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image1Tempus Fugit  --Lawrence Lee Rowe

Lawrence Lee Rowe, Jr., 310 p., $20, Hardcover

Summary: Washington, Jefferson and Franklin find themselves inexplicably transported to the future, and explore the country they launched two centuries earlier. A fascinating examination of the Founders’ original values and hopes, contrasted beautifully with where we are today. Deeply insightful, a true masterpiece.

What would happen if Washington, Jefferson and Franklin suddenly materialized in the modern world? What would they think? Had their plan for a new nation built on liberty succeeded? Incredibly well researched, you get a deep sense of each Founder’s style, as they discover what America has become in 225 years.

The three suddenly find themselves in a forest, a dangerous place in colonial times, where savages could attack at any moment. What were Washington’s first words? “I’m unarmed.” Jefferson responds, “Me too.”

Cautiously, they approach a clearing, and stare face to face at... Mount Rushmore! Washington looks up in stunned silence, then at Jefferson, then back again. Jefferson does the same, mouth agape. They begin to suspect they’re somehow in the future. They turn, somewhat ruefully, to Ben, who isn’t sculpted, and he modestly brushes them off, saying, aww, you guys were Presidents. Then Ben reaches in a pocket, and pulls out a handful of papers. Hundred dollar bills—and they stare at the portrait! It just keeps getting better.

Rowe has done a spectacular job combining a deep knowledge of colonial times, these men, and a rapidly unfolding palette of the modern world. A perspective on history you have never experienced. Running water, toilet paper, TV, supermarkets ("How do you know which soap to buy?"), cars ("What was that?" "I don't know, it was just a blur.") 27 constitutional amendments (Jefferson can't bring himself to look for weeks), it’s overwhelmingly good. The author even draws on their original writings for some of their dialog!

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WARNING: This book deals frankly with the racism of slave-owning colonial America, and “the N word” is used accurately in context, which, though artfully done, may be offensive to some readers.
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image2Molon Labe  --Boston T. Party

Boston T. Party, 454 p., $24

In a hopelessly repressive American future, liberty-minded patriots quietly move to and take over Wyoming at the ballot box, institute freedoms the Founders would be proud of, and build up to a stunning confrontation with corrupt federal officials who declare them in insurrection.

The United States has slipped into such a repressive state that citizens are taking action against the worst officials by “disappearing” them. Emulating the Free State Project, (which in 2003 unfortunately picked tiny New Hampshire to launch a constitutional version of the American Dream), libertarians quietly begin moving to Wyoming, and county by county, take control of the government.

Once a liberty-loving Governor is in office, they begin making changes that make your mouth water -- and infuriate central federal authorities. The state refuses federal highway funds then run the roads their way, turn down education funds and run the schools their way. A tax credit is offered for marksmanship with a .308, building a significant state militia. They pass a law so anyone openly wearing a sidearm pays no sales tax while shopping at retail! Crime drops near zero. The remaining liberals, infuriated, begin wearing realistic toy guns to beat the tax, then get arrested -- get this -- for tax fraud!

It all builds to a thrilling confrontation with federal forces, with the hopes of true freedom in the balance. If a state ever went this way, you’d move there in a heartbeat. This book fills you with a sense of hope, and rekindles the American spirit.

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(The title comes from the famous Battle at Thermopylae in 480 B.C., where 300 Greeks held off a million invading Persian soldiers at a mountain pass. The Persians said, "Lay down your arms and we will let you live." Spartan King Leonidas replied, Molon labe, "Come and take them." The Greeks were wiped out to a man, but bought enough time for their countrymen to prepare to repel the invasion.
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Alongside Night
J. Neil Schulman, 302 p., $19.95.

AlongsideNightWidely considered one of the finest libertarian novels ever written. The U.S. Government is broke and unravelling, America’s enemies are gloating, money is worthless, markets collapse, businesses fail, a massive shift in economics is reshaping the nation. Black marketeers use computer encryption to operate bold enterprises that even totalitarian controls can’t stop. A private mercenary army headed by a former Green Beret battles an FBI run by a ruthless dictator who’s blackmailing the president and running secret prisons.

Caught in the middle is the brilliant teenage son of a Nobel-prize winning economist and the mysterious girl (who carries a pistol with a silencer!) he meets in a secret underground city. A Prometheus Hall-Of-Fame novel with high adventure, narrow escapes, thrilling rescues, and a model for throwing off the chains of oppression and restoring freedom. Reignites a sense of true liberty that has been dulled by the incremental infringements we endure daily. Uplifting.

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William Lafferty, 176 p., $12.99.
Original Intent
Artfully weaves the news you’ve seen—Ruby Ridge, Waco, an AR-15 misfire used for a trumped-up machine-gun trial -- into a tense tale of federal agents doing everything to deny our freedoms and assault us. Captures the dilemma we face, motivates you to press for change.

A handful of patriotic people (including senior citizens) decide to take direct action against ATF -- and other forces in government help them to succeed, because the rogue ATF agency is going to ruin it for the rest of the power brokers. Very strange bedfellows (the CIA, FBI and more) adds to the drama. The Hollywood-style excessive-violence parts, like what happens when a 3,500-grain solid-brass projectile traveling at 2,800 fps, from a homemade .950-caliber rifle hits an ATF limousine's engine block moving at 70 mph, will help you overlook some minor plot-element weaknesses in this decidedly non-mainstream novel.

Bookstores don't carry books like this!

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We Hold These Truths
Skip Coryell, 382 p., $16.95

WeHoldTheseTruthsA compelling tale of small-town America drawn into the intrigue of tracking down and stopping a Muslim terrorist with two suitcase nukes. The FBI is on the case, but it’s a preacher who teaches marksmanship, a local newspaper editor who has discovered the value of firearms and good citizens in the town who do battle and make the difference with the soldier of Allah. They are forced out of their comfortable, secure, small-town world of Freedham Ridge in this "geopolitical redneck thriller." American ingenuity and self-reliance saves the day in an exciting nail-biter, where the Mideast meets the Midwest. If you’ve lost sight of the value and duty of an armed and capable public this will bring it back.

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Get all 5 of our thrilling novels for one low package price


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The value and utility of firearms is a key in each book.

Molon Labe / Tempus Fugit / They Came for Our Guns / Alongside Night / We Hold These Truths
Individual descriptions here

$99.85 if purchased separately—but only $79.85 for the set—Save $20!
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Little Brother
Cory Doctorow, 382 p., $17.95

LittleBrotherThe United States has devolved into the fascist nightmare many of us can see coming, but most people go about their business barely aware of the chains they wear. A handful of teenagers with typical youthful technical savvy fight back after being violently assaulted by government agents. They avoid detection, monkey wrench the system, and expose the corruption to the general public. A great ray of hope because the oppressive forces—if we ever faced this sort of domestic threat—would be vulnerable where these youngsters attack. Provides a game plan if the system ever gets this bad, a very exciting and encouraging novel.

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