PAGE NINE -- No. 91

Should SB 1070 (Illegal immigration)
Take a Back Seat to SB 1108 (Guns)?

Arizona Senator Pearce Says YES

New program promoting marksmanship launches

by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

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Author Alan Korwin
as drawn by Pulitzer-prize-winning cartoonist Steve Benson

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The Uninvited Ombudsman Report

No. 91, Oct. 12, 2010
by Alan Korwin
Bloomfield Press

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Sat., Oct. 16, 2010 -- 6,000 people expected at the Prescott Valley freedom rally
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Wed., Dec. 15, 2010 -- BILL OF RIGHTS DAY. Events nationwide, plan yours now:


Format Change For This Edition --

I need a break from dissecting the endless nonsense from the "news" media.
It's the same old same old -- the global Muslim jihad is disguised as "terrorism,"
political coverage is a horse race with little factual content allowed;
abject silliness and fluff is presented as "news" virtually non-stop;
statist (government) perspective permeates so much of the material.

Remember -- If you watch ABC or NBC you'll C... BS.

Three main important issues in Page Nine this time --

Arizona Senator Pearce (who wrote SB1070 to stop illegal immigration)
has released a significant statement on Constitutional Carry.
This article has now been reviewed and turned down by The New York Times,
The LA Times, The Washington Post and others. It needs the light of day.
It is short, sweet, right on the money, included unedited below.

A gaping hole in American self-defense law has been identified and is
the subject of my next book, now on press, due out the end of this month:

"AFTER YOU SHOOT -- Your gun's hot. The perp's not. Now what?

The campaign to create "a culture of marksmanship" in America launches this month,
and will reach one million impressions per day in metro Phoenix during Phase One,
and is poised to sweep the nation. Arizona leads the way once again on
a fundamental issue of national significance.

The first of a series of billboards is now up on U.S. Interstate 17, facing southbound traffic into Phoenix at the Peoria exit, reaching 135,000 people daily.

Back in print after years!

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Should SB1070 Be Secondary to... SB1108?

Crime Control  vs. The Bill of Rights

by Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce

The entire world, driven by news reports, has fixated on the enormous illegal-immigrant invasion Arizona has suffered under for years.

The invasion had previously been ignored, a news-media black hole from which little information escaped.

The catalyst for the attention is my bill SB1070, empowering our law-enforcement agencies to deal with the invasion. We passed it because the federal government is aiding and abetting the invaders, instead of stopping them and defending the nation against a flood of biblical proportions.

But SB1070 is a simple criminal statute, enacted to treat symptoms of a harmful crime -- sneaking into our nation to commit felonies, leach off our successes, eat out our substance. A different law, SB1108, for which I am equally responsible, is the more important act.

SB1108 is no simple crime-control law. It repeals outrageous infringements to the Bill of Rights, reinstating wholesome fullness to the right to keep and bear arms. The media however, driven by a nearly fanatical racist miasma, blindly focused on the immigration-crime law -- finding racism where none exists -- at the expense of even noting the strengthened Bill of Rights, despite a packed news conference for SB1108.
Civil rights were reborn here on the same day the anti-invasion bill took effect, but this was ignored. While reporters cried racism, “Constitutional Carry” restored fundamental civil rights to anyone on the planet who enters Arizona legally. We've extended these rights to all people of Earth.

The God-given right to protect family, property and yourself from physical harm has been accepted since civilization's dawn. Our Founders ensconced it in the Constitution. This was uncontroversial and well understood, a deeply rooted basic human right until recently, when forces of darkness began attacking truths we hold to be self evident.

Arizona now enjoys more robust protection for the right to arms than anywhere on Earth. How could media pundits miss that? In times recently past, a law that frees every decent adult on Earth to carry a gun with no prior permission would have precipitated a national uproar.

Are the media just tired of crying wolf? They screamed about imminent blood-in-the-streets when Arizona's gun-permit law passed in 1994, but nothing ever happened (and they never apologized).

They convulsed recently, anticipating wild-west mayhem when gun bans in National Parks were repealed. Nothing happened (not even remorse for the fear mongering).

When Arizona's restaurant gun ban was lifted a year-and-a-half ago, we endured fantasies about impending homicidal frenzy from “shotguns in nightclubs,” but it turned out that breakfast at Denny's or lunch at Applebee's remained tranquil. No correction has been issued or is expected.

So should the media pay attention to a law that restores our rights, instead of one that hampers criminals?

Does it really matter that states nationwide now seek and are clamoring for Constitutional Carry for themselves?

So what if Arizona frees its women to put handguns in their handbags, go about their business, and return home without fear of arrest? The bill's chief advocates, the Arizona Citizens Defense League ( spent five years reaching this point. Americans are carrying guns but no one's getting shot? Who cares?

Most of all, why tell people that government's exit from the enforced-training regimen is a business-stimulus plan?

Private enterprise has launched the campaign to promote “a culture of marksmanship” and gun safety to every resident. This is Arizona -- learn to shoot straight. Marksmanship matters. Teach your children well. Why cover that, even if it is going up on billboards statewide?

Constitutional Carry and the TrainMeAZ campaign have ignited a firestorm of entrepreneurism, and rekindled a burning desire to restore the nation of marksmen our Founders envisioned.

I personally urge America to examine what we've done with Defensive Display, Castle Doctrine inside and outside the home, Burden of Proof, Specious Lawsuit Immunity, Firearms Freedom Act and more. Emulate the freedom of spirit thriving in the Grand Canyon State. Visit and experience life as a free adult, not a ward of the state. You may not want to leave. And if you do, you'll take the spirit of freedom home with you.

Russell Pearce is the Republican State Senator from Arizona legislative district 18 and author of the anti-illegal immigration bill SB1070, and the Constitutional Carry law for firearms, SB1108, neither of which are controversial in point of fact.

Learn more about the TrainMeAZ Campaign at



The gaping hole in American Self-Defense Law --

After You Shoot: Your gun's hot. The perp's not. Now what?

You’re gasping for air. You’ve just stopped a would-be murderer cold with your sidearm—four rounds to the chest. Do you have the right to remain silent? Then why would you immediately dial 911 and talk into a police voice recorder? How do you make that call and stand on the advice that says, “Don’t say anything”?

After You Shoot, my latest book (due out this month) answers these life-or-death questions. After you shoot in self defense, you face a possible murder trial. Even if you're completely innocent. And that may be a bigger risk to you than the would-be killer you just stopped.

According to criminal-defense attorneys, half of all convictions for self-defense incidents rely on frantic traumatized 911 tapes. As a bonus, the media will air your voice nationwide for weeks. That can’t be right.

Do you have the right to an attorney during questioning? What about Fifth Amendment rights against self incrimination? Can you call 911 and protect yourself?

You cannot. When you call 911 after saving your life with gunfire, you are giving up the crucial life-saving rights you think you have. And that’s wrong.

The dangerous snare of 911 recordings is built right into our American self-defense system—and nobody has looked at it hard—until now.

After You Shoot lights up this overlooked problem and provides common-sense, workable solutions to these horrors—vicious traps that threaten every gun owner and innocent crime victim in America. If you have a gun for self defense, find out how you should protect yourself—After You Shoot.

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More than 75 experts spoke with me and wrote to me about this. People like cops, prosecutors, judges, lobbyists, top-level firearm trainers, other authors, attorneys by the dozen. Their reactions are stunning. Many had never considered the problems very deeply -- it never dawned on them! Too many took a statist (government) approach that you should simply call 911 and not worry! Or only say X, Y and Z, so you'd "get off" later, as if you could do that with your blood pressure through the roof and your body shaking from the adrenaline dump.

The controversial Adnarim Statement

And what about when the second responders -- you are the first responder -- arrive on the scene. Should you babble as most people do? Stand in mute silence? Try to exonerate yourself and "get yourself off"? Well for one thing, when they (the state) read you your rights, would it be unreasonable for you to read them your rights? The proposed Adnarim (reverse Miranda) statement addresses this head on. It's not uncommon for defense attorneys to put a statement on the backs of their cards for clients to use. Is that a good idea? What should it say? This book fires that concept up a few notches.

Bottom Line -- If you have a gun, you must know what your options are, after you shoot. This book will open your eyes like never before, and provide you with options you need to know to stay safe and free, After You Shoot.

See it:

After You Shoot: Your gun's hot. The perp's not. Now what?


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Arizona now has Constitutional Carry -- NO government interference for open or
discreet carry of firearms by ANY law-abiding adult in the state.

Is your state next? Let freedom ring!
Legislators nationwide are considering this significant new law.
We got ours by simply repealing the carry-ban language -- no new law needed!
Contact your state gun-rights group and suggest it. Find your group:

Arizona is rekindling the idea of a nation of marksmen. is a non-partisan joint effort by the firearms community to promote voluntary firearms training, replacing the government mandate that came with the state's 1994 CCW-permit law. Trainers, shooting ranges and industry are encouraged to contact the organizers to participate and attract new business.

ARIZONA TRAINERS -- Be sure to get your free listing -- visit the site.

CATO Institute Chairman Bob Levy (Heller case attorney)
"... TrainMeAZ is a no-lose proposition.  It will promote gun safety and marksmanship as an integral component of American citizenship ..."

Special letter from NRA Board of Directors members living in Arizona  --

On behalf of the five NRA Board Members who make Arizona their home (including two past presidents), we’re asking you to take a stand on gun rights and support the TrainMeAZ campaign now being organized.

Our new Constitutional Carry law changes everything. Now that any law-abiding adult in Arizona can discreetly carry firearms, Arizona leads the nation in demonstrated support for the Second Amendment. It’s in your interest as Arizonans, and the nation needs to know, what we’ve accomplished.

We have a priceless opportunity to launch “a culture of marksmanship” here in Arizona that can sweep across the country, but it can only happen with your direct involvement. Now that government no longer dictates the training environment, private enterprise and the free market should take advantage and fill that vacuum.

This will help your business, build your customer base, and bolster the right to keep and bear arms. By acting as a state instead of separately, we will present an image to the nation that pushes all our independent interests ahead...  Read the rest.


Arizona Citizens Defense League


Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association




Crossroads of the West Gun Shows


Front Sight




Second Amendment Sisters


Wide World of Maps


The Texas Gun Owner's Guide
Texas enacted Freedom to Carry for travelers,
an enormous advance for our right to arms.
Will the next step be full Constitutional Carry?
Read all about your rights and responsibilities.


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Responsible parents take their kids to the range.
Gun safety is everyone's business.

A main operating principle behind TrainMeAz is to get the entire public on the bandwagon and out to the range. What a marvelous state that would make us, the envy of the nation and the free world. "Make it so."

When I give a speech (and I give a lot -- your group can be next) I encourage the audience to organize a Range Day. The average person on the conservative side of the fence voices support for the Second Amendment but -- have they demonstrated that support? When was the last time they went to the range and exercised liberty's teeth?

For some of them, it's never. Some have never actually held a real gun in hand. What a shame, but what an opportunity! Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk! It's easy to get them fired up about learning a stance (they watch me take one), grip (I draw an imaginary sidearm and show Weaver), and align eyes and body for a shot. They get a thrill, buoyed by the numbers of their group they imagine might actually do this with them. Many groups have taken the challenge -- and man oh man do they come away with bragging rights and ear-to-ear grins!

Let them know the inner secret for coming back home with a perfect target souvenir. Set out a blank piece of paper, shoot it once at close range, and then draw a target around the bullet hole. Works every time!

You want to DO SOMETHING to move the cause of freedom ahead? Get your Tea Party or Legislative District meeting to organize a Range Day. Put them through a gun-safety routine. Let them handle a firearm (be sure to start beginners with a .22). Get them charged up about the rights they have -- by exercising those rights.


The best part may be hard to measure. How do you think the democrats are going to feel when they find out that all the republicans are learning how to shoot?!


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Author Alan Korwin
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Regarding Freedom To Carry in Arizona -- This is fantastic news. Man, this is going to be great. Makes me want to take a trip to Arizona just to breathe some free air. --Clair S.


Now what I'd like to know is whether there's any way to get my fingerprints out of the FBI database.

I, as a responsible, law-abiding citizen of the state of Arizona, just didn't feel good about breaking a law every time I left my house, so I went ahead and filled out the forms and took the course and handed over my fingerprint card and my money in exchange for the permission slip.

I'm not sure why, but I've never felt particularly comfortable knowing that my prints are on file in some federal office somewhere. Is there an official, legal way to get the FBI to shred my personal info, now that I no longer need this permission slip, or is it there forever and always? 

I'm sure I sound like a paranoid lunatic, and I know there are plenty of innocent, law-abiding folks with their prints on file, like soldiers, cops, teachers, etc., but something about this has given me the heebie-jeebies since the moment I dipped my digits in the ink.  --al


Dear Alan and the people of Arizona,
Congratulations on your Fantastic Accomplishment!!! Is there even a glimmer of hope for us here in New York, or should we just start packing our bags, so that we can legally pack heat ??? --JT

P.S.: When I was a teenager, I visited your Great State, and was surprised to see people "openly carrying" their sidearms. It dawned on me right away how SAFE I felt, and have always been a little jealous. God Bless, and Shoot Straight. --John T.


I applaud Arizona on every aspect of not only their Constitutional Carry laws but their immigration laws as well. While I live in Texas and enjoy much more freedom than other states I would love to see Texas follow Arizona's lead on both counts. If it were not for my current employment in Texas I would move to Arizona in a heart beat. You can bet that we will be helping Arizona's economy with frequent visits. God Bless Arizona and the USA. --Dana 

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If you can read this, thank a teacher.
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