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Download our full wholesale price sheet

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*Bloomfield Press publishes the famous blue
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Arizona, Texas and Virginia
List price $14.95 each, your wholesale cost $8.97 each



National titles:

AfterYourShootBookCoverYour First Gun Gun Laws of America

Gun Laws of America
List price $19.95 each, your wholesale cost $11.97 each

Your First Gun -- Should you buy one and join 60 million safely armed American homes?
List price $9.95 each, your wholesale cost $48 per dozen ($4 each)

After You Shoot: Your gun's hot. The perp's not. Now what?
List price $14.95 each, your wholesale cost $8.97 each

Supreme Court Gun Cases
pdf file by email $10, CD by street mail $17 +S&H

The Heller Case: Gun Rights Affirmed!
List price $24.95 each, your wholesale cost $14.97 each

The 64-nation Worldwide Gun Owner's Guide
List price $19.95 each, your wholesale cost $11.97 each

Bomb Jokes At Airports -- And 186 Other Things You'd Better Not Say
List price $19.95 each, your wholesale cost $11.97 each

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Download our full wholesale price sheet




12 Ways to Make More Money in your store —

Gun-Owner Guides from Bloomfield Press

12. Use it as the perfect add-on for new gun sales—
   holster, ammo, gun-owner guide -- gun owners need the rules.

11. Put some copies near your cash register—
   the only better impulse item is cheap .22s.

10. Put your copies in three spots instead of one.

9. Just page thru one yourself, and you'll agree
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8. Put a copy in your handgun cabinets—
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7. When someone asks you a question about the gun laws,
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6. When your staff gets asked about the gun laws,
  make sure they present a copy too.

5. Get “caught” reading your copy when a
  customer walks over, and offer to show them
  the spot you’re up to.

4. Give one away to every first-time gun buyer,
   and they’ll remember you for the rest of their life.

3. If you help inform all your clientele,
  they’ll keep coming back to you.

2. If your customers are better informed,
  they might start demanding their rights.

1. If your clients start demanding all their rights,
   you’ll have a better chance of staying in business.

It doesn’t makes sense to own a gun and not know the rules.


All-in-one Starter Package

A complete turnkey library for your store—44 books, 15 different titles, one decision, lots of sales!
Satisfy the information junkies—6 copies each: Traveler’s Guide to the Gun Laws of the 50 States, Traveler’s Gun & Knife Law Book; 3 copies each: After You Shoot, Gun Laws of America, Self Defense Laws of All 50 States, The Concealed Handgun Manual, In The Gravest Extreme, Gun-Proof Your Children; 2 copies each: Bomb Jokes at Airports, Worldwide Gun Owner’s Guide, The Truth About Self Protection, Principles of Personal Defense, How to Win a Gun Fight, Armed and Female, You and the Police.
Separately at wholesale $517.10. Special package deal only $489! Retail value $722.08,
PROFIT = $233.08



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