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Friends and fans keep asking me for these links.

I've finally gotten around to gathering links to some of my appearances.
Some of these may expire over time, and I'll add new ones as time permits.
When I get a chance I'll add descriptions so you can review them more easily.
I've now exceeded 1,000 broadcast interviews.
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How to handle a hostile "news" media interview

Background on why the news media is biased on gun issues

The New Times did a lengthy print profile on Alan, complete with pictures of him when he was four years old,
and freshly married, at the shooting range, and more, and loaded with errors, corrected here.

Christiane Amanpour on CNN International does her best to get me to accept her boldly biased anti-rights position
but it doesn't work, and she gets a face full of rational, factual material about guns and the Batman movie atrocity. 7/24/12
Everyone asks how I hold my composure through the onslaught. It isn't easy. And I practice.
Note how they congratulate themselves at the end.

Local FOX-TV does a fine segment on our free-speech lawsuit against Phoenix for censoring "Guns Save Lives" billboards
The Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation at the Goldwater Institute is representing us, 5/12/11 --

My first CNN interview on the Tucson shooting, 1/11/11 --

My second (the Parker/Spitzer Show again), 1/13/11 --

Also on YouTube (same thing) --

And here's that CBC broadcast, generated a ton of thanks because
Canucks never hear anything like this on their radios (and the host was wacky left):

And if that isn't enough, here's the show with Tom Gresham on the nationally syndicated Gun Talk:

If you want more, I was aired during the SuperBowl, a few of us left the game briefly to catch this gem, two very anti-rights people (a Senator and the head of an anti-rights group) against me, they lose.

The Arizona Republic emailed Qs to me and posted the replies online before running them in the opinion section on Feb. 14. I sugar coated nothing --


Cheryl (wifey) gathered these links for me:

Lots of YouTube links with sample images and descriptions:


A handful of recent links, recent being a relative thing:

Paul Huebl Crimefile News interview at SHOT Show 2015 (11 minutes)

GunsAmerica interview at the SHOT Show 2015 (8 minutes)



Subject: Armed & Free Radio Show on You Tube
From: AZ13 Consulting <>
To: Charles Heller <>

Hey guys, Thanks for a great show a few weeks back. I posted it on our You Tube channel to help get the word out on the book.


Batch 1 (Thanks to Andrew Swartz for gathering these for me)


On The Right To Self Defense
A lengthy exploration of the self-defense movement, why it’s good, why some people want to ban self defense and firearms altogether, and a heavy dose of reality to counteract the media lies and nonsense you are constantly flooded with in the “news.”

Jihad Song

She Wore A GLock 17 Song

Bad Tax Rising Song

Miguel Row Your Coke Ashore Song

That’ll Be The Day Song

Battle Hym Of The Repubic Song

Alan Korwin And Guy Smith At SAF GRPC 2008

Alan Korwin At SAF GRPC 2008

Arizona Freedom Rally II

Articles Of Freedom April 12, 2010

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 1/10

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 2/10

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 3/10

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 4/10

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 5/10

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 6/10

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 7/10

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 8/10

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 9/10

Arizona Breakfast Club November 6, 2010 10/10



Batch 2 (Thanks to Andrew again)

scroll down to 8/15/2010- 3rd and 4th links from the bottom

scroll to 9/5/09 works for you- 8/23/09


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