"It's better to avoid an attack
than to survive one."

You must admit that if you've chosen to own a firearm -- and especially if you own one for personal safety and self-protection -- you'd better know what you're doing. These are books for responsible and concerned private individuals. Know your rights and obligations. Understand crime avoidance, and strategies and tactics for armed response in a dire emergency. Help protect yourself and your family from firearms accidents and crime.  Order your copies of these classic books today.  Wholesale orders are welcome, just call 1-800-707-4020! 

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by Masaad Ayoob.  $15.95
Widely recognized as the definitive work on the use of deadly force.  This former law enforcement officer describes what you actually face in a lethal confrontation, the criminal mindset, gun-fighting tactics, the judicial system's view on self-defense cases and more.  Dispels the myths, truly excellent—a must for any armed household & especially CCW permit holders. This classic is finally back in print after being unavailable for more than a year!
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by Chris Bird.  $24.95
This has become a standard among concealed handgun permit holders -- it covers all the day-to-day details of licensed carry. The author intelligently discusses your choices for firearm, holster, carry method, dealing with the routine of staying armed. Good material on strategy, how to spot trouble coming and avoid it, what to expect after a shooting, analysis of many actual self-defense shootings, and to top it off, you get a full 50-state guide to the carry laws. A very worthwhile investment.
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by Tony Walker.  $14.95
A remarkable piece of work, completely centered around the surprise and first few instants of a lethal encounter. Range practice and sight alignment are not much of an issue in the close quarters, millisecond events of bringing a gun to bear the moment before a criminal homicide unexpectedly takes place. His work on managing fractional-second reaction times to your deadly advantage is worth it by itself. The progression of aggression, psychological domination, and gaining the half-second advantage -- a real eye opener.
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David Kenik. $19.95

A comprehensive guide for using firearms for self-defense. This is practical, tactical information for actually using a handgun in a self-defense situation. Quite different from standard training about safe and competent handling of firearms, here are the plans, strategies and moves you need to win a gunfight -- which never starts when you expect or goes the way you imagine it will. If you've got a solid stance and a good sight picture, you're not moving fast enough or using cover properly. See Kenik's superb 3-video set

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The 90% Advantage
By Steve Tarani, 288 p. #PF $24.95

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The best gunfight is the one you avoid. With a stellar resume in defense, law enforcement and intelligence fields, speaker and educator Tarani opens your thinking about awareness and the kind of prep that keeps you safe and miles away from needing to draw your gun. See incidents coming like the pros do and avoid them entirely instead of reacting—which is halfway to defeat.

by Masaad Ayoob.  $8.95
One of the world's leading experts on lethal force issues, this father of two shares his thoughts and very practical ideas on gun safety for kids in a classic short booklet.  Includes a good primer on handguns for the novice. Does not advocate avoidance.
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by Boston T. Party. $16
A very important book -- what to do if you're stopped by the police for any reason. Packed with ideas on how to handle a stop, and reviews the rights you do and do not have. What do you say and do if a cop wants to search your car? Do you have to tell if you have a gun? Must you show ID if you're not under arrest? What should you do if you are arrested? How can you talk your way out of a ticket? What are the limits on warrantless searches? You may know about guns
and self defense, but you're not ready without this information.
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by Masaad Ayoob.  $19.95
Get the facts on every aspect of personal safety, from evasive driving to planting cactus by your windows.  Lifesaving techniques will help keep you, your family and your possessions safe, prepare you for defense if it becomes necessary, and guide you in buying lethal and less-than-lethal goods, from locks to firearms. This classic is finally back in print after being unavailable for more than a year!
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by Arthur Cohen. 190 p., $19.95

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Analyzes past incidents to define the killers and what to expect in the future. Helps you develop real-world action plans for living through such an assault. Focuses on what worked and what didn't, what you can do in the first minutes, since that's when all the action typically takes place. Tactics derived from innocent people who were there, the real first responders. Author is a teacher with 33 years experience, worked with law enforcement agencies. Don't be in denial, be prepared.

STRESSFIRE—Gunfighting Tactics for Police 
by Massad Ayoob.  $15.95
Heavy-duty reading for advanced students and those individuals who want the deepest understanding of lethal confrontations and how to survive in a deadly encounter.  Master lethal-force specialist Ayoob pours out the experience and techniques which make him a sought-after world-class expert, in a page-turning style you won't forget.  Not for the faint of heart, this book will make you think. You may be able to shoot straight, but can you "clear" a house?
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by Bill Jordan, hardcover. $15.95
An absolutely unique discussion of armed response by a man who literally made it his trade.  Author Jordan worked the U.S. Border Patrol of the old days, for 30 years, and lived to tell about it.  In the process, he became one of the deadliest shots of modern times.  In an easy and unassuming way he describes with chilling clarity what it takes to come out on top of gun battles.  "Be first or be dead... there are no second place winners." Packed with his personal tips on draw-and-shoot techniques, with wonderful stop-action photos.
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by Col. Jeff Cooper. $17.00
Here is the hard-boiled wisdom of a true legend, "The Father of the Modern Techniques of Shooting," the difference between survival or death in a criminal confrontation. His seven principles are stark and brutal (Alertness, Decisiveness, Aggressiveness, Speed, Coolness, Ruthlessness and Surprise). It's too much for the squeamish, but just right if you want to prevail against some homicidal maniac on a killing spree. An instant, violent counterattack is a total surprise to criminal aggressors, it is legally justified if your life is truly in danger, and as Cooper puts it, "The perfect fight is one that is over before the loser really understands what is going on." Short and sweet, with devastating impact.
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by Boston T. Party

Closeout price $20, save $13!

An astounding compendium of everything critical for the modern gun owner. Starts with the legal framework for gun use–and safe handling, self defense concepts, tactics and training. Then covers weapons as tools of combat, with the pluses and minuses of combat handguns and battle rifles of all the major manufacturers, and hard info on caliber and cartridge types. Even goes into the reliable pre-1899 gun category. Continues with key accessories, special concerns for women, and how to acquire everything with reduced risk of governmental intrusion. Wraps up with a superb compilation of material on the civilian disarmament forces in America, who's doing what, and ways to fight back. Even includes some of my own best work, like the Politically Corrected Glossary. Concludes with a breathtaking section on courage and preparing for the worst while working to avoid it.
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by Gabriel Suarez. $20.00
Takes gunfight training beyond the shooting range. Using non-firing replica firearms, these heavily photographed well-described scenarios match a pistol holder with an aggressive assailant in special face-to-face drills, ranges of conflict, hostile contact and confrontation solutions you cannot get at a range. Possession of a gun doesn't automatically give you (or an adversary) an advantage, especially if you know what you're doing and have practiced for confrontations.
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In The Gravest Extreme / Armed Response / How To Win A Gunfight / You and The Police
Principles of Personal Defense / Bonus: The Truth About Self Protection
Individual descriptions here

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