Bill of Rights Day Celebration on Dec. 15—
"Committee for the Bill of Rights"

Public Is Eager To Enforce BOR Against our Government

The Bill of Rights was ratified on Dec. 15, 1791.

Outrageous usurpations motivate the public -- and the states -- to push back

Answers are starting to develop

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Spend a little time enjoying what makes America great!

Celebrate your rights.

Join people all over the country who will break bread with their neighbors,
and as a group read the Bill of Rights, on the day it was ratified in 1791.

We will read the original Bill of Rights out loud from a parchment copy,
and then jointly discuss its health in roundtable style. Is it working?
Are our rights intact? What are the threats to the precious rights we hold dear
What are the prospects for the future?

2011 marked the tenth year in a row that Arizonans gathered
to recognize and honor one of the most important concepts ever created.
Join us. You will remember this experience for a long time to come.

Bill of Rights Day in 2012 falls on a Saturday.
Whether you attend an event or not, read the Bill of Rights on Dec. 15.

Following Colonial tradition, the 2011 public event was held in a church
Deer Valley Church
15220 N. 39th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85053
SW cor. 39th Ave. and Greenway Rd.
1.5 miles west of I-17, off the Greenway Rd. exit

Patrick Henry was the special guest of honor that year!
(Portrayed by Dr. Lance Hurley)


Last year (2011):

Featuring Charles Goyette

New York Times best-selling author and Arizona-based radio talk-show host.

Featuring Nick Dranias

Director of the Center for Constitutional Government, at the Goldwater Institute.

Featuring Chris Bliss

The man who spent years getting approval for a Bill of Rights Monument at the Arizona Capital -- the first in the nation! The effort was successful, they'll break ground soon, and the rest of the nation is watching, eager to follow in Arizona's footsteps! Come to learn more.

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The Cartridge Family Band

"Spreading peace and freedom through music... and threats if necessary."


Solemn Reading of the United States Bill of Rights.

Town Hall discussion of the Bill's health.

Live musical entertainment during the eat-meet-and-greet hour from 5 to 6

Live renditions of the National Anthem, Patriotic songs and seasonal music

Literature tables will be available on a first-come first-served basis
to civic-minded organizations. No commercial enterprises please.



Read the books the Founders read... and wrote!





We meet in 2010 at the fabulous Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix.
The Tea Party movement changed the complexion of the whole thing --
Tea Partys did not exist when the 2009 BOR Day was held.
What we did then, and what the Tea Parties seek now, are virtually identical.
Last year's event describes well the nature of the gathering: 2009


This report from the 2008 event will help bring you up to speed --

Bill of Rights Day -- my reply to you
by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

Dear "Committee for the Bill of Rights" members,

I can't reply to all the email I received from my report on Bill of Rights Day in Phoenix,, there was too much, and it's still coming. It seems I touched a nerve.

Everyone wants to know what they can do to "enforce" the Bill of Rights against the government. The widespread sentiment is that government is no longer obeying those limits, violating the Bill of Rights at will, practically ignoring the Constitution and acting without bounds. "What can we do?" was the common question.

I've been talking to local brains and have some early ideas (noted at the end). To give you a feel for reactions around the country, and some of their ideas, I've compiled a small fraction of the messages I've received below.

Something MUST be done. The Constitution no longer constrains the Congress.

The biggest problem, as one correspondant put it, "How do you take action without appearing like a mob that must be put down?"  A lot of the sincere and heartfelt suggestions come dangerously close to sedition. We are, after all, talking about getting the government off the tracks it's on. The BOR is dangerous to those it attempts to control. Desire for aggressive action is prevalent, but is it warranted at this time?

Sorry I can't respond to each of you individually. You're on my list, I'll be working in the right direction and will keep you posted. Permission gladly granted to circulate any of my material on the subject. Check the blue BOR Day button on my home page


These are not make-believe problems.

The widely suggested idea of holding meetings throughout the year around the nation -- to examine the problems, vent, organize, brainstorm, publicize, educate those asleep, read the riot act to "officials" and consider actions to take, all these have appeal. It also seems to me we need to clearly define the problem first. Plenty of easy descriptions don't hit the nail right on the head. Also, the problem must be stated in a way that can be fixed. I've put some starters at the end of this report.

Those of you who say you want to get started right away, well, go ahead. The Fourth Branch of government -- we the people -- doesn't need to wait for anything.

For organizing any general freedom lovers meeting, try this:




Read the books the Founders read... and wrote!




Alan, What a wonderful treatise on the ills of unjust government. [Posted here:] I am inclined to start up a Bill of Rights chapter here in the Dallas area. I will be contacting you for advice and counsel in the future. -Bruce B.


Alan, I am in complete agreement with you, we need to organize and gain a membership large enough to be listened to as our first step. It is dangerous ground that needs to be tread, a large organization, (Committee for the Bill of Rights) will help to protect all of us who are involved. So, let us get organized... how can I help?
-Bill R.


Is there a chapter in Washington State? Craig A.


Is there anyone in Southern Oregon that's standing for the Bill Of Rights besides me? -Wil S.


I wish there could be another meeting before another year passes. Thanks for the emails Joe K.


Dear Alan, I've been thinking a lot about this very dedicated group that assembled on Bill of Rights Day at the Wrigley Mansion. My quick thoughts: There could be enough energy among the group to start a "Think Tank" or foundation, dedicated to ensuring the government upholds the Bill of Rights and all laws that it governs... have a board that meets regularly and decides what specific people or laws to get struck down or upheld vigorously... make it a national organization... with just a local group we could specifically target people, laws or institutions that most egregiously attack our fundamental Bill of Rights at a state and local level... Just trying to keep the flame alive. Would love to hear your take on it. -Ed P.


Words, just words. They are correct.  But, what are you gonna do?? If you don't get to actively doing something that is meaningful to the government, then they will simply ignore you and your group until you all get tired of holding meetings, and quit. I urge you, if you have 250 people, don't let them get tired of hearing speakers pound a podium telling them how bad the government is and what patriots they are. -Don W.


We have a web topic going currently that is right in line with this discussion, and the anger and resentment that we sense towards the organized criminal syndicate that is trying to pass itself off as a legitimate "government" here in America and in most of our States is building to a potentially dangerous level -- even here in the assumedly "blue" liberal Northeast. Jaque C.


Alan, Thanks for this...I strongly agree with all that you have written here. I think your closing comment is also particularly apt -- Maybe it is time to start talking more frequently with like minded people and generate some actions to make more people aware that our rights are slowly being taken away. -Doug L.


Alan, Brilliant. Goose bumps went up and down my spine while reading it. I'd like to start something here in Houston but don't know where or how to begin. I will put my thinking cap on and see what my mind comes up with. -Joe G.


Alan, Amen. Small question.  Why should the citizens only meet one time a year? Seems to me, Congress, Judges, and the Administrative branch meet much more often to usurp and defile the Constitution.  Are we so "bullet proof" that we need only b*tch and whine among ourselves one day a year? I suggest not. Grant M.


I did not attend the Bill of Rights Day but am very interested in learning more about the Committee for the Bill of Rights. I have talked to many of my co-workers, friends, and family about most of what was addressed at the Bill of Rights Day and none of us know either exactly what steps can or should be taken in the upcoming months and years; but, we must get together and act. Myself and a lot of others that I talk to feel that we are rapidly approaching the tipping point. It is time for the Fourth Branch of government to organize.  What is it that I, and other freedom-loving Americans, can do to reach that goal of 1000 chapters of the CBOR in 1000 cities? Steve M.


Thank you for attending and informing us.  I believe we have an opportunity here in Arizona, to start something that will make them (govt.) sit up and take notice, without appearing as a mob needing to be put down.  We hold both houses of the Arizona Legislature, plus many Democrats who still believe, and we are getting a Republican governor soon.  I propose that our legislature, in joint session, produce a Referendum supporting the Bill of Rights as originally intended, and calling upon the Congress to obey the Constitution.  Once passed and signed, we send copies to every other state legislature. Mike M.


Hope that ya'll will take the time to read what Alan has sent and I have forwarded on to you. He implies that we need chapters in 1000 cities. I feel the number should grow by a factor of 20. Washington has gotten too big for it's britches. We simply cannot sit here and wait for them to police themselves. That would be like letting the fox guard the chicken coop. So, what is the solution ? -Hugh C.


I have duly noted your complaints, which are pointed, well enunciated, and unfortunately too general to be immediately useful.  Yes, the government has long ago overstepped its intended bounds.  Yes, all branches plus the unelected civil servants who will soon outnumber the honest taxpayers, are proceeding as if the Constitution has been repealed.  No, we can't just rant and wave our arms and expect any serious good to come of it.

Progress could be made by bringing suit on specific charges.  Three simultaneous lawsuits ought to get a tidal wave started.  What are the worst abuses?  The great bank bailout? The loans to the automobile manufacturers?  Social Security?  Medicare?  The EPA?  Anti-discrimination laws?  National Parks?  The FBI?  The BATF?  Name your poison.  But keep in mind that every abuse of the federal government's constitutional limitations has been sponsored by somebody for what seemed like a good reason at the time, and for every patriot who will rise up in support of your counterattack, there will be a hundred who will resent having their pet oxen gored. What is needed in this, as in every other revolt, is a plan. -Walt D.


Dear Alan, My wife and I read this latest report and were truly frustrated.  We have viewed with dismay, many of the actions our government has taken for some time now, and we don't seem to have any answers to the problem... We receive many requests for donations to support organizations that fight the problems you listed in your letter, but we cannot afford to send donations to every group... We cannot afford to travel to many places that have meetings to address the problems, and calls and letters to our "representatives" fall on deaf ears or we receive a standard "thank you for your concern, but - - - " letter. When our elected representatives raise taxes, spend our money for programs that we do not agree with, and pass restrictive laws that bring ill to the common person, how do we bring them to accountability?... What now? -David M.


Alan, you are so right on with this and I will forward it to every one I know that are true Americans and  have the concerns you have so aptly written. Thanks for all you do - and thanks for your books on Gun Laws. Respectfully -Ken M.


[A separate event was held this year in Prescott, Ariz.] Howdy Alan, Thanks for the thoughts.  Surprisingly (or perhaps not) our guest speaker went the same direction...who's job is it, when and how do we rekindle the fire? Everyone is in a rage at this point and precious little strategy comes of it. -Charly G.


Alan, Think about trying this: Have a meeting every other month.  Focus on two Amendments at each meeting so you've done them all at year's end. Then have your annual meeting at the mansion for the whole group and whole Bill of Rights. At the bi-monthly meetings, focus on specific laws or policies that violate those two Amendments and work on an action plan to start rolling back the grievances.  Some need court appearances, some letter campaigns and maybe some need demonstrations. Probably all need some daylight, education and training, and most of all, publicity. There are other Constitution-related groups so maybe some mutual aid will help slow down, then turn the tide. Thanks for your efforts. -Jack H.


Dear Mr. Korwin: I hope this note finds you well. If you have not yet received a response from your readers regarding a Committee for the Bill of Rights chapter in Massachusetts please allow me to offer my services. By way of a very short self-introduction I am both a policeman and a professional firearms skills trainer. I am very interested in promoting an annual Bill of Rights event in Massachusetts and believe I would be very successful, working either with or without the area media, in promoting the event. If you have a body of support material for regional organizers, please let me know. If you have already received offers to organizing a chapter in my area please be kind enough to forward my offer of support to whomever you have assigned for the Massachusetts effort. Yours, Michael B.


Hi Alan, Your email pinpointed the quandary I've been in for some time. Responsible individuals must find a productive mechanism for combating the escalating usurpation of the people's prerogatives by government, and quickly, or there won't be anything left to preserve. Perhaps a Committee for the Bill of Rights could be effective -- I see the necessity for such a wide-spread organization because the system is currently rigged so that working within it is no longer possible.  -Gary L.


Alan, Very interesting!  Re the Darker Side... Lately I've been thinking more about the Oath I once took to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I am getting close to having entirely run out of patience for talking and pleading with federal officials to quit usurping the Bill of Rights.

I no longer have any tolerance for attorneys who tell me that it is "settled law" that the Tenth Amendment is considered to have been gutted by the federal courts. It definitely makes me want to lock and load when I hear supposed "legal experts" explain how the "supremacy clause" and the "commerce clause" justify and authorize EVERY encroachment on our freedoms by the federal government. When I carefully explain that both of those were amended -- by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments -- and in a conflict within a coequal body of law the most recently-enacted prevails as the most recent expression of the enacting authority, the looks I get make it apparent supposed "experts" only wish to pat me on the head and further explain how I just don't understand the way things really work.

I feel as if I am being pushed summarily towards being another Carl Drega or Henry Bowman.  I'm not there yet, mind you, but I believe I can see the line one would cross from the place into which I've now been crowded. I can understand how a person who has taken an Oath such as I have, if he has any sense of personal honor, might personally declare all the armchair tyrants, the apologists, the naysayers, and even those tolerant of this tyranny, to be enemy combatants (after all, they command the enforcers with the guns, either directly or indirectly). Running out of patience in Montana.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -- John F. Kennedy

"It is immoral to see evil and not act on it." -- Robert F. Kennedy

Best wishes, Gary M.





Change hearts and minds. We need to do this. When enough people "get it" that government is out of control, change will happen fluidly. Abe Lincoln, for all his faults, got the principle right: "Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed." Here are some Tactics That Work.


"Does it maximize freedom?" Every government proposal must be scrutinized under this standard, which I got from congressman John Shadegg's former chief of staff, Sean Noble. Keep that phrase in mind as you read the "news," follow your leaders, read proposed bills.


Draw a Tenth Amendment line in the sand. All 50 states should do this, voiding any federal action that goes beyond enumerated powers delegated by the Constitution. Seven states have already done so. You need to personally convince your neighbors and legislators to take this stand. Government of limited powers is part of what makes America great.


Support the Second Amendment March on Washington D.C. in 2010.


Your soonest best opportunity for a massive showing of support for gun rights and the freedom that represents is the NRA Annual Convention in Phoenix, May 14 - 17, 2009. They expect 60,000 like-minded people to show up, along with all the freedom movement's leadership. Will you be part of that? You should personally help push that rally up to 120,000 people, by attending with a group of friends instead of alone. The world is moved by the people who show up. Be one of them. Did I mention it will be enormous fun?


How would you define the great problem America faces?
Can you put it into words that can be solved?
This is one of the greatest challenges we face—
if you can't properly define the problem, you won't get to the right answer.
Think about it, ask your friends, and let us know what you come up with.
We'll add it to the mix and help bring it to the attention of we the people.




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"No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little."
--Edmund Burke


Alan Korwin
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