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My jaw dropped when I saw these photos.

Somehow, the lamestream media, which swarmed all over this event, failed to notice any of this. Maybe they saw it all like everyone there did, and just failed to report it to you? Is that possible from the unbiased media? These images sure don't fit the standard narrative of poor desperate people who just want to immigrate and make better lives for their families -- the media's preferred belief and constant drumbeat.

Tremendous thanks to Kim Grady of Second Amendment Sisters in Phoenix for forwarding the images to me, taken by a mutual friend in Arizona government who is best left unnamed for safety reasons. Pictures taken May 29, 2010.

"This Internet stuff is way too dangerous. Allowing information like this to freely circulate at the mere discretion of the people, without strict controls from the ruling class and their compliant media must be stopped." You KNOW the power brokers are thinking that way -- the Wild West freedom of the Internet will need to be controlled if the ruling class is to stay in power. Watch for it. It's coming.










1- Illegal Immigration Outlawed

The lamestream media told you:

“Arizona's immigration law, passed by the legislature in late April, makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally,” according to Haya El Nasser, writing for USA Today.

"About 70 parents usually show up at Pena Blanca Elementary School in Rio Rico monthly for parent-teacher meetings, but the April meeting only saw 20 show up... There is a little fear,” according to the school principal. “Fear, mistrust, anger.” writes Nasser.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

It's a crime to be in the country illegally? Isn't that redundant?

This is not about immigration. This is about illegal immigration.
Arizona welcomes immigrants. Always has.

In Mexico, the penalty for sneaking into the country is two years in prison, with no trial and no due process. A repeat offense gets you ten years in a Mexican prison. In the U.S. there has been no penalty and no attention, because the official federal policy (based on observation) is to do nothing. This is why Arizona has undertaken to do something about the invasion it suffers under.

The 50 parents who didn't show up in Rio Rico (the law doesn't even take effect for two months) have nothing to fear if they're here legally. Nothing.

If they're here illegally, educating their kids at our expense, ripping us off for social services, using emergency rooms for routine medical care, paying no taxes because they have no ID, they should be deported (the U.S. justice system would never allow for two-year prison terms, especially without trial, like Mexico prefers).

Despite media reports, racial profiling is illegal. Stopping people to check “their papers” is illegal and not authorized by Arizona's fine new law. Anyone stopped for a legitimate reason (public drunkenness, traffic violations, vandalism, vagrancy, criminal acts, etc.) can be asked for ID. Failure to produce ID, when coupled with other legitimate factors, can lead to sufficient reasonable suspicion to check on the background and immigration status of a person. Sovereign nations require this. U.S. federal authorities, who have the main responsibility for this, have failed miserably in performing their duties to protect our borders and citizenry in this manner. It is left to the states to act to protect us.

The media has been saying there are 12 million illegals here since 2002 (now though it's mysteriously become 11 million). But the Border Patrol has been saying 2 million people a year attempt entry, and they catch one out of two, or one million new entrants annually. For eight years.

So, why don't the papers update their numbers? Because that would give credence to a point of view they don't believe in (called "reality") and would rather ignore.

Virtually everything you've seen reported in the lamestream media on this topic is flat out wrong or distorted past all recognition. Mexico has horrifically racist laws on immigration, while we are simply trying to stop an illegal invasion. Why are we letting all these racists in? The only people with anything to fear are the ones who are breaking the law by being here.

The worst part of the media coverage is what's missing -- like the photos obtained from the recent protests, which the lamestream media has deliberately chosen to suppress, leaving you in the dark. Almost.



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