Introduction to Firearms
For first-time gun owners and newcomers

We created this section for people who are first discovering
the important and fascinating world of firearms.
Everyone is new to the traditions and practice of
the right to keep and bear arms at some point.
Welcome aboard! Here is your easy, step-by-step guide
to gun safety, gun use and the time-honored right to
personal self defense.

Read some Position Papers on key gun issues
See what's happening lately in gun-rights news
Find out how you can help preserve your gun rights
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Your First Gun

Should you buy one and join
60 million safely armed American homes?

by Alan Korwin.  $9.95

Ideal for getting started, nothing else like it -- answers all the social and cultural questions newcomers are puzzled by, without the confusing technical details of gun ownership. Makes it easy to enter this fascinating new world. Why do you even want a gun? Where would you put the thing? What good is it if you have to keep it locked up? What's the point if a criminal has a gun pointed at you? Where should you get what kind of gun, and what are the right ones for you? How do you make all the decisions, and what do you do about all the conflicting advice? Does a gun really make you safer? Why is the NRA so polarizing? How much ammo should you buy? What does "buying off paper" mean? This gives you the intellectual ammunition you need to make a smart choice, and if you decide to bear arms, how to do so responsibly and with finesse so you don't look like some rube with no clue. Decades of wisdom boiled down to an easy and enlightening read. Great for convincing people, like a spouse or relatives, who don't understand why you have or want to have arms for safety and enjoyment.

Available now!
Your First Gun by Alan Korwin

Specially priced at just $9.95

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Gun Proof Your Children


by Masaad Ayoob.  $8.95
A two-in-one paperback, the advice for keeping kids safe is perfect for newcomers, but more important, half the book is dedicated to the basics of revolvers and semi-auto pistols.You'll learn in simplest terms how guns work, how to choose a firearm, ammunition, the basics of how to shoot properly, and the realities of keeping a gun in the house. One of the world's leading experts on lethal force issues, this father of two shares his thoughts and very practical ideas on gun safety for kids and the home in this classic short booklet.  Does not advocate avoidance.
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In The Gravest Extreme

by Masaad Ayoob.  $12.95
Widely recognized as the definitive work on the use of deadly force.  An excellent place to start on what self defense is really all about, how it works, what you can and cannot do to defend yourself, and why it's better to avoid a gunfight than to win one. This former law enforcement officer describes what you actually face in a lethal confrontation, the criminal mindset, gun-fighting tactics, the judicial system's view on self-defense cases and more.  Dispels the myths, truly excellent—a must for any armed household, opens your eyes to the grave truth.
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by Masaad Ayoob.  $7.99
There is more to gun safety than guns -- personal safety means crime avoidance and awareness of your everyday risks -- and how best to avoid them and minimize your exposure. Get the facts on every aspect of personal safety, from evasive driving to planting cactus by your windows.  Lifesaving techniques will help keep you, your family and your possessions safe, prepare you for defense if it becomes necessary, and guide you in buying lethal and less-than-lethal goods, from locks to firearms.
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True Accounts of Self Defense

Chris Bird
, $19.95

The nationally acclaimed author of The Concealed Handgun Manual has put together 14 bone-chilling tales of people who are alive today because they had a firearm, loaded and ready, when the moment of truth arrived. Their stories of bravery and successful tactics are lessons for the rest of us, and help dispel the "news" media nonsense that guns have no proper place in society. From 80-year-old Clarence Cochran of Arkansas who took a belly shot before killing his attacker and wounding the accomplice, to Rory Vertigan who helped capture a Mexican drug dealer who had just killed a Phoenix police officer, you'll cheer for these brave men and women and their courageous efforts.

"There is much to be learned from Chris' painstaking, detailed research. I recommend this book highly." --Massad Ayoob

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Dianna Barra, M.S., $17.95

Here at last is a practical, comprehensive guide to preparing for civil disorder -- from either natural or man-made emergencies. It's custom designed for each member of your family and will help you not just survive, but survive in style. Forget the Rambo-approach of rapelling gear and banging rocks to start a fire, here are clear instructions for plans and kits suited to home, school, office, vehicles, indoors and outdoors, with special coverage for infants, pets, the elderly, medical needs, and a disaster planner that brings it all together. Definitely takes it further than the average military survival guide.

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Preserving the Inalienable Right of Individual Self-Protection
David Barton, $5.95
This skinny little book has more to say about what the 2nd Amendment means than many books three times its size. If you want the clear, concise, well-documented heart of the gun-rights debate, throw this little puppy in with your order. It relies on all the early thinking and writing from the Colonial days, gives citations for everything, and provides the verbal ammunition you need to make an authoritative case any time someone asks you why you've chosen to keep a firearm.

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The Bias Against Guns

Why Almost Everything You've Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong

by John R. Lott, Jr., Ph.D.,
List price $27.95; Our price only $19.95!

Dr. Lott has assembled the hard proof for what so many of us have recognized -- the news media portrayal of guns and gun issues is completely wrong. They virtually exclude anything positive about guns, and distort the rest. Tremendous facts and figures for convincing skeptics. More than a dozen scholarly studies show millions of defensive gun uses (DGUs) annually, but here's what Lott found the news showed in 2001: USA Today: 5,660 words on gun crime, zero on DGUs; NY Times 50,745 words on gun crimes, DGUs 161 words (one story about an off-duty cop); All three networks combined, 190,000 to zero. Lays it all out in plain simple terms with countless examples.

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Women Having Fun With Guns
by Debbie Ferns, $15.00

Here are real woman who have taken up shooting sports because it’s fun. Author Debbie Ferns broke through the myths and taboos herself, and shares loads of stories of similar women—even Sandy Froman, the former president of the NRA. It is nothing short of exhilarating. Anti-rights advocates now have a tough new adversary—women. “Babes With Bullets” changes the paradigm. Read more about  Babes With Bullets.
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Various contributors, $19.95

An all-around tutorial for home owners. Experienced police instructors guide you from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Tips on purchasing, safety and rules, eight basic shooting fundamentals, stances for making home defense shots, tactical movement, night vision, moving family members to a safe room, confronting intruders, avoiding hostage situations, and what to expect when the police arrive, as they usually do, after the incident is over.

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Handgun Basics for Self Defense and Target Shooting


Perfect for the newcomer, learn about handling and shooting revolvers and semi-auto pistols. Easy-to-follow info on how the guns work, safety, loading and unloading, at-home self defense, and a review of the most popular models and ammunition for basic home use. 90 minutes.
$34.95 list, our price only $19.95!
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A Woman's Guide to Firearms


Host Gerald McRaney (TV's "Major Dad") leads you through and entertaining, step-by-step easy program designed with women in mind. Helps reduce the fear some women experience when learning about firearms, makes you more comfortable with a whole new world. A comprehensive how-to video, including instruction from two champion shooters. 60 minutes.
$24.95 list, our price only $19.95!

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Basic Self-Defense Handgun Use & Safety


Leading experts Bill Wilson, Ken Hackathorn and Lenny Magill take you through the shooting basics of grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger pull; Weaver and Isosceles stances and interesting variations too. Preparation for real life situations, info on self defense, and dry fire practice round out the program. 60 minutes.
$34.95 list, our price only $19.95!
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DEADLY FORCE - Constitutional standards, federal policy guidelines, and                       officer survival

Preserving Your Personal Safety Through Awareness, Attitude & Armed Action
by Ed Lovette and Dave Spaulding, $12.95

A defensive training guide to keep cops safe, presented in a way that’s practical for a family to use to protect themselves, too. Hard-earned, expert-level LE & military experience, this treasure chest of self-protection wisdom covers everything from mental conditioning for effective response to defensive driving tactics and medical self-help techniques. Learn pre-attack signals: home protection vs. home defense, the life-changing “X’s & O’s Awareness Test,” more.
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Aaron Zelman and others, 24 pgs. each, only $3.00 each

These amazing and fun illustrated booklets focus on the myths used to squelch your rights. Lays out the truth so even a child can see it, excellent for moving the opinions of others, cheap enough to buy a batch and give ‘em away. Order by name:

"Gun Control Kills Kids"add_to_cart.gif
"Can You Get a Fair Trial In America"add_to_cart.gif
"Gun Control Is Racist"add_to_cart.gif
"United Nations Is Killing Your Freedom"add_to_cart.gif
"Will Gun Control Make You Safer?"add_to_cart.gif

"It's Common Sense To Use Our Bill Of Rights"add_to_cart.gif
"Do Gun Prohibitionists Have A Mental Problem?"add_to_cart.gif

Get all seven, a $21 value, for only $15!
It's a smokin' deal and a great read!
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New Age Gun Safety Manual

Edited by Angel Shamaya and Rick DeStephens, 44 pgs,. $9.95

Produced for the 2001 Gun Safety Forum in Phoenix. Only a limited supply of these gems are available. This book includes all the great evidence and arguments that support the individual freedom to keep and bear arms. Plus a fascinating section of stories from people who used to carry all sorts of guns to school for show and tell, practice at the school range, hunting after class and more. A pure joy to read, will give you plenty of talking points for dealing with people when the subject of guns comes up.
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