An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

No one expects a fire,
but it's smart to keep an extinguisher handy.
And a collapse of civil order is unlikely, but not impossible.

Bloomfield Press is pleased to add a nice line of books
on preparing for emergencies -- because a gun and ammo
is only part of the picture. These aren't fringe survivalist agendas,
these are practical guides for the average American citizen,
from surviving in style to, well, making gunpowder from scratch.

PLUS: True life stories of self-defense shootings!


Dianna Barra, M.S., $17.95

Most of our customers probably own a few survival-type books, but do you really want to live under a tarp and bang rocks to make fire? Here at last is a practical, comprehensive guide to preparing for civil disorder -- from natural or man-made emergencies. It's custom designed for each member of your family and will help you not just survive, but survive in style.

Forget the Rambo-approach of rapelling gear and a gilley suit, here are clear instructions for plans and kits suited to home, school, office, vehicles, indoors and outdoors, with special coverage for infants, pets, the elderly, medical needs, and a disaster planner that brings it all together. Definitely takes it further than the average military survival guide.

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Chris/Gretchen Janowsky. 196 pgs. $20.00

An all-in-one outdoor survival guide. Wilderness medicine, obtaining food and water, improvised tools and weapons, shelter, clothing, signaling -- how to handle the emergencies you face if you're stranded outdoors. Loaded with clear drawings, and guidance for everything from enduring an extended stay outdoors, to walking your way back to civilization. Authors are experienced Alaskan wilderness guides, their book could save your life.
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Ragnar Benson. 192 pgs. $20.00

Completely different skills and rules apply for urban survival during civil disorder. This top survival expert carefully examines tactics for city dwellers caught in chaotic circumstances, from survival nursing to caching and storage, trapping, preparing and preserving urban game, shelter, avoiding troops and hostiles, barter strategies, finding water, energy sources, even the politics of survivalism and the government's dim views about survivalists. With examples from cities in turmoil around the world.
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Don McLean. 74 pgs. $12.00

An unusual little book with a brief history of gunpowder and how to do the messy start-from-scratch chemistry on your own. Three ingredients are all it takes to make fully functional gunpowder, but getting them at a time when ready-made powder is unavailable or in short supply takes know how. Charcoal is the easy part, but even people in the middle ages figured out how to produce quality saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and a supply of sulfur.
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by Arthur Cohen, 190 p., $19.95

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Analyzes past incidents to define the killers and what to expect in the future. Helps you develop real-world action plans for living through such an assault. Focuses on what worked and what didn't, what you can do in the first minutes, since that's when all the action typically takes place. Tactics derived from innocent people who were there, the real first responders. Author is a teacher with 33 years experience, worked with law enforcement agencies. Don't be in denial, be prepared.

True stories of self defense:


The Right and Duty of Self Defense

Charl Van Wyk, $14.99

Charl Van Wyk was just an ordinary Christian man attending church until July 25, 1993, the day that would become known as the St. James Massacre. If it wasn't for the 5-shot snub-nose .38 special revolver he always carried, the terrorists who invaded his church that day might have massacred everyone inside. Instead, he sent them fleeing, and the one he wounded led to their capture.

To this day he regrets not carrying extra ammo, but he thanks God for the courage he found under fire. "Many people could not understand why I would carry a firearm into a church service... I would have felt undressed without it."

Read this truly inspirational first-person tale, a bold exploration of the right to self defense that will fill you with the sense that strength in the face of evil is the right and proper way to go.

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True Accounts of Self Defense

Chris Bird
, $19.95

The nationally acclaimed author of The Concealed Handgun Manual has put together 14 bone-chilling tales of people who are alive today because they had a firearm, loaded and ready, when the moment of truth arrived. Their stories of bravery and successful tactics are lessons for the rest of us, and help dispel the "news" media nonsense that guns have no proper place in society.

From 80-year-old Clarence Cochran of Arkansas who took a belly shot before killing his attacker and wounding the accomplice, to Rory Vertigan who helped capture a Mexican drug dealer who had just killed a Phoenix police officer, you'll cheer for these brave men and women and their courageous efforts.

"There is much to be learned from Chris' painstaking, detailed research. I recommend this book highly." --Massad Ayoob

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Robert A. Waters. 174 pgs. $15.95

Vivid, gripping stories of people who would be dead if they did not defend themselves with firearms. Dispels the idea that you can “reason” with would-be murderers. Heart-pounding, action-movie pacing, this page turner clearly justifies the right to keep and bear arms. The stories are emminently satisfying, as decent, innocent individuals vanquish criminals bent on evil.
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Gottlieb/Workman. 198 pgs. $23.00 (Hardcover)

The newest book of this type, written by leading figures in the struggle to preserve Second Amendment rights. Gottlieb is Exec. Dir. of the Second Amendment Foundation, and Workman is a noted author and columnist focused on the field of gun rights. Widely praised, this chilling book covers case after case of the crime deterrent the news media ignores—individual citizens who have taken action in their own defense with firearms.
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Why you should think about preparedness:


Kenneth W. Royce, 246 pgs., $20

This book made my jaw drop. Its political premise and conclusion is miles away from anything I had ever considered before, yet it made so much sense it gave me chills. Why is Congress out of control, the central government so large and powerful, and the public so increasingly subservient to the federal boot? Because, contrary to everything you were taught, it was deliberately designed that way by Founding Fathers. This book cuts straight against the grain yet accurately describes the distasteful reality we find surrounding us. Author Royce supports his unique hypothesis with hard logic and facts, and explains why these things have occurred, even though the Constitution supposedly says things like, "Congress shall make no law..." Hologram of Liberty is real brain food.

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The Destruction of American Liberty
James Bovard, 408 pgs., $16.95

Just how bad is it? Here's a virtual catalog of the bottomless pit of U.S. government abuse, incompetence, dishonesty and outright oppression. Highly researched and documented, it contains enough ammo to shoot down any feel good silliness the other side uses to deny how bad our government has gotten. A full section on guns, but also taxes, seizures, police, petty dictators, subsidies, free speech and much more. The only way many agencies can measure their "public service" is by the number of citizens they harass, hinder, restrain or jail. A highly readable analysis of the bloated system.

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Aaron Zelman and others, 24 pgs. each, only $3.00 each

These amazing and fun illustrated booklets focus on the myths used to squelch your rights. Lays out the truth so even a child can see it, excellent for moving the opinions of others, cheap enough to buy a batch and give ‘em away. Order by name: "Gun Control Kills Kids"add_to_cart.gif "Can You Get a Fair Trial In America"add_to_cart.gif "Gun Control Is Racist"add_to_cart.gif "United Nations Is Killing Your Freedom"add_to_cart.gif "Will Gun Control Make You Safer?"add_to_cart.gif "It's Common Sense To Use Our Bill Of Rights"add_to_cart.gif "Do Gun Prohibitionists Have A Mental Problem?"add_to_cart.gif

Get all seven, a $21 value, for only $15! It's a smokin' deal and a great read!
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New Age Gun Safety Manual

Edited by Angel Shamaya and Rick DeStephens, 44 pgs,. $9.95

Produced for the 2001 Gun Safety Forum in Phoenix. Only a limited supply of these gems are available. This book includes all the great evidence and arguments that support the individual freedom to keep and bear arms. Plus a fascinating section of stories from people who used to carry all sorts of guns to school for show and tell, practice at the school range, hunting after class and more. A pure joy to read, will give you plenty of talking points for dealing with people when the subject of guns comes up.

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