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Personal Security Tips From The Bible
by Rob Robideau, 76 pgs., $12.95

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The author has gathered many battles and confrontations in the Bible and distilled the self-defense and personal-safety lessons you can learn from them. The Bible is packed with tales of war and personal conflict that demonstrate techniques for winning or losing armed confrontations.

What can you learn from how Samson protected and later compromised his own security (using deception and later revealing secrets)? How did David's choice of weapons (his sling and then his enemy's sword) prove wise? How did Jesus show the importance of tactical distance? Story after story is examined in splendid detail to show that self defense has been around since time immemorial, and lessons from the past are as valid today as they ever were. Each principle begins with a quote from Scripture, then clear insightful analysis. Beautifully illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings of ancient times.

A perfect companion to this book:
America's Godly Heritage by David Barton
The Founding Fathers' pious views on religion, morality and the state, packed with quotes and original source material. Only $5.95!




The Real McCoy--


by Philip Mulivor, 106 p., only $12.95

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Here are the great quotes about liberty, historically precise, with full attribution. We owe this author a debt of gratitude for tracking down the origin and exact wording of all those famous freedom-and-firearm quotes you hear thrown around. Don't misquote anymore, have the exact who-said-it-and-when at your fingertips, and best of all -- have all the great quotes right there in one place. "Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe." (Noah Webster said it). An important reference for any American's library, and a great way to show the naysayers the truth of the matter.




Available again at last!

The Shocking Truth about the Police Protection Myth
by Attorney Richard W. Stevens, 278 p., $8.95

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This complete 50-state guide is available again at last! No state requires the police to protect you. That's right -- they can say 'To protect and serve' all they want, but it simply is not true. You can't sue them for failing to do what you think is their job. They are not accountable if they fail to respond to you -- even if your life is on the line when you call. See how your state has put this in their statutes, and prepare accordingly. Very convincing item to lend to people who think they don't need their own defense. Defense of yourself is up to you -- it's the law. The latest Supreme Court case (among many, including lower courts nationwide) to confirm that police have no duty to protect you is Castle Rock v. Gonzalez, 545 U.S. 748 (2005). "How I wish the information in this book were not true." --Sheriff Richard Mack





A new take on survival -- from the left:

A liberal's view of surviving almost anything
NY Times best-selling author Neil Strauss, 418 p., $16.99

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A survival guide from the left -- unlike any survival book you have seen. The author includes things you have never even considered. It turns out liberals fear a world collapse just like everyone, maybe more. Financial upheaval, interruption of food, water or power supply, superbugs, muslims, nukes, martial law, it's a long list -- and here is a very fresh perspective -- how to survive and thrive with a left-wing slant. You're not adequately prepared if you don't look through this window into another world. Includes living tax-free, turning a credit card into a knife, death cults, asset protection, evading snipers, bikes of the apocalypse (gotta love it!), escaped-felon secrets, much more.


Survival... from the masters:

by W. Ben Hunt, 288 p., $14.95

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Large format and in full color, this is a delightful guide to the techniques of people who lived in the wilds as a way of life, not just as a desperate response to emergency. The book combines the art and culture of America's natives with the practical real-world skills they developed for having a rich supply of food, clothing and shelter, protection from four-legged and two-legged enemies, and rituals from war bonnets to dinner ware and social totems.

Children will love it, hunters will learn a lot, and your survival skills will get a special boost. The beautiful color illustrations throughout make it a joy to read and spend time with. Some subjects: Basic tools, buckskin shirts, war clubs, moccasins, dog harnesses, knives, teepees, woven bags, bowls, sleds, adornments, bows and arrows of course, fish and frog spears, so much more.


from the Community Anti-Terrorism Training Institute
by Col. Mike Licata, USAF (Retired), 80p., $9.95

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Featured in the New York Times, CNN, Inside Edition and more. Short and sweet, packed with pictures. Everyone says keep your eyes and ears open for terrorist threats -- but what should you be looking for? Includes escape and survival info too. Developed by military officers, law enforcement and psychologists, the "C.A.T. Eyes" program described here is used at the NY Stock Exchange, U.S. Capitol, U.S. Mint and more than 1,000 government agencies.


GUNS 101
by David Steier, 164 p., $14.95

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Heavily illustrated full-color guide especially for people new to firearms, or considering getting their first gun. Explains all the basics in simple terms you can easily digest, takes the mystery out of calibers, mechanisms, use, accessories, holsters and more. Explores the questions of why you would want a gun, what to do with it after you have it, how it works, how to keep it around the house and deal with your family.

Guides you through the many purchase decisions for gun and ammunition types for rifles, shotguns and handguns, covers the various shooting sports you might want to pursue. Extensive sections on safe storage, holstering and carrying options, range etiquette, proper cleaning and care, just an all-around excellent beginner's guide, and all the color images make it a pleasure.



by Aaron Zelman and Richard Stevens, 326 p., $12.95

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This is one scary book. Dramatically written yet detailed in its research, it describes in chilling detail how government has systematically caused the deaths of millions in recent history with a combination of lies, false promises, monopolies of power and so-called gun control -- the deliberate disarming of the population so they could be easily wiped out.

For any student of history, or a person who wants to better understand the balance of power between the public and officials who are supposed to serve mankind, this book will make your blood run cold. Your defense against government criminals is probably far more important in the big picture than your ability to stop local criminals. "Although the stories of governmental persecution are heartbreaking, this book is a pleasure to read because of its clear-sighted and humanitarian concern for the victims who were stripped of self defense... meticulous scholarship." -Wendy McElroy, FOXNews.com columnist



by TrainMeAZ.com, $6.50 (includes shipping and handling)

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Nothing else like it -- every completely legal shooting spot in Arizona plainly marked on a full-color statewide map, with details of each range, indoor and outdoor, contact info, plus resources and advertisers the same as you'd expect on similar tourism maps of an area! A full 3-feet-by-2-feet when unfolded.

Learn more





Explore politics, government abuse and guerilla resistance in thrilling style!


by Erne Lewis, 292 p., $15.95

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How would resistance shape up if the Justice Dept. and the BATFE got really out of control? If leadership abandoned all rule of law, and, hiding behind a smokescreen of justice, pursued and persecuted anyone who dared stand in their way -- what would the tipping point look like? Big Brother's ability to track you, and your options for evasion make for a tense, revealing thriller in the fight to topple an insanely powerful cadre running a virtual police state. This tale shows how a small group of highly motivated people can accomplish what a paralyzed and subverted Congress cannot. The tree of liberty will be refreshed.


by James D. Best, 420 p., $28.95

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The U.S. is on the brink of collapse. The military has been reduced to near extinction, economic turmoil saps hope, and anarchy threatens as world powers hover like vultures, eager to devour the remains. In a desperate move, a few powerful men call a secret meeting to plot the overthrow of the government. Sound familiar? It should. Fifty-five men came to Philadelphia in May of 1787 with a congressional mandate to revise the Articles of Confederation. Instead, they founded the longest-lasting republic in world history. This is their spine-tingling story, true to the facts, yet told as a page-turning novel. A spellbinding fast-paced way to learn our history. Thoroughly researched and accurate, with the human element added by a skillful author.





A guide for new shooters
by David Kenik and Ralph Mroz, 3:18, $19.95

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If you're new to personal sidearms, this is a great place to start. Start with the safety protocols -- the essential rules that make guns safe to handle and operate. Learn the differences between handguns, how the basic types work, and which is right for you depending upon the situation. Consider the types of ammunition available, the uses, advantages and limitations of each. Go through the basics of grip, stance, focus, sighting and the skills you need to develop to become a really good shot. Find out how to best handle recoil, and get a whole bunch of practical drills for using at the range. Safe storage issues for the home and much more -- a well-rounded way to gain familiarity with these crucial life skills.




by David Kenik and Ralph Mroz, 1:47, $29.95

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Most gunfights happen at extremely close distances. While marksmanship gets easier as you get closer, the fighting becomes more challenging. This DVD explores the necessity of changing shooting techniques based on the distance of the threat and demonstrates life-saving tactics against close-up lethal encounters. When you've learned the fundamentals and have mastered basic pistolcraft, this is a critical next step. Fascinating material, you will definitely learn new things.



by David Kenik and Ralph Mroz, 2:44, $29.95

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The shotgun is one of the most potent self-defense weapons available if you understand its role in personal home defense and how to make the best use of its advantages. Learn how to choose the right one and ammo, its proper use and applications, shooting techniques and range drills that will maximize your defensive capabilities. The shotgun is not a magic wand, you need to aim, be able to manage recoil, store, load and unload properly and quickly, this DVD will bring you up to speed.




by Rabbi Dovid Bendory, 42:56, $21.95
Two-disc CD-audio set with separate Study Guide

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Shocked and motivated by atrocities committed by terrorists worldwide, Rabbi Dovid Bendory reevaluated his views about defensive firearms and ultimately concluded that Jews -- and every peace loving people -- have an obligation to save themselves and protect others. Everyone should know the truth about self defense, community defense, and defensive firearms, truths hidden from view in the everyday world. Coming as it does from a Rabbi, it is measured, calm and collected, and supremely rational, devoid of the typically fiery rhetoric that permeates the gun debate.

Do you talk with Jews who are unaccountably hostile to firearms ownership? Do you debate with Christians who still incorrectly believe Jesus opposed using force in self defense? If so, you need to see and hear this powerful presentation. The next time you engage in the battle of ideas -- especially if you have ever confronted the clash of worldviews -- you will be thrilled and empowered by what you learn. This 2 CD audio set includes a study guide.




The communist threat has not gone away
2010 SAICFF Jubille Winner -- BEST OF FESTIVAL
by Curtis Bowers, Black Hat Films, 1:33, $18.00

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The communist threat has not gone away, it has gotten worse. It has quietly gone underground and is eating away at us from within. The "news" media is complicit and overlooks the obvious -- nearly a quarter of the world lives under communism or its stepchild socialism right now. The erosion of religion, our culture, morals, values, families, these are not haphazard coincidences.

President Clinton said no one has even seen a communist in ten years -- so he must have missed avowed communist Van Jones ousted from Obama's own cabinet, all the nation's czars, or the communist/socialist party membership booths at the occupy-private-property rallies, or, hmm, communist Cuba, North Korea, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and functionally half of South America, and of course, the communist Chinese. Makes you think, doesn't it.

Learn how the enormously clever Marxist plan and subsequent leadership never stopped working, have infiltrated society at every level, and continues to make headway while we're all asleep. An alarm bell you need to hear. "AGENDA is the most powerful expose of the communist/socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far." -Movieguide




by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)
Documentary, 20:37, $9.95

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Scholars know it, the gun community knows it, the rest of the world needs to find out -- so-called gun control started in the U.S. and has always been largely about repressing Blacks, from before and after the Civil War, through the Jim Crow laws, the segregation era, and even now with dependency "leadership" in the Black communities.

Only a group like JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) would have the guts to tackle this issue head on. From the days of slavery to the present day, this short documentary takes you through the self-evident racism involved in restricting Second Amendment rights to law abiding colored people. It provokes both deep thought and controversy, saying things no one else is willing to address openly. Watch it with friends, especially with diverse groups.




by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)
Documentary, 40:51, $9.95

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If anyone should understand the dangers of gun control it is the Jewish community. This mind-numbing documentary explains how Jews have been systematically disarmed so that governments can exterminate them, implying similarities with other groups. The film analyzes the history of Jewish persecution and makes you wonder whether in fact history has ever taught some people any lessons at all or whether they simply accept the naive notion that banning guns makes us all safer.

See what the criminals think -- they'd love so-called gun control to spread. Share this video with as many people as you can, or even buy some spare copies -- call us for a deep discount on multiples (especially for your place of worship!). This wakes people up.




by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)
Documentary, 1:25, $21.95

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The best deal for your money -- get all three powerhouse JPFO videos for 43% off, on a single disc. PLUS -- buying this disc gives you a license to copy! Make as many copies as you want in your computer or DVD player to give away to friends, associates, club members, etc. (non-commercial uses only). You want to DO something about protecting your rights, and waking up America? Get and show this to the people in your orbit. Give them copies. The same way the media penetrates people's thinking, you can too. A learning and motivational experience.

The third video on this DVD, 2A Today for the USA, is a combination of man-on-the-street interviews with the historical record and exciting facts about the beauty, wisdom and purpose of the Second Amendment. Designed to show to audiences in any setting from large auditoriums to your living room, the music, visuals, comments from your neighbors and plain common sense really communicates the value of an armed populace, and the role of firearms in preserving peace and freedom. If only mass market TV would go anywhere near the positive image this presents, the facets of the subject that never get exposure, the entire national debate would turn around.


Original Intent

David Barton, 64 p., $5.95

Our gun rights and American exceptionalism are grounded in religious principles. All the messages you get daily to the contrary are basically lies, distortion and revisionism, and this book proves it. Our Founding Fathers said so in no uncertain terms, this inexpensive little item makes it crystal clear. David Barton has done it again -- wall-to-wall quotes and excerpts destroy left-wing myths about church and state -- the author makes the case, by quoting the Founders, that faith in God is crucial to moral and just government.

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Original Intent


Mathew Spalding, 110 p., $7.95

The easiest way to come up to speed about the documents that make America what it is, guard our freedoms and set the stage for all our rights. You’ll be knowledgeable about why we’re great, easily defend the principles and structure of the American Dream. The Heritage Foundation, one of the nation's leading think tanks, produced this basic guide to help fill in the gaps left by our deplorable school system -- which, if they even teach people about these documents at all, might provide a distorted view of what they are, what they mean and why they're so vitally important. Highly recommended.

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