Gun-Free-Zone Liability —

"If you create a make-believe gun-free zone, you're liable for any harm it causes."

Often recognized but rarely discussed, so-called make-believe "gun-free-zones" are dangerous. When well meaning but misguided individuals think they have banned guns at a location by posting a sign, or putting a law in a law book somewhere, they are recklessly and negligently putting your life at risk. The Gun-Free-Zone Liability Act would hold them accountable if you are harmed in an assault in their make-believe gun-free zone. Countless stories of defenseless victims cry out for a stop to this madness, perpetrated by anti-self-defense zealots who would rather see you die than risk you harming a criminal.

Gun-Free-Zone Liability Overview and Bill Text
This may be the most pro-rights gun bill to come down in many years. A version of the bill was first introduced by Rep. Randy Graf in Arizona (HB2456 in 2002) with considerable support (12 sponsors!). Other states are actively considering it (both Arizona and Georgia introduced it in the 2003 session). It has excellent publicity value even if it isn't enacted in its first few years. A lot of very bad gun bills are planned, so it's critical to balance that with bills as positive as this one. Ask your legislators to at least look at the bill and support it. Basically, "If you create a make-believe gun-free zone, you're liable for any harm it causes."

Form letter for places with dangerous "No Guns Allowed" signs
Use this letter from Virginia activist T.S. Eggleston to let local civil-rights deniers know how you feel.

Gun-Free-Zone Faces Committee Hurdles
Jan. 2002. An email alert from FACT, the Firearms Action Committee of Tucson, which keeps a peeled eye on the gun bills in the Arizona legislature. If you want the news the papers never cover on this, let FACT know and they'll keep you posted. Ken's analysis of HB2456 is right on the money. His calls for action are known to have a punch. Join in the effort!

Federal Gun-Free-School-Zones Law Is an Atrocity
Enacted under Bill Clinton, this feel-good do-nothing law puts lives at risks, criminalizes vitrually all gun owners, and must be repealed. See the maps and be shocked. Two decades with no enforcement of an unenforceable unconstitutional law that creates millions of victimless felonies a day, and literally abrogates the Second Amendment.

San Francisco's make-believe gun-free school zones


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