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The Worlwide Gun Owner's Guide

Now Available!

And 186 Other Things You'd Better Not Say
The Not-So-Funny Guide to the Threats To Free Speech --by Alan Korwin, 352 p., $19.95

Free speech has reached a breaking point where every politically correct and diversely foolish idea muzzles you. You can be fined, fired, jailed or die for speaking your mind. It's a free country and you can say what you want? Not anymore. Read more



Alan's Latest Blockbuster !

Your gun's hot. The perp's not. Now what?
by Alan Korwin, 160 p., $14.95

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After you shoot in self defense you face a possible murder trial. How do you protect yourself from that? Does a frantic 911 call afterwards help you, or do you dial 911 and fry? This is groundbreaking protection for the innocent. Five different solutions to the problem, and more. Scores of experts weigh in on what to do and how to avoid prosecution and loss of your life savings. Don't let the system nail you after you nail the bad guy. Read more.




Armed and Female: Taking Control
by Paxton Quigley, 224 p., $19.95

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The ultimate guide for women is back in print
at last! No macho BS, just great advice for
women from the internationally famous trainer
who shattered this glass ceiling forever.

Revised and updated from cover to cover.
A great gift idea.

10 button set

Speak your mind with our colorful
mylar-covered political statements.

New designs available by the piece
or in sets, get a bunch and give them
to your friends! Wear them with pride,
start conversations, get a message
across that political correctness
tries to hide. See all the choices.


Guns Save Live Stickers

Get our wildly popular "Guns Save Lives" heart

... as an inexpensive sticker you can use everywhere!
Use them on greeting cards, mail, your gun cases, anywhere you want to help get this message across. Cheap enough to use without worrying about the cost.

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GUN LAWS -- In Plain English

US Map

Various Authors and Prices

We continually work to add
state gun-law guides for you.
Recent additions:

Indiana • Minnesota (2 versions available)
North Dakota/South Dakota (in one volume)
New Jersey • Kansas • Ohio (2 versions)
South Carolina (new edition)

See every state gun-law guide available.


"A More Perfect Union" Complete Package

Produced by the National Center for Constitutional Studies.
Here is a superb, exhilarating look at how America got started,
the civics lesson every school should teach (though most do not).

Designed for classrooms—and the perfect refresher for all freedom activists, and home schoolers too. Relive the roots of liberty, the men, places, documents and meanings of this great nation. In clear, straightforward language, you get the uncensored truth about The American Way, with no political-correctness corruption. A total delight, as you recall things you may have learned in your youth, which have been whitewashed (blackwashed?) and hidden from Americans by a corrupt school system that is intent on indoctrinating kids instead of educating them.

The Teacher's Guide is a thorough course on our core principles and history, perfect for kids or adults, closely paralleling the More Perfect Union DVD. An enjoyable read, arranged in neat "lesson" sections, with Q&A and study guides for each lesson to help it all sink in—perfect for quizzing yourself, your kids or for teachers to use in classes. (Do you remember what the Great Compromise was, that let the union form?) Only $6.00 each, call us for quantity discounts.
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A More Perfect Union DVD is a top-quality brilliantly acted 2-hour movie of our founding days, produced in 1990 by Brigham Young University. It aired initially on PBS and was seen by millions, and is now available as a low-cost DVD. What a pleasure to watch 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in the Assembly Room in Philadelphia, as they debate the principles and hammer out the charter that helped set us on our way. (Rhode Island refused to attend, hoping the Articles of Confederation would remain in place; only 39 delegates signed, from the youngest, 26-year-old Jonathan Dayton, to the oldest, Ben Franklin, who at 81 was still sharp mentally but had to be carried to the sessions in a sedan chair). Only $14.95 each, call us for quantity discounts.
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The Wall Chart Constitution Poster has the complete Constitution as originally enacted, the Bill of Rights, all the subsequent amendments through 27 (which was the second article in the Bill of Rights as originally proposed, concerning limits on pay raises for Congress!) and a fascinating and detailed time line of of our early history. Only $5.00 each, call us for quantity discounts.
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The Complete Package (recommended) gives you the Teacher's Guide, the two-hour DVD "A MorePerfect Union," the Wall Poster of the Constitution, plus we include our pocket edition of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights.

$28.00 if purchased separately -- but only $19.95 for the set -- it's worth it!
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Our best goods—and a price savings!

Get all 6 books for one low price

Come up to speed quickly with these all-around best-in-class books on the tactics and strategies of personal self defense and surviving an armed encounter. Avoid the fight if possible, win if it comes, deal with the aftermath. These are classics, you save $20 on the complete set!

In The Gravest Extreme / Armed Response / How To Win A Gunfight / You and The Police / Principles of Personal Defense / Bonus: The Truth About Self Protection
Individual descriptions here

$94.80 if purchased separately—but only 74.80 for the set—Save $20!
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Get all 6 books for one low price

Find out exactly how activists get laws enacted or defeated, sway popular opinion and leave political rivals in the dust. This selection cuts to the heart of the matter, with the game rules you never get in school or from the news. Learn about the Pavlovian stimulus that makes politicians respond, the tools used by leftists to advance their cause that can work for you too, tremendous life skills for getting what you want that will work in every aspect of your life, and the principled arguments that can win over anyone with a half-way open mind. You may never convince "die-hard true believers" so you should know not to waste time on them. The American fight for freedom is an appeal with legs, if you know how to walk the walk.
Confrontational Politics / Cooking Alinsky’s Goose / How To Win Friends and Influence People / Getting To Yes / Nation of Cowards / Inclined to Liberty

Individual descriptions here

$77.83 if purchased separately -- but only $60.83 for the set -- Save $17!
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Get all 5 novels for one low price

Get all five of our supercharged political novels for one low price—and read yourself into bliss.
You get a great perspective on your rights and liberties that only a novel can deliver. Exciting action, the forces of good and evil pitted against each other, pulse-pounding intrigue.

Molon Labe / Tempus Fugit / They Came For Our Guns / Alongside Night / We Hold These Truths
Individual descriptions here

$99.85 if purchased separately -- but only $79.85 for the set -- Save $20!
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Get all 5 DVDs for one low price!

The Armed Response Set
(See the DVDs here)

A smokin' good deal on this top of the line set of firearms training videos.
You get the first five Armed Response videos—the introductory Fundamentals, the intermediate Tactics and Techniques and the advanced Dynamic Drills, plus the stunning Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios and the legal issues in Responsible Use of Lethal Force. With one decision you cover the bases and get hours of intensive training that will put you head and shoulders above your current readiness. Get together with friends and watch them over a period of time (so much better than regular TV!), or simply enjoy them at home at your leisure. An exceptional training opportunity at an exceptional price.

Individual descriptions here

$149.75 if purchased separately -- but only $129.75 for the set -- You save $20!
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Neal Know Gun Rights War

Available now!
The book went on sale in November 2009
This is one amazing new book!

One woman's fight against gun control
Suzanna Gratia Hupp, 200 p., $22.95 Hardcover

Surviving a mad-man's rampage where 23 innocent people are slaughtered can really ruin your day -- and change your life forever. Suzanna watched as both of her parents were cut down, while her own gun sat useless in her vehicle -- because a hopelessly bad law banned it in the Luby's restaurant, and she followed that rule. She had a clear closeup shot at the psycho, and couldn't take it.

Infuriated by the denial of her rights and the price she paid for feel-good do-nothing harmful laws, she won a seat in the Texas legislature and successfully battled to put gun laws on the side of the innocent. National media didn't know what to make of her, a decent, soft spoken, intelligent woman campaigning to arm the public. She tells her story in a compelling way, going from a naive young lady to a freedom fighter we can all look up to for inspiration.

The book gives you chills, makes you want to cheer -- a first-person survivor's account of one of America's worst atrocities, and the aftermath that helped us all.
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Neal Know Gun Rights War

Available now!
The book went on sale July 4, 2009
Get your hands on this
fascinating new book!
Learn how gun-rights are actually won.

Dispatches from the front lines
Compiled and annotated by Chris Knox
List price $24.95, our price only $19.95!

For almost 40 years, nothing in the gun-rights movement happened outside of the influence of Neal Knox. A prolific writer, stalwart defender of freedom, bare-knuckled inside fighter, and ardent fan of anything that goes "bang!" here at last is the book that brings it together. The core of the writing that built his reputation, and protected the rights you enjoy today. If you've enjoyed decades of classic Neal in Shotgun News you'll savor every page. If you don't know what that means, here's your chance to look at how the gun-rights war has really been fought -- and needs to be fought in the future.

• The inside story of the power struggle that gave the NRA presidency to Charlton Heston instead of Neal -- by four votes!

• Neal's prediction that suicide terrorists might use jets as weapons a dozen years before the 9-11 attacks; the odd connection between the Bradys and the CIA; how Republicans tried to derail the Gun Owners Protection Act, so much more.

• True stories of guns, guts and glory in the Second Amendment battle for freedom to keep and bear arms.

Neal is: "A dark force within the NRA" (New York Times); "The evil genius at NRA" (Ted Kennedy); "The conscience of the gun rights movement" (Gun Week). “A hero -- no, the hero -- of the 20th century gun-rights movement.” -Tanya Metaksa, former Executive Director, NRA-ILA
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The New Capitalist Cookbook

Charly Gullett, $16.95

A field guide to turning the tables on the political left, using the framework of socialist-genius Saul Alinsky’s own conflict/response model. Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” (a #1 choice of the teachers’ union) guides liberalism but is here turned against them in this “take the gloves off” approach to fighting and defeating socialism in America. A political powerhouse. Using his rules against them has a sweet irony. Political effectiveness distilled.

(Saul Alinsky was a radical Chicago socialist-activist and intellectual mentor of many left-wing politicians from the 1940’s to the present. Hillary Clinton was trained by Alinsky and in 1969 wrote her (still unreleased) college honors thesis about him; Obama was also trained by Alinsky’s people in Chicago; he has had profound impact on left-wing politics).
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America's Last Hope

Sheriff Richard Mack, 50 p., $9.00

Your sheriff is meant to be the ultimate law enforcement officer in your county, a non-bureaucrat who answers to one boss—the people who vote and elect the person to office. Politicians often hate guns, but this official carries one (or more). Sheriffs need to stand up against federal tyrants to protect you and the Constitution. Mack sees this as the last best hope for America, makes his case with vision and clarity. He filed the original lawsuit against federal incursions in the Brady bill, a case that was won at the U.S. Supreme Court.
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American Women and Guns
Caitlin Kelly, 324 p., $22.95

A long-time journalist examines women and guns—after she was stalked and had to consider arming herself. Nothing converts a non-believer like a brush with serious crime. Cuts through the male influence to issues specific to women, brutally frank but balanced. She interviews Madonna, Halle Berry, Rudy Giuliani's bodyguard, Million Mom founder Mary Blek, and more. Looks at guns for fun, left and right views, more.
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Origins of the Right to Bear Arms
Stephen P. Halbrook, 426 p., $28.95 (Hardcover)
Indispensible for anyone who wants to understand the roots and meanings of the Second Amendment. Based on the Founders' own statements in newspapers, letters and debates from 1768 to 1826. Tremendous research, emminently readable. Halbrook is tops in the field and this book shows why.

"Well written and full of fascinating details." --Nelson Lund
"Crisply written, rich with history, sure to be valuable to anyone interested in undertanding the original meaning of the Second Amendment's right to bear arms." --Glenn Reynolds

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and what are you going to do about it?
Bill & Janet Liebsch, 284 p., 14.95.

A Disaster Preparedness, Prevention and Basic First-Aid Manual

This is the book the Dept. of Homeland Security uses, available by special arrangement. Not like other manuals, this is organized by disaster type—flood, storm, hazmat, heat and cold, wildfire, disease, terrorism, radiation, chemical, cyber attack, evacuation, and more, covering each in great detail. Family and property planning, grab and go kits, prepare for shelter, food prep, sanitation, water purification. It includes a full first-aid section for multiple needs, public contact numbers, printed in attractive two-color format. Ask us about large quantities.
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Michael D. Janich, 102 p., $20.00

Large format (8-1/2 x 11) book with stop-action photos clearly demonstrate cuts, parry, thrust, slash, block, stance, footwork, zones of attack, defensive moves and counter moves. Close-quarters blade fighting becomes a science instead of a brawl, with escape and avoidance strategies too. The author has been a student of knife fighting for more than two decades, and has trained Special Forces vets, police and the public. More than just criticizing or describing various techniques, he explains the concepts behind them. Criminals are looking for victims, not challenges, and will typically discontinue an assault when confronted with a confident, determined opponent who knows how to repsond.

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William Cassidy, 122 p., $25.00

Richly illustrated, takes you from a grab-and-swing novice to a savvy edged-weapons fighter. Covers the world's leading techniques as developed by Fairburn, Biddle, Applegate and Styers; Cassidy himself is widely considered one of the world's foremost edged-weapons experts, having studied with members of the elite Gurkha Sect and Japanese sword experts. Includes the history of knife fighting, knife types and design, mental preparation, methods of carry, sneak attacks, even a section on assassination and more. Also contains rare never-before-published Oriental techniques.
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Col. Rex Applegate, 38 p., $10.00

Combat Use of the Double Edged Fighting Knife. Applegate is a world renowned knife-fighting expert. Simple and direct book covers the primary principles of tactics, grip, maneuvers, defense, knife type and more, including his knife designs that are in wide use, and why. "A properly trained knife fighter armed with a double-edged knife should prevail in any close quarters encounter against an individual aremed with most weapons -- except a firearm. And even then, given the element of surprise, an opponent armed with a handgun is still vulnerable to attacks against a well-trained knife fighter."
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J. Neil Schulman, 302 p., $19.95.

Widely considered one of the finest libertarian novels ever written. The U.S. Government is broke and unravelling, America’s enemies are gloating, money is worthless, markets collapse, businesses fail, a massive shift in economics is reshaping the nation. Black marketeers use computer encryption to operate bold enterprises that even totalitarian controls can’t stop. A private mercenary army headed by a former Green Beret battles an FBI run by a ruthless dictator who’s blackmailing the president and running secret prisons.

Caught in the middle is the brilliant teenage son of a Nobel-prize winning economist and the mysterious girl (who carries a pistol with a silencer!) he meets in a secret underground city. A Prometheus Hall-Of-Fame novel with high adventure, narrow escapes, thrilling rescues, and a model for throwing off the chains of oppression and restoring freedom. Reignites a sense of true liberty that has been dulled by the incremental infringements we endure daily. Uplifting.
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Get all 5 of our thrilling novels for one low package price

Cory Doctorow. 382 p. $17.95

The United States has devolved into the fascist nightmare many of us can see coming, but most people go about their business barely aware of the chains they wear. A handful of teenagers with typical youthful technical savvy fight back after being violently assaulted by government agents. They avoid detection, monkey wrench the system, and expose the corruption to the general public. A great ray of hope because the oppressive forces—if we ever faced this sort of domestic threat—would be vulnerable where these youngsters attack. Provides a game plan if the system ever gets this bad, a very exciting and encouraging novel.
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Get all 5 of our thrilling novels for one low package price


Skip Coryell, 328 p., $16.95.

A compelling tale of small-town America drawn into the intrigue of tracking down and stopping a Muslim terrorist with two suitcase nukes. The FBI is on the case, but it’s a preacher who teaches marksmanship, a local newspaper editor who has discovered the value of firearms and good citizens in the town who do battle and make the difference with the soldier of Allah. They are forced out of their comfortable, secure, small-town world of Freedham Ridge in this geopolitical redneck thriller. American ingenuity and self-reliance saves the day in an exciting nail-biter, where the Mideast meets the Midwest. If you’ve lost sight of the value and duty of an armed and capable public this will bring it back.
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Get all 5 of our thrilling novels for one low package price

DVDs—Learn by Watching

Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios

David Kenik and Ralph Mroz, $29.95

48 staged gunfight scenarios—like the ones simulator systems use—force you to react. Should you draw, can you safely and legally fire? Using your TV, you can dry-fire practice (using an EMPTY gun that you have absolutely proven is empty before proceeding) with these incredibly realistic carefully staged situations. You really “get it” for bringing a gun into play in an armed confrontation. Things happen so fast and without warning, especially on a first viewing, you'll see just how tough it can be to bring a gun to bear in a life threatening situation. But—was it really life threatening? Watch them and see, then study the careful analysis that follows every episode. Each scene is a life-like situation you could find yourself in at home, work, shopping and more. Careful analysis follows every scene.

After you've seen them all and (sort of) remember what to expect, these videos still present excellent opportunities for targeting the bad guys at a distance, with innocents nearby, in fractions of a moment. And then, a whole new training opportunity opens when you let friends experience the video—when you know what to expect—and you can watch them fumble, hesitate, and make the right and wrong judments you already had to make. One of the best training tools I've ever run across—short of owning your own simulator for tens of thousands of dollars.

Get Armed Response 4 and 5 for one low price.

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Responsible Use of Lethal Force
David Kenik and Ralph Mroz, $29.95

When to challenge, when to shoot, when not to shoot, the legal principles for use of deadly force are examined here. Escalation, reengagement and pursuit, disparity of force, Castle Doctrine, defense of third person, consequences of using force, finding an attorney, handling the aftermath—video presentation makes these critical but often confusing legal concepts easier to grasp.

Get Armed Response 4 and 5 for one low price.

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Get the two videos above—Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios and Responsible Use of Lethal Force for one low price. If purchased separately, $59.90. Get them both for only $49.90, you save $10.

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