by Alan Korwin and Georgene Lockwood

The book everyone uses--ideal for LTC training
and all gun owners in Texas.
License to Carry update for 2016 included !

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If you want to know what you can and cannot do with guns in Texas, this is the book to own. Since 1995 we have been publishing the guide Texans go to for all the details on the state's gun laws. Open Carry update for 2016 is included!

You get a copy of all the gun laws word-for-word, but more important, everything is described in plain English. The descriptions are cross-referenced to the laws in the back of the book. Updates on our website are free.

The authors
take the mystery out of the Texas "License To Carry Law," the NICS background check, the self-defense laws, buying, keeping and using guns, and they turn the legal mumbo jumbo into clear familiar English. Find out the who, what, when, where, why and how of firearms purchase, ownership, carry and use in Texas.

"It doesn't make sense to own a gun and not know the rules."

Take a peek between the covers

NEW: Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, Freedom To Carry in Vehicles, Premises, Motor Homes, Frivilous Lawsuit Protection, Complete LTC Details, School Marshals, much more!

Only $14.95

Get two copies with free shipping! Save $5!
Only $29.90!
One for you, one for a friend or a gift.

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==> Don't end up in more trouble than the crook.

After You Shoot: Your gun's hot. The perp's not. Now what?



State Senator Jerry Patterson
co-wrote the first Texas Concealed Handgun law. He says this book is
The Texas Gun Owner's Guide is:

"Comprehensive and well-researched...
bridges the gap between the complex laws
and every day life
of special value to residents who are applying for their
concealed handgun license... your book is excellent." 


Dr. James T. "Doc" Brown
the Legislative Director of the Texas State Rifle Association
called this book:

"Just exactly what we need...
a superb piece of work."


• Answers questions on buying, owning, carrying, using guns
• The plain-English language makes everything easy
• Actually fun to read, pick one up and you’ll see
• If you knew all your rights you might demand them
• Why guess, don’t take chances, and don’t be sorry later


Partial list of contents: Word-for-word copy of every Texas gun law—not just the penal code • Plain-English descriptions • The deadly force and self-defense laws • Texas weapons laws • Prohibited Places list • Penalties for offenses • Who can bear arms and who can’t, including rules for youngsters and gun-free school zones • The old-time “traveling” rules with summaries from more than 60 cases • The Motorist Protection Act • Parking Lot Law • All the No-Guns-Allowed Signs explained • The federal firearms transportation guarantee, Brady Law, NICS Instant Check and the other federal laws affecting private gun ownership • Who’s exempt from gun laws • Firearm requirements for hunters • Buying and selling firearms in or out of Texas, including Class III and NFA weapons • Judgmental shooting • Gun safety • Keeping kids safe • Crime and punishment chart • Key legal concepts illustrated • Statewide contacts list • Much more!


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Alan Korwin and Georgene Lockwood are the authors of
The Texas Gun Owner's Guide -- Eighth Edition
 Bloomfield Press (Phoenix)  $14.95 
ISBN: 978-1-889632-38-4   288 pp., illus., softcover 

The Texas Gun Owner's Guide
Only $14.95
Cheaper than a lawyer.

The Texas Gun Owner's Guide AND
After Your Shoot, $14.95 each, BUT
get them both together for only $25 --

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