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Learn the real secrets for getting any information short of espionage accurately and quickly.  From job leads to trivia, find answers in almost any field of human interest, more easily than you ever imagined possible.  Not about databases or the library, you'll wish you knew this stuff long ago.    

What are the real secrets of getting inside knowledge, accurately and quickly?  

Learn how to get your hands on the best information, in almost any field of human interest, more easily than you ever imagined possible. 

This unique class teaches the practical techniques used in live professional information gathering, with an emphasis on speed, accuracy and timeliness.  It is not a course on how to use databases or the Internet. 

In school you learned that research is deadly dull and tedious.  Now you'll see that getting the facts when you need them for a real purpose is exciting, fast-paced and fun! 

Who Needs Instant Expertise?  

You do!  If you ever wanted to find out something, anything, fast, here is your chance to get skills that will last a lifetime.  Once you know the Instant Expertise resources and methods, you can get facts, analysis and informed opinion, very quickly, on nearly anything: 

  • Business Hobbies Careers
  • Finance Health Language
  • Investment Home Literature
  • Industry School History
  • Commerce Kids Philosophy
  • Marketing Food Entertainment
  • Technology Arts Social Science
  • Pure Science Law Much more
You'll be able to answer questions which would otherwise stump you at work, at school, or in your personal affairs. 

What will you learn in Instant Expertise? 

  • The ultimate sources of information and how to use them
  • The secrets of gathering insider details fast
  • How to get solid information by phone effortlessly
  • How to talk to top experts in any field for free
  • How to request info by mail and get answers almost every time
  • How to get key material from museums behind the scenes
  • Where the really good libraries are—the ones the pros know about and use
  • The very best reference books out there—the ones librarians keep to themselves
  • The 5 golden rules & the 5 golden tools 
  • Crucial secrets that will last a lifetime
What about Phone Power?  

High-powered research uses the telephone, and using the phone correctly is a power game.  If you don't know the rules, you don't get results.  When you know the rules, you can shake the world from your desk chair.  That's phone power! 

How to get to the right people, and what to say once you've got them on the line is at the heart of phone power.  It is an art you must master to truly develop your own expertise.  This class shows you how it's done. 


Taken from written responses of Instant Expertise graduates. 

    "Bravo!  You've created a seminar that will truly help the people exposed to it.  Your common sense principles really do work, and I have been applying them with excellent results."
    "Instant Expertise fully lived up to its promise... you've changed my way of thinking about how to find the best information."
    "The resources and techniques can be immediately put to use, unlike more theoretical information offered at other seminars." 

    "Although I am extremely lazy, I suspect your insights have changed my life."

    "Your techniques require only a minimum amount of time.  Just to think of all the hours it could save..."
    "I liked everything about the class except it was too short."
Never be stuck for an answer again!
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