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Basically, we've got no stuff available at this time.

Just promises. Lots of empty promises.

In our heyday, we had high hopes and big dreams.
T-Shirts, hats, lyrics, MP3 files, pricey concert tickets,
a fan club with gorgeous adoring women, more.

CFB Fans

Now actually, Eric Cartridge still has a box of T-shirts.
Deal with him directly to get one for yourself:
Yes! I Want a T-Shirt!
Yes! I Want a Fan Too! (Not available at this time.)

Like all bands, we went through our bell curve,
recorded our album, Brass Balls, and promptly dissolved.
Craig moved to Texas then Tennessee, the rest of us just moved on.
Eric, Bob and I still live in the Phoenix area.

We never agreed on releasing our album, which is a shame,
because it's great. Of all our concerns, the greatest is that we'll
get sued by all the people we make fun of and whose original
music we parody. Sure, parody is legal -- and after a $200,000
legal fight over three years you get to win. We don't want to risk it.

Isn't it ironic. We're fighting for freedom
and we're afraid to say our piece. Peace baby.

Sure, Rush Limbaugh releases cool parodies all the time.
Give us his money and resources and we will too.

That said, we've been cajoled or coerced into performing
from time to time for various familiar suspects. The audiences
must like us because we've left with our skins intact. So far.

Afraid to release our recordings (which are physical evidence),
we are still willing to play our irreverant, insensitive, demeaning, offensive,
truthful tunes live and in person for anyone who meets our high standards.
Give us a call.

Join my mailing list on the home page
to get news of our future exploits, if any,
and other stuff you probably could live without.

Alan ".22 Caliber Short" Cartridge
Pretty Good Guitarist and Instigator

Someone recorded us behind our backs
(actually, in front of our fronts)
and put the results on YouTube


Is the Cartridge Family Band any good?


“I’ve seen The Cartridge Family,
and I can attest they are the funniest thing
since someone invented the line ‘it’s a free country.’”
--Dave Hardy, Author and Second Amendment Scholar


“The Cartridge Family performed at The Arizona Republican Assembly state convention in Phoenix, lit up the event significantly and had the entire group in stitches...
I recommend them.”
-- Tony Mackelprang, Past President,
Arizona Republican Assembly


“The Cartridge Family is high-caliber entertainment.
I find listening to them more fun than reloading!”
--Alan Gottlieb, Founder, Second Amendment Foundation


“The Cartridge Family does what all great musical groups do -- perform music that resonates in people and stirs their souls. They do so in parodies that entertain and uplift, poking searing satire at those who deserve it most. Their song “ACLU” never fails to make the crowd roar in agreement.”
--Charles Heller, Host, Liberty Watch Radio


“Projects in support of your civil rights are often solemn events that promote serious thought. The Cartridge Family Band has been a very welcome break during such events. They provide the entertainment required to balance out gatherings of determined people, who understand the message provided by the band, presented in a lighthearted and entertaining manner.”
--Ernest Hancock, Co-Founder of the
Publisher of


“I enjoyed The Cartridge Family’s uniquely Second-Amendment-themed entertainment at the 2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix.”
--Sandy Froman, Past President, National Rifle Association


“The Cartridge Family Band is funny and very politically incorrect. Really a treat for those who share a love of
the Bill of Rights.”
--Joe Cobb
Former White House aide to president Ronald Reagan,
Former chief economist,
U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee


“Once in a generation a musical group comes along that can move and inspire a culture. We had the Beatles, we had the Grateful Dead, and now we have the Cartridge Family Band. Their message is their music, and freedom is their tune.
It’s a timeless truth.”
--Barry Hess, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arizona




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