PAGE NINE -- No. 98
by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America


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Worldwide Gun Owner's Guide Kills Myths

Electric Supply for Battery Cars -- Exhausted

911 Limited-Immunity Law Advances in AZ

Safe Baby Cribs Banned by Feds

New Guns-Save-Lives Billboards

Regular format for news reviews returns

Arizona Where-To-Shoot Map Coming Soon


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by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

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I've created this special feature for the print media and broadcasters ("Page Nine" regardless of where it runs), that covers stories afresh, not the way news rooms typically flavor things. It will help reduce the distrust so many news consumers feel and could be the most avidly followed item you carry -- if you carry it. It certainly is well received by my audience. This casual sample might make you say, "We'll NEVER run that!" but Page Nine is built around ad revenues from clear-thinking mainstream businesses.

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The Uninvited Ombudsman Report

No. 98 -- Mar. 10, 2011
by Alan Korwin
Bloomfield Press

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1- Cold Global Warming
2- Electrical Supply Short
3- Safe Cribs Outlawed
4- Congress Scraps GreenForks
5- Imaginary Alien Life
6- Government Manages Wages
7- Gun Safety Billboards
8- Arizona Gun Map

Dept. of Corrections:

Pastor C. wrote:
In your last Page Nine you wrote:
"Laws do not stop crime. Law enforcement stops crime."
The second statement is false, as you yourself noted earlier in the article.
Law enforcement only investigates, and then calls others in for the clean up.
Otherwise, great reading. Thanks for all you do.
[I stand corrected. Thank you.]


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1- Cold Global Warming

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

Although it seems unlikely, scientists say the massive blizzards that have paralyzed much of the United States for months are a result of global warming. This news broke on Feb. 10 and was carried by virtually all "news" outlets, in roughly similar form. Why this all happened on the same day was unexplained. Some "climate skeptics" dispute the findings.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

I just can't add anything to that.
We should note though that Time magazine and the New York Times at least had the sense to blame climate change instead of global warming.


2- Electrical Supply Short

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

According to reports on CNN, the demand for electricity is far outstripping available supply. A lack of new generating stations, coupled with increased consumer demand and an endless supply of power hungry gadgets threatens our way of life.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In an absurd headlong rush to be "green" whether the steps makes sense or not, consumers are being driven, largely by the media, to think about and purchase so-called electric cars. Advertising shows electrical plugs as a clean convenient source of energy, and manufacturers are being hard pressed to turn out cars that run exclusively on electrical sockets. Detrimental effects to the oil industry and its millions of American workers are ignored in the purportedly "earth-friendly" ads.

All of this dramatically contradicts the media's own reports that the supply of electrical power is stretched to its limits, brownouts and rolling blackouts are expected, and the Obama administration has pledged to block any new coal-fired power plants, the largest and most reliable source of new electrical capacity. Pollution from electricity generation is typically cited as a leading cause of smog, a word that seems to have disappeared around the same time ads for battery cars appeared -- but you remember the word SMOG, right?

It remains hopelessly unclear whether battery cars are indeed more "green" than normal historically significant and currently normal "fueled" cars, since huge amounts of fuel must be burned anyway under the "electric-green-car" plan to boil water, to generate steam, to turn dynamos, to generate high-voltage electrical current, to send over great distances with great power losses to substations, to convert high voltage to household current, to wire to households, which can then be used to charge relatively inefficient batteries, to run the "non-fuel" vehicles. At a savings or cost? What about just keeping the lights on? It may not be such a great idea to convert the national vehicle fleet to centrally controlled and generated electric power.


3- Safe Cribs Outlawed

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

Traditional Drop-Side Cribs Outlawed.
Recalled beds blamed in 32 deaths since 2000.

The Associated Press has reported that the federal Consumer Products Safety Commission has banned the manufacture, sale and even resale of the most traditional crib used for generations by parents for their infants, saying the new standard is one of the strongest in the world. More than nine million have been recalled in the past five years, including many from major manufacturers. News reports nationwide were virtually identical, relying entirely on the government issued handout.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

With only three deaths per year (32 since 2000) attributed to a fundamental household item, the federal government, without an act of Congress or the president's involvement, has outlawed one of the safest devices known to pediatrics. Any infant death is tragic and devastatingly sad. A mortality rate of three per year however is lower than almost anything else for which statistics are kept. Total numbers of the convenient, friendly, familiar, decades-old-designed cribs most of us grew healthy in is unknown. The fatalities, just as a percentage of cribs that have been recalled, suggests a mortality rate of 0.0000015, a number too small for most people to even pronounce. Infant mortality from all causes per 100K babies in one year in the U.S. (650) is 95 times higher than the crib death rate for an entire decade for the entire frickin population.

In a headlong race to be the most nanny state imaginable, the federal government has exceeded even the wildest speculations of skeptics. An exhaustive study of the olden U.S. Constitution finds no authority whatsoever to regulate furniture in your child's nursery. Parents who own the now outlawed cribs were not reached for comment.


4- Congress Scraps GreenForks

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

In the first move toward phasing out part of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) "Green the Capitol" program, plastic foam cups have been reintroduced as an option for coffee drinkers in the Capitol Carry-Out, the building's mini-cafeteria.

The basement eatery had been part of Pelosi's "greening" program since 2007, when democrats took control of the House. The program brought climate-friendly vending machines and compact fluorescent light bulbs to the Capitol; caused the Capitol Power Plant to switch from burning coal to natural gas; and reduced energy and water consumption in Capitol buildings by 23 percent and 32 percent, respectively, according to a report.

But it was the $475,000 composting program in the House-side cafeterias that stirred the most controversy. Designed to cut down on waste, the program instituted the use of biodegradable utensils and trays made of cornstarch -- an idea that may have worked better in theory than in practice, as it led to take-away boxes that leaked, spoons that melted and forks that broke when stuck into so much as a chicken tender.

Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.), chairman of the Committee on House Administration, announced last month that the program would be suspended indefinitely, contending that "it is neither cost-effective nor energy-efficient."

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

I can't add to that story.

I can point out that: An Underwriters Laboratory study of green products recently revealed that 95% of them are not what they claim to be. USA Today reported:

"The biggest sin is making claims without any proof," says Scot Case of UL Environment, adding that companies want consumers to "just trust them." The report finds "vagueness" is the second-leading problem (a shampoo claimed it was "mother-earth approved") in "greenwashing" -- a term that refers to misleading, false or unproved green claims."

This is so typical of leftist politics and ideology. If it feels good it counts. Who cares if it's real -- and the rest of you should be forced to swallow.  In all fairness, however, a small but rising share of products make accurate green claims -- 4.5% this year, up from 2% in 2009 and 1% in 2007, when the first survey was done. Sorta gives you goosebumps don't it.


5- Imaginary Alien Life

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

“There are now so many stars known to exist in the universe, there simply must be life out there somewhere, in addition to our own... scientists have reported that there are three times as many stars as they previously thought.”

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

This prognosticating groundless editorial, placed in the “news” section of papers around the nation late last year is so so bad, I'll have to pick it apart piece by piece.

Whether life exists in the universe in addition to us is anyone's guess, but it's only a 100% guess -- there is absolutely zero objective or observable support either way. This article demonstrates that when facts get in the way of an exciting story, facts are simply ignored up and down the entire "news" media chain of command. Maybe we're alone, maybe not. Too much "news" has become idle supposition, and the masses have practically lost the ability to distinguish between the two.

Seth Borenstein, writing for the AP, tells us:

“WASHINGTON - Lately, a handful of new discoveries make it seem more likely that we are not alone, that there is life somewhere else in the universe.”

--No discoveries of life have been made in any way -- this is pure conjecture, also known as imagination. Only "scientific" statistical projections have changed, based on newly discarded old "flawed" estimates.

“The evidence is just getting stronger and stronger," said Carl Pilcher, director of NASA's Astrobiology Institute, which studies the origins, evolution and possibilities of life in the universe.”

--The evidence can't be getting stronger, because there is zero evidence, which the reporter failed to note, or to correct for his NASA source. This tax-funded NASA functionary cannot possibly be studying the origins and evolution of life in the universe where none is known to exist, unless he is studying us.

"I think anybody looking at this evidence is going to say, 'There's got to be life out there.'”

--If he thinks anybody would agree, well, he doesn't get out much. It's a free country, he's free to say that, but he blatantly demonstrates his abject lack of objectivity, since there is no evidence of life of any kind, and many people would indeed question his hypothetical statement.

Don't get me wrong, there may be life out there, anyone can conjecture that. But there are only statistical theories, probabilities and hopeful guessing, nothing more. Many people, including many bona fide scientists evaluating the numbers game, say the chances of life out there are unlikely. None of these were quoted by this “reporter.” Yes, life "may" be out there. No one knows, evidence remains absent and the search continues, fruitlessly so far.

“Scientists have an equation that calculates the odds of civilized life on another planet. But much of it includes factors that are pure guesswork on less-than-astronomical factors... Stripped to its simplistic core, with the requirement for intelligence and civilization removed, the calculations hinge on two basic factors: How many places out there can support life? And how hard is it for life to take root?”

--This invented equation omits the most important question:

How long does it take for life to develop on a planet in the known universe?

We DO have an answer for this, but since it amounts to hard evidence it is completely ignored by the wishful thinkers at NASA, the AP, the school system and most of the ignorant masses. Let's hold the biblical model aside despite its enormous popularity, and use the Big Bang model currently preferred by the science community. It took Earth about nine billion years to form, and then about four billion more to reach its current state.

So for the ONLY model we have to work from, it takes 13 billion years for a universe like ours to develop one life-bearing planet. There is NO postulate of any kind suggesting we are slow, or the rest of the universe is faster. Arguing solely from known facts, we could easily be the first planet with life of any kind. If the Earth model says anything about life, it begins in a single spot and then spreads. Why the universe might be immune to this principle has no scientific support (or inquiry for that matter) of any kind. If true, that makes us pretty special -- we are the harbingers of life for the universe, the very first to arrive, and we are only now beginning to work on spreading.

The entirely valid yet hopelessly ignored question of where did life first begin, and when, is confounded by Einstein's discovery that -- simultaneity at great distances is indeterminable -- and if you could understand that statement, maybe we'll discuss that little kernel some other time. (Because of the limit of light speed, there's no way, as far as we can currently tell, to determine who may have been first.)

“That means the probability for alien life is higher than ever before, agree 10 scientists interviewed by the Associated Press.”

--Not even a smokescreen of impartiality exists, with the reporter unabashedly admitting he found no one to discuss any alternative but the one he is promoting. The probability of life remains the same, only our perception of numbers has changed.

“Scientists who looked for life were once dismissed as working on the fringes of science. Now, Shostak said, it's the other way around. He said that given the mounting evidence, to believe now that Earth is the only place harboring life 'is essentially like believing in miracles.' And astronomers tend not to believe in miracles.”

--This is so bogus, where to begin? The wacky fringe is now the mainstream? And that's OK? Boy that sounds like a plan. Mounting evidence? Bad star counts that are now "good" star counts are not evidence of life, but scientists and their reporter followers are just oblivious to this simple truth. Astronomers don't believe in miracles? This means, painted with the broadest brush, they are all hard-core atheists, godless wonks declaring the framework for the unknowable?

“Astronomers, however, do believe in proof. They don't have proof of life yet.”

--One gram of truth appears, 16 inches after the prior guesswork-presented-as-fact story, which is why they're called “stories.”

“Last week, a Yale University astronomer said he estimates there are 300 sextillion stars - triple the previous number.”

--More stars, a guess by a single person, suggests the entire scientific community was wrong all this time, by 300%. Nonetheless, it is adopted by the AP and the science community, and now amounts to more “evidence.” Is it any wonder so many people are doubting so-called modern science, scientists, NASA, and the buckets of federal dollars spent on studying everything from cow farts to global whining to astronomical counting as a substitute for evidence? Science, like the media, is earning its troubled reputation. And I happen to like science.

I'll be the first to jump up and shout omigod when alien life is discovered, if it's discovered, elsewhere or here, especially if it's been here at Area 51 since the 1940s. But puhleeeeze, don't fill me with editorial guesswork where the news hole is supposed to be. The entire "news" media were out stargazing and could not be reached for comment.


6- Government Manages Wages

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

It was good news for workers in several states at the beginning of this year, as state minimum wages went up by at least ten cents an hour in most places. That amounts to $200 extra per year in their paychecks, a wonderful development according to a public radio broadcast.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

It was bad news for business in several states at the beginning of this year, as government again meddled way beyond its legitimate delegated authority and forced companies to spend more money for the same amount of labor, without any concerns for market conditions or solvency of business they affected.

A small business with 50 employees will be forced to spend $10,000 more per year, without getting anything more for the money. By calling it only $200 per year, the "news" makes it sound like a small amount, to encourage sheeple to simply swallow. The change will likely push some marginal operations out of business, a bad thing. Officials are quick to point out that the salary increase will mean increased revenue for government in taxes, which they say is a good thing.


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7- Gun Safety Billboards

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The program continues to plaster Arizona with gun safety messages. We'll be pausing the billboards soon as we develop other programs, and conserve our funds for a big splash planned to, well, I'm not at liberty to say just now...

This message faces travelers heading north out of
Sky harbor International Airport on 24th Street.

This message faces travelers heading east into Scottsdale
on Indian School Road.

This message faces legislators and other who drive to the state capital
south from Interstate 10, on 19th Avenue. It was of only two boards
available anywhere near the capital, and we have it until the end of
the legislative session.

Coming soon!
Like, this month (March 2011)
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Arizonans, proud of the Brady rank of 2 out of 100, are pressing for a perfect zero score, with bills now in the legislative process. To keep up with Arizona's innovative proposed statutes, follow the action at the Arizona Citizens Defense League,

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Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts blog entry:

Ms. Roberts column (excellent support):

Examiner coverage by David Codrea:

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The gaping and dangerous hole
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Our new Constitutional Carry law changes everything. Now that any law-abiding adult in Arizona can discreetly carry firearms, Arizona leads the nation in demonstrated support for the Second Amendment. It’s in your interest as Arizonans, and the nation needs to know, what we’ve accomplished.

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