Scattered across our website are books that focus
on what has made America great -- our invention of and dedication to
human rights. This page gathers all those items here for easy review.

Americans invented the idea that the people are sovereign,
and that government exists to serve us, not the other way around,
a lesson today's public schools gloss over, if they cover it at all.

This stunning break from the way the world had always turned
led to the most abundant, successful and admired society in history.
It freed people to accomplish whatever they could imagine,
and when you set people free that way there's little they cannot do.

Fueled by the awesome power of wholesome self interest,
free markets, capitalism, individualism, government of limited powers
and a strong belief in moral values, America became a shining beacon
that continues to this day to draw people to its shores.

These books celebrate and explore what has made this nation
the linchpin of freedom for the entire planet.

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A wonderful set of easy-reading books
that celebrates what makes America great!

A perfect gift idea for kids or anyone
who wants to understand this great nation
and help preserve its unique values.

by Vincent Wilson Jr., Complete set of 5 books only $29.99 (you save $8.31!)

Written before political correctness raised its ugly head, these concise guides are perfect for coming up to speed on what makes America great. The Founding Fathers book features Colonial-era full-page portraits of scores of our Founders, with a factual, insightful one-page biography of each man.

Each book follows a similar format. The Presidents book is complete through 2011, the Documents book illustrates and describes the major and many lesser-known documents of freedom. The States book describes who settled where and and how the state developed, shows each state's timeline, a map indicating notable features, official seal and much more.

In the Distinguished Women volume you'll find dozens and dozens of great ladies who have truly excelled in the sciences, literature, politics, the arts -- and not the feminist revisionist clap trap that passes these days as an imitation of accomplishment. Many of the names you'll know -- Harriet Beecher Stowe, Amelia Earhart, Rachel Carson -- and many will be new and refreshing.

Great for reference, a perfect gift for students and a very satisfying read. Each book is budget priced, or get the set of five for only $29.95 and save more than eight bucks.

Complete set of all five books, only $29.99, you save $8.31!
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The Book of the Founding Fathers $6.95 add_to_cart.gif 
The Book of Distinguished American Women $7.95 add_to_cart.gif
The Book of the States $7.50 add_to_cart.gif 
The Book of the Presidents $7.95 add_to_cart.gif 
The Book of Great American Documents $7.95 add_to_cart.gif 


Original Intent

David Barton, 552 p., $12.95

Based on thousands of primary sources, this book displays the difference between what the Founders put in our Constitution, and what the courts and legislatures have twisted it into -- a near-total destruction of the nation’s fabric. Get the info you need to understand and refute the revisionists, champion the true meaning of America, and help take the nation back to its roots. From absurd views of religion to powers it does not have, destruction of states' rights, eliminating separation of powers and more, government is far from Original Intent.

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Original Intent

12 Supreme Court Cases That Are Destroying America
Robert Levy and William Mellor, 304 p., $9.95.

Intense insight into how bad work at the High Court has attacked our fundamental principles. Answers the questions about why America is sliding downhill, and provides the intel needed to help stop the damage. Destruction of the limits on government, expansion of federal powers and disregard for constitutional requirements have combined to redefine this country. Superb research, very easy reading, helps you see.

Organized by the type of harm the Court's decision does, with dishonorable mentions for other cases that pile on the injuries. For example, Taking private property, Earning an honest living, Gun-owners' rights, Lawmaking by bureaucrats, Equal protection and racial preferences, seven more.

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Original Intent

David Barton, 64 p., $5.95

Our gun rights and American exceptionalism are grounded in religious principles. All the messages you get daily to the contrary are basically lies, distortion and revisionism, and this book proves it. Our Founding Fathers said so in no uncertain terms, this inexpensive little item makes it crystal clear. David Barton has done it again -- wall-to-wall quotes and excerpts destroy left-wing myths about church and state -- the author makes the case, by quoting the Founders, that faith in God is crucial to moral and just government.

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Original Intent


Mathew Spalding, 110 p., $7.95

The easiest way to come up to speed about the documents that make America what it is, guard our freedoms and set the stage for all our rights. You’ll be knowledgeable about why we’re great, easily defend the principles and structure of the American Dream. The Heritage Foundation, one of the nation's leading think tanks, produced this basic guide to help fill in the gaps left by our deplorable school system -- which, if they even teach people about these documents at all, might provide a distorted view of what they are, what they mean and why they're so vitally important. Highly recommended.

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Preserving the Inalienable Right of Individual Self-Protection
David Barton, $5.95
This skinny little book has more to say about what the 2nd Amendment means than many books three times its size. If you want the clear, concise, well-documented heart of the gun-rights debate, here it is. It relies on all the early thinking and writing from the Colonial days, gives citations for everything, and provides the verbal ammunition you need to make an authoritative case any time you speak up about the right to keep and bear arms. Why is the Second Amendment so important? This makes it clear.
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by Stephen P. Halbrook, The Independent Institute, $19.95
Sets the historical record straight in a detailed scholarly way. Put to rest at last any questions you may have about the intent behind the 2nd Amendment.  With 1,300 annotations, Halbrook looks at, reports on, and quotes sheaves of actual original documents of the founding fathers.  There is some invented confusion on this issue in America today, but as you'll see, there wasn't any back then.  The title is from a quote by Patrick Henry, "The whole object is that every man be armed.  Everyone who is able may have a gun."  Henry's peers make similarly unambiguous remarks, removing all doubt.
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The Meaning of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms:

Produced and Directed by David T. Hardy, $24.95

One of the nation's leading Second Amendment scholars has brought together the cream of America's gun-rights experts, and produced a stunning video that examines every critical facet of the right to keep and bear arms from a present-day perspective. Why take it from news or political commentators, when you can listen to the professors, legal experts, historians and constitutional scholars who really know what they're saying. Includes original historical documents, many filmed here for the first time.

Stellar array of experts includes: Akhil Amar, Brannon Denning, Carol Bamberry, Clayton Cramer, Daniel Polsby, David Kopel, Don Kates, Joyce Malcolm, Eugene Volokh, Gary Kleck, Glenn Reynolds, Nelson Lund, Nicholas Johnson, Randy Barnett, Robert Cottrol, Roy Innes, Sandy Froman, Sanford Levinson, Stephen Halbrook.
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Understanding Liberty:

Bill of Rights or Bust

Produced and Written by Kelly Daley, $19.95

This made-for-TV production is the video to own if you want to help people understand the Bill of Rights, and why they should personally support our freedoms. By focusing on the entire BOR it gets the point across about gun rights better than anything else available. It is a heart warming, endearing video that instills great pride in what makes America great, and is perfect for showing to friends, relatives and people who need it most -- the ones who just don't get it about guns, liberty, personal responsibility and limited government. An excellent teaching tool for classrooms from grade school through high school.
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The Politics of Gun Control:

Directed by Aaron Zelman, $29.95
Produced by Aaron Zelman and Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Screenplay by Claire Wolfe
Creative Director Richard W. Stevens

You've heard that disarming the public is the first step toward genocide. This shocking video documents the unthinkable slaughter of unarmed human populations by their governments during the last century. The biggest killers on earth are not the criminals -- they're the tyrannts who run renegade government forces against their own people -- unarmed defenseless people. "If slaves had weapons there would be no way to keep them slaves."

The U.N does nothing or makes matters worse, and people who would disarm Americans bring us closer to the disaster "that can't happen here." Watch this alarming, gut-wrenching video, and show it to your friends. It could be a life saver.
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Books that influenced --and books by -- the Founding Fathers!

You always hear about the key literature that built this great nation -- now you can own a set of your own! Carefully selected clearly printed modern editions walk you through the sentiments and concepts that the Founding Fathers -- and the public -- relied upon in forming the United States. This is where freedom got its start. And -- how the brightest minds in those early years viewed the results. Get them individually or as a discounted set no American home should be without --

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