News Media Accuracy Bottoms Out
It's getting embarrassing to be a writer, when you see how poorly
the profession is doing as a whole. Ethics and accuracy are about gone.
All my news accuracy material is indexed here, including a growing
collection of columns from The Uninvited Ombudsman.
Numerous laughable cases, statistics, first-hand reports

Minuteman Project Shows the Best of America
The news media portrays it otherwise, but I went down and saw for myself.

Rewrites the book on questions for political candidates --
Try a few of these next time you're in earshot of a politician.
A collaborative effort by Alan Korwin, Mike Anthony, Vin Suprynowicz.

Certain words hurt you when you're talking about your rights.
View/print a PDF version      (Click here to get Adobe's Acrobat PDF reader for free.)

The Big Lie
You Have No Rights

The Last Refuge for Hate: Gun Hate
It's time for the medical community to recognize and study morbid fear of firearms.

The Only Question About Gun Registration
How does writing your name down help stop crime?

Sunshine Gun Laws
It's time to replace wasteful gun restrictions with good gun incentives.
Legislation you can introduce yourself.

The Lost National Right to Carry
American Historical Rights Protection Act

Reciprocity Schemes
Government plumbs the depths of "rights" management

The Byrne Grant
How To Use Tax Dollars For Private Gun-Safety Training

Trigger Locks
Don't fool with the firing mechanism of a loaded gun

Brady Law Makes Gun Meltdowns Obsolete
Anti-rights activists have turned laws upside down to use against
honest people who own guns. But now the Schumer is on the other foot.

It's easier to scapegoat an honest person who owns a gun than to disarm a criminal

Misdemeanor Gun Ban
Congress slides dangerously far from the Constitution

Civilian Marksmanship
The U.S. government wants you trained, safe, competent

Laws Violated at Columbine
An attorney asked me to draw up a list of crimes apparently committed
by the assailants at Columbine High School in Colorado. I drew up this
generic list and I was surprised by how long it was

The Noble Uses of Firearms
"... it's easy to lose sight of the noble and respectable place
firearms hold and have always held in American life."

Researcher Finds Federal Gun Law Grew
Nearly 6% in 1998

More Than 4,000 Words Added By Omnibus Spending Bill

Guns and Kids
Too dangerous to ignore



A simple background-check system called BIDS operates at far less cost than NICS and without compiling innocent peoples' names. Basically, BIDS distributes the list of hardcore prohibited possessors to federally licensed firearm dealers. Dealers check their customers against the computerized list to lockout illegal sales. This maintains the privacy of innocent citizens, stops criminals, and eliminates the potential for illegal government registries.

The Guns Among Us
Wildly promoted psychopathic atrocities featured on Page One in the national media are written to help promote gun registration and confiscation. People who believe the only purpose is to kill are victims of relentless propaganda. Guns save lives. When a maniac goes crazy, you send in people... with guns. This is the unedited version of the highly acclaimed Uninvited Ombudsman editorial from the 500,000-circulation Arizona Republic newspaper on May 6, 2007.

Dems New Gun Ban Plan and "Dept. of Peace"
Bill Clinton's expired gun ban named 19 firearms, Democrats new plan (2007) names more than 60, plus any semi-auto long gun "with a grip" and anything the Attorney General decides to add without Congress. Their bill for a Dept. of Peace is a cabinet-level indoctrination and policy bureaucracy with huge staff, sweeping powers, tremendous budget, a gun-control agenda and is being sold as an enlightened think tank... that will have controls over the Defense Dept. Under the radar for now, as they build support by getting ignorant city councils to endorse the concept.

Secure Gun Storage and Safety Device
A new angle of attack has been promoted since 1997, and is gaining ground.
Full support from the Brady group and its allies, little attention apparent
from traditional gun-rights supporters.

Gun Show Bill is Not What They Say
Mass media publicity on the proposed McCain-Lieberman Gun Show Bill is grossly inaccurate.
It's really about federal registration of gun shows, vendors, and every person who attends.
Detailed analysis in plain English.

Could Close Gun Shows Completely
If anyone at a gun show offers (not even sells, but offers) a gun to
anyone else at the show -- even a gun they don't have with them -- the
seller, buyer, AND gun show operator can be arrested. You don't even
need a prohibited possessor (a criminal) involved. No operator will run
a show with that kind of legal risk. Full plain-English descriptions,
with citations.

Does Loophole Allow Gun Sale Without "Nics" Check?

"Escape Clause" Was Designed For FBI Computer Failure
Federal Suspension of Bill of Rights Runs 4 Days

Brady Law Closes Gun Stores More Than 8 Days
Persistent Background-Check Outages Stop Business

FBI Closes Down Gun Shows for the Day
Congressional Oversight Apparently No Longer an Issue

Brady (NICS) Stats For First 4 Months (May '99)
More Than 3 Million Americans Now on FBI List

FBI Loses $87 Million (Feb.'99)
Brady law gun tax would have been profitable to Bureau.

NICS Is On, (Dec. '98)
The most critical facets of the NICS criminal background check system
have not hit the media.

Schematic of NICS System, (Nov '98) 62k

Brady Long Guns (Feb '98)
This was the first published alert that long guns were under Brady.
Written is straight journalism style, you can forward this hard news to your local paper.

BradyGate,  (1997)
ocumented irregularities with the statistics and effectiveness issues.

The Indiana Experiment,  (May '98)
Does the government routinely break laws about record management?
See what seven newspapers found when they teamed up.

NICS Archive - Documents and Position Papers related to
The National Instant Check System


This full-color 3-foot by 2-foot foldout map identifies every legal indoor and outdoor shooting range in the state. Packed with info, dots identify the shooting sites, advertisers pitch their wares like any souvenir tourist map, but this one is Second Amendment edge-to-edge. Nothing like it has ever been produced, take a look, or better yet, get one! April 2011

High School Marksmanship Enacted (2005)
First in the nation, Arizona leads tthe way with an innovative
gun safety program for students.

Restaurant Carry Bill Narrowly Defeated (2005)
On its merits it would have passed, so the news media concocted nonsense.

Tenth Anniversary of CCW Banquet (2004)
Massive celebration of ten years of success attracts national leaders,
welcome from the President, news media decides to supress stories

The Fabrications of Dr. Fabricius
Arizona State University professor Fabricius and his young son
counted some newspaper stories on gun use, and from this
concluded that guns are rarely used in self defense. Pure junk science,
it appeared on page one of a local newspaper and in a medical journal.
Read about it, get outraged, and let them know what you think.

Federal bureaucrats running the Tonto National Forest (2.9 million acres
of public land basically north of Phoenix) are talking about closing
sections to public access. One of the main goals is to eliminate
outdoor marksmanship.

The top of the Sunday paper proclaimed: 
"Sting Targets Gun Shows" 
Here's what was missing—
Stunning enforcement refutes "loophole" phobia
Sting puts teeth back in dozens of forgotten critical laws

Arizona Gun Safety Forum On April 21, 2001 
"To help dispel ignorance and bigotry about firearms, and to  
explore their beneficial purposes" Unite To Promote Gun Safety

Secret Gun Policy Forum - Arizona Attorney General Janet Napolitano and Phoenix Police Chief Harold Hurtt To Discuss Guns in Secret. Includes an eye-opening report on the forum's results.

Shannon's Law, Everyone followed the front-page drama and pomp surrounding "Shannon's Law,"a bill enacted due to a single tragic death. None of the published or broadcast reports that I saw accurately reflected what was passed. Here's what the public finally got from the lawmakers.

True Preemption Deserves Support (Arizona Republic, 4/6/99)
The preemption battle is really about disarming America.

Should Mesa Melt Its Firearms?
The city of Mesa Says "yes" because it seems right.
But it's better to turn swords into plowshares.

Should Voters Remove "Activist" Judges?
When judges legislate from the bench, should voters take action?

Mexico Arrests
Arizona businessman gets jailed by Mexicans as if he entered California


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