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by Alan Korwin, Author
The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide

Mike Anthony is the attorney who teaches the legal portion of the Arizona carry-permit program, for the Dept. of Public Safety, to firearms instructors. He is also the attorney I worked with in writing
"Gun Laws of America," and he's a darned good shot to boot. He assembled the following list, as of Oct. 1999:

States that recognize the Arizona carry permit:


Other states' carry permits recognized by Arizona:


Are you happy that reciprocity has finally started? You should be outraged that your Second Amendment rights have been reduced to a government-approved short list of states, for licensees only.

As many of you know, I've made it clear that I believe the carry permit and reciprocity idea is a scam that saps our energies, because:

- it leads to a false sense of liberty while reinterpreting the Bill of Rights to mean keep-but-not-bear arms;

- it is actually a grant of power to the government and a Bill of Rights tax, which is way outside any authority delegated to the government;

- that it has succeeded wildly in registering all the most ardent supporters of gun rights, who were coerced into eagerly registering themselves by the promise of a few crumbs of freedom;

- that without caving to the coercion they would be subject to forcible disarmament and arrest in direct contravention of their natural and Constitutional rights;

- that the licensing and registration aspect would have been vigorously resisted had it been proposed by anti-rights groups, but because it was promoted by pro-rights groups it was enthusiastically accepted;

- and that the Trojan horse of reciprocity has unwittingly made the rest of us -- more than 98% of the armed public -- unregistered gun owners in the eyes of the media and anti-rights crowd.

- Oh, and, uh, it has zero effect on crime control. Maybe you too have noticed that setting up this whole system doesn't arrest anyone. We spend all this time and money tracking the good guys, instead of going after the bad guys.

To read more about this perspective, see my Position Papers on the subject. And check back later for any changes to the reciprocity list.


Remember that a state may be listed as having reciprocity of some sort, but local police may not know it, may not abide by it and may decide to disarm and arrest you anyway.

You probably don't know very much about the rules in the states listed, the "proper authorities" aren't going to tell you, and anything you could get over the phone or by fax is going to be hopelessly inadequate. I co-wrote the 288-page "Texas Gun Owner's Guide" and let me tell you, it's totally different over there. For example, if you let your piece show, you go to jail (unlike here in Arizona, open carry is a crime in Texas).

If you think all this is unfair, then badger your representatives to introduce the American Historical Rights Protection Act, which basically says that if you have
a gun and you're not doing anything wrong, that's not a crime.

At least, that's the way it used to be in the land of the free.


For Publication, 551 Words
October 30, 1999
One-time North American Serial Rights
Copyright 1999 Alan Korwin

Not-for-profit circulation approved.

Alan Korwin is the author of seven best-selling books on gun law,
including "Gun Laws of America--Every Federal Gun Law on the Books, with
Plain English Summaries," and state gun guides for AZ, CA, FL, TX, VA.
This paper is part of an ongoing series, click Position Papers on the
home page, or write or call for copies.

Contact: Alan Korwin
4848 E. Cactus, #505-440 • Scottsdale, AZ 85254
602-996-4020 Phone
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Guns save lives.

Nov. 9, 1998
Contact: Felicity Bower

NOTE - Free gun-law update available


Armed Criminals Not Affected

Crying "uncle," Arizona's news editors just don't want to hear about more gun laws, ready for release in the 19th edition of The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide, coming out this week.

"If Arizona's news people don't want to tell the public about the new rules," says author and gadfly Alan Korwin, "then tell the legislature to stop passing so many." Everything criminal about gun use is already illegal, he says. The new edition has changes on 66 out of 224 pages. The effect on criminals is near zero, according to Korwin, but the regulatory burden on honest people has become overwhelming.

The main gun-law changes Arizonans should know about include:

Two new legal justifications for using deadly force have been enacted;

A new law allows state police to decide if other states' concealed-weapon permits will be valid here (and ours there); known as reciprocity, similar laws in other states have failed because each state's laws are so different; no Arizona reciprocity yet exists;

Any qualified U.S. citizen may apply for and get an Arizona concealed-weapon permit and pay the tax for being allowed to carry a concealed firearm;

Federal authorities gain new control over DPS, who is now required to contact the FBI's instant background check system when determining a resident's legal status;

The FBI plans to record every retail gun buyer's identity after Nov. 30, and wants to tax gun sales in states where state police are not cooperating; both proposals appear to be illegal and prompted two bills in Congress to stop them, one of which passed;

The handgun clearance center has been renamed the Firearms Clearance Center, allowing it to check out all retail firearms sales, not just handguns, in compliance with Part 2 of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act;

Court decisions may have re-written the state preemption law, possibly allowing local governments to pass laws different from state law, which is currently prohibited; also, "activist" judges have severely jeopardized the open carry laws on the books for decades.

"If this keeps up, you're gonna need a book just to stay legal," Korwin says. "Wait... I wrote that book." The new one will be in book and gun stores statewide at $12.95, or to fire up a copy (free to media reviewers on request) call 1-800-707-4020.

P.S. Bloomfield's website will have detailed updates posted shortly,



Only 20 States Exempted  $13-$16 Applies to Retail
Gun Sales

Under the general banner of crime reduction, and citing the Brady law for its authority, the FBI plans to tax the retail sale of handguns and long guns, starting Nov. 30, if their new computer systems are ready in time. The proposed tax could generate $1 million per week nationally, based on the bureau's estimates. Detailed information is included in a report just issued by Phoenix-based Bloomfield Press, a book publisher specializing in gun law [Ed.: Summary of Findings on request].

Perhaps more significant than a surprising new tax from the Justice Department -- without any apparent Congressional approval -- is the FBI's announced plans to record complete identifying information on every person who purchases a firearm from a licensed dealer. Any regulation that requires such recording has been prohibited under the McClure-Volkmer Act since 1986. Neither the tax nor the gun-buyer registration scheme appear to be legal, according to Alan Korwin, best-selling author of The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide. Korwin has written six books on gun law, and his Arizona guide is now in its 18th printing.

The federal registration and tax plan are being rolled out under the guise of the National Instant Check System, required when Part 1 of the Brady law expires this year. Under Brady Part 2, all retail handgun and long gun sales will have to run through the system, which the FBI has based at its Clarksburg, W. Va., data center. They are hiring 500 people to handle the anticipated load.

The FBI intends to waive the tax for any state that sets up an FBI-approved central firearms clearance center. Arizona narrowly passed enabling legislation this year, letting it avoid the tax, but placing its state police under a degree of FBI control. In other states, each dealer will have to "enroll" with the FBI to legally make a sale, and pay the tax on every purchase. The Bureau will accept credit cards or will arrange to bill dealers, and those who don't pay (or are real late on the invoice) will be literally out of business. Several authorities have indicated that they expect enough clamor from the taxed dealers to compel their states to comply. When 100 Arizona dealers were told at a government meeting earlier this month, that they would not be taxed, they cheered.



Firearm Regulations Growing Rapidly; Guidebook Gets Overhaul

Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 3, 1997 / Bloomfield Press 
Information about gun ownership, possession and use will increase in the next edition of The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide, scheduled for Oct. release. The new 18th edition, "has been completely revised," says author Alan Korwin. "We had no room left to cram in changes," he says, as federal and state lawmakers have been busy. The state legislature tweaked 14 gun laws in 1997, he notes. The publisher, Bloomfield Press, took the opportunity to expand coverage of interstate travel, state reciprocity for concealed-weapon licensees, aiding peace officers, lawful use of deadly force and more. See the box for highlights of the changes. [Ed.: Attached] 

Anyone who thinks that firearms are not well regulated in America hasn't looked at all the laws on the books, according to Korwin, who notes that every possible crime is already outlawed, often more than once, with new laws for regular individuals growing almost constantly. Calls for more laws, especially in reaction to media-publicized crimes, are a bunch of hooey, the author says. "Knee-jerk laws never account for all the rules broken by the crime itself, which go totally unenforced. We delude people into thinking something good is being done, but it's just a hoax," Korwin says. "Invariably, new laws do little more than encumber regular people, or incrementally disarm them, and take no bite out of crime whatsoever." 

Honest gun owners in Arizona, seeking to avoid even an appearance of any violation, have relied on The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide since it came out in 1989, to get the relevant statutes and plain-English information they seek. Authorized concealed-weapon permit classes statewide have recommended or given the book to students since classes began in 1994. Endorsements range from former Attorney General Bob Corbin to the Mesa Varmint Callers. 
To fire up a copy of the new 224-page guide, which retails for $12.95, call 602-996-4020 or 1-800-707-4020. Available at book and gun (pen and sword?) stores everywhere. Bloomfield also publishes Gun Laws of America, an unabridged edition of federal gun laws, with plain-English summaries of each law. Their next book is a compilation of the main Supreme Court gun cases.  ### 

Contact: Alan Korwin, Bloomfield Press, 602-996-4020 (Phoenix); Korwin is a nationally recognized expert on gun law, available for interview; Media review copies of The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide are available on request. Download a high-resolution miniature of the book cover from Bloomfield's website,   

 Partial List of Changes:

• 1997 Arizona Legislative Changes to Statutes •
14 statutes were modified, juveniles' laws substantially revised, more
Reciprocity for CCW Licenses •
Three full pages describe the various approaches, likelihood and desirability of various schemes, with a list of states that currently offer something
• New Federal Laws •
A slew of new federal laws are included, affecting youngsters, schools, firearms training for civilians, new federal enforcement of certain offenses, the misdemeanor gun ban, the Supreme Court Brady decision, more
Completely Reworked Cover-to-Cover •
Newly organized into 8 chapters (was 5), re-typeset and fine tuned throughout; Information on justifiable use of deadly force has been expanded
More Statutes Than Ever •
Now includes laws from nine titles of state code, (not just the criminal code)
• Growth in Federal Gun Laws Chart (1791-1996) •
More details on threats to people's civil liberties, and a new illustration examines The Noble Uses of Firearms
CCW Renewal Information •
Instructors' and permit holders' licenses will begin expiring soon ...and bulletproof vests, firing warning shots, aiding a peace officer, no-guns-allowed signs, more—64 pages is a lot! 
64 pages thicker! •
Packed with new stuff! •
Release set for Oct. 1997 •

News media review copies Free On Request

FREE WITH ALL ORDERS: Detailed listing of all the changes,
complete statutes-affected list, page-by-page breakdown of what's new!

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The ARIZONA Gun Owner's Guide


Bloomfield Press, Phoenix, Ariz. 


Alan Korwin 


Trade paperback (8-1/2 x 5-1/2) 






$12.95 retail; $7.77 each at wholesale (minimum order 12, call for details). Visa and MasterCard OK. 


1-800-707-4020 • NOTE: Review copies for media and police are free on request 

Author's direct line:

Korwin: 602-996-4020

About the contents:

Eight chapters describe everything about Arizona gun law in plain English—the right to bear arms, the concealed-carry permit and qualification process, deadly force and self-defense, prohibited weapons, the land of Arizona (where you can go shooting), hunting laws, federal laws, and a large safety section. CCW license applicants can practice with more than 150 sample test questions and 22 lethal-encounter scenarios. Four appendices contain all the laws verbatim, a glossary of terms, "crime and punishment" chart, and contacts for authorities all over the state. 

About the company:

We're a classic small press with six titles under our belts: The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide, The California Gun Owner's Guide, Gun Laws of America (unabridged edition of federal gun law), The Texas Gun Owner's Guide, The Virginia Gun Owner's Guide, and Wickenburg—The ultimate guide to the ultimate western town. Call for our free listing of books on personal safety, self defense, crime avoidance and the Second Amendment. Coming Soon! The Florida Gun Owner's Guide and Supreme Court Gun Cases, unabridged. 

About the author:

Alan Korwin owns Bloomfield Press with his wife, Cheryl, and has been a full-time free-lance writer for more than twenty years. His clients range from the corporate giants to mom-and-pop operations. In addition to writing he does professional training in executive telephone skills, writing for publication, Instant Expertise—how to find out practically anything fast, and more. The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide was his first book; he has written eight.



Can you imagine what it took to research The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide? Author Alan Korwin is widely recognized as a leading expert on Arizona's gun laws. Alan is a professional writer with extensive experience— he knows how to pour on the expertise for an excellent interview.    Take advantage of this vast storehouse of knowledge! Feel free to call the author for feature stories, fact checking or background on stories you're already doing. Or just ask him if full-time free-lance writing is everything it's cracked up to be!   You have a great source of information here whenever you're dealing with Arizona gun laws.

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