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Self Defense Laws of all 50 States!

An outstanding new guide for this basic human right!

576 pages of plain-English details
• The Self Defense Laws Spelled Out For Your State •

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"Self Defense Laws of all 50 States"

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For the first time ever!

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Until now, the self-defense laws were a virtual mystery—
prosecutors knew them, the DA knew them, the courts knew them,
but John Q. Public was left out in the cold,
right where the authorities want you to be!

State-by-state Deadly Force Comparison Chart
When can you use deadly force—in your state
What gets innocent gun owners arrested
The biggest myths about self defense
Can you "rack one in" your 12 gauge to stop a threat
For every gun owner—not just CCW permit holders
The line between your rights and the rights of predators

Interesting and entertaining true-life examples in every chapter
"Plain talk" summaries to make it extra easy for you

Attorney Mitch Vilos, author of the guide to Utah gun law,
has done the nation a tremendous service by researching and writing
a plain-English guide to the state-by-state laws that control the use of force
in defending innocent human life. Working with his son Evan,
they assembled a team of researchers and queried experts and
officials for two years to compile and write this tome.

The text is done in black and red, with extensive use of
underlining, bold and italics to separate the various types of data
for easier reading (statute, commentary, general principles, etc.)
Plus, Mitch's alter ego Pancho Vilos has inserted some humorous
remarks that if nothing else will make you think. He made me
grin ear-to-ear more than once, with salient thoughts.
A nice light-hearted touch to an otherwise very serious book.

Only $29.95,  Order yours now!  Softcover, 576 pages
"Self Defense Laws of all 50 States"   

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Just look at this Table of Contents!

From Neighborhood Watch to Life in Prison

Understanding the Crucial Terms and Concepts of Self-Defense Law

Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States

State Deadly Force Chart

Duty to Retreat Map

Thumbs-Down Factors

Justifiable Acts of Self-Defense

Conflict Avoidance

Step Up in Force

Perception and Reaction Time and the Non-Firearm Deadly Threat

The “SUPERDELL” Schanze Brandishing Case

Domestic Violence and Battered Woman’s Syndrome

Statements Made After a Defensive Incident

Risk of Being Sued for Defending Yourself

TASER: A Less-Lethal Alternative

Self-Defense from Animals

Additional Resources

About Future Editions

Conclusion: The Mother of All Self-Defense Laws

Only $29.95,  Order yours now!  Softcover, 576 pages
"Self Defense Laws of all 50 States"   

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Only $29.95,  Order yours now!  Softcover, 576 pages
"Self Defense Laws of all 50 States"   

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