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1- Firearm Sales Exploding
2- Ammunition Exports Exploding
3- FFL Numbers Exploding
4- Media Admits Suppression
4- "Birther" Is An "N" Word
5- Hiding communist China
6- Racist Presidential Campaign
7- Black Teenage Murderer
8- Security Rules Ignored
9- Pakistani Aid Unabated
National Training Week Is Coming

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Author Alan Korwin
as drawn by Pulitzer-prize-winning cartoonist Steve Benson

The Uninvited Ombudsman Report, May 30, 2012
by Alan Korwin, Bloomfield Press

-- Tell your friends -- Permission to circulate granted --


I had pointed out the cold irony that on one hand, government warns you not to feed the animals in National Parks, because they get dependent on free food and don't learn to fend for themselves. And on the other hand, government is pleased to be handing out the greatest amount of food stamps to the greatest number of people ever. Several readers pointed out that I attributed both programs to the Dept. of Agriculture, but the parks are under the Dept. of the Interior.

I apologize for the error. The irony however remains unchanged. And the government knows all about the dependency they create. Dependent voters will support the hand that feeds them, just like Yogi Bear and BooBoo.

In other news, the Associated Press has just reported that large numbers of food-stamp recipients are selling their food stamps for cash, on eBay, Craig's List and elsewhere, and then applying for replacement cards, which the government simply grants. "Officials" at the Agriculture Dept. are debating whether to give states more power (can they do that?) to investigate people who keep "losing" their cards, to help stop the millions of dollars in fraud.



Wayne LaPierre, Exec. VP of the NRA will be joining me (or is it the other way around?) at the annual meeting of the Kansas State Rifle Assn., on Sat. June 2, Events are planned all day long, including range time. Clarion Inn and Suites, 5805 W. Kellogg Dr., Wichita. Governor Sam Brownback will be attending. Also on the roster is good friend and co-author David Kopel of the Independence Institute, and Dr. Timothy Wheeler of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership. Details: Phillip Journey, 316-660-5601, pjourney [at]

So, do I look like the drawing of me? Nice stance and grip there, kiddo.


Wayne LaPierre, Exec VP of the NRA may be joining us (he's been invited but hasn't confirmed yet) at "Second Amendment Day" at the 4-H Shooting Range and Conference Center outside Roanoke, in Wirtz, VA. Saturday, June 23, starting at 4 p.m. The range will be open for free, there's a BBQ planned, three guns will be raffled, and I'll be delivering a seminar on protecting our gun rights. It's being sponsored by the Smith Mountain Lake Pistol Shooting Association, and other local groups are involved. Advance tickets (only $15) and details: club president Peter Fisette, 540-400-1070, themayorofsml [at]


We won the Heller case, right? Your right to arms is now recognized, and saved, right? You heard that it took D.C. newswoman Emily Miller four months of hard effort to get a gun there? Here she is, in her own words. Of course, the reporters doing the story are clueless and ask typically ignorant questions, but she handles it with style.


Sustainability is:

(a) Repeal of the second law of thermodynamics.
(b) A total scam.
(c) A way to gorge on funding.

So-called sustainability is impossible, as far as we understand the laws of physics and the universe.

Everything is consumptive.

Nothing is sustainable.

Sustainability would require perpetual motion (impossible), zero losses in a closed system (impossible), frictionlessness (impossible), zero waste products (impossible) and a willingness to accept the impossible (highly possible).

It is a la-la-land utopian dream of the you-know-whos. It's a catch phrase for conniving money from the unsuspecting. It's become a pro-forma standard in applications for government funding, university funding, legislative boondoggles, and it's a total lie.

With the possible exception of our part-time sun (always takes nights off), which won't be consumed for several billion years (so it seems to be "renewable" and is indeed a valuable asset) and wind (with huge upfront amortizable costs and waste, and perpetual maintenance just like falsely labeled "free" solar) every sustainability scheme is an affront to rationale. Somewhere, behind the glitzy glittering gilding of glorified unsustainable dreams is an ugly underbelly of energy use, physical waste products and funding under false pretenses.

Yes, we can reduce, reuse and recycle, and sometimes that's OK as a personal choice (as opposed to freedom-squelching government-mandated requirements). But it typically comes with a reduction in the quality of life (wash your trash!), and all too often represents a net increase in resource use. Just ask yourself -- why is recycled paper, from trash collection and a factory, so much more expensive than fresh paper from trees -- which are a "renewable" crop?

In other news, it was revealed that although communist China, designated a "poor, developing" nation, receives special allowances for carbon-dioxide emissions, since it is a poor, developing nation, it is the world's largest polluter.


What's with all the Zombies?

Zombie is about the Hollywood/liberal mindset. Hypocrisy is their modus operandi, so despite their bluster they believe: Killing is fun. Just watch any machine-gun stupidity they produce. Killing is sexy. Just watch the scantily (or leather) clad babes thrilling to the killing. Killing would be unbridled fun if it wasn't for the moral dilemma. Killing zombies removes any moral dilemma. Expect to see more of it.


"I'd rather have a mormon than a muslim in the whitehouse." --Source unknown


The mainstream's incredible power to "set the narrative"
plagues the nation worse than commie infiltrators or muslim jihadis.
Remember, if you watch NBC or ABC, you'll C... BS.

"There's a reason they call it programming."


"Fathom the Hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured...
but not everyone must prove they are a citizen to vote." Anon.


"Bank of America has decided to drop McMillan Firearms as an  account... "
Like you, I've seen this story about 300 times by now.
Got a personal note from Kelly McMillan.
Something about this doesn't smell right.
Is there any word that BOA is doing this to all their other gun customers?
Or any of their other customers?
Why this single high-profile viral-animosity case?
Curious minds want to know.


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Long time friend and private investigator Paul Heubl, who figured out how an armed pilot's federally approved holster can set off a sidearm (after that midair mishap a few years back), has hit the nail on the head again. This is way too controversial (and accurate) for the lamestream to touch it:

Why Chicago's Deadly Violence is Nearly the Exclusive Province to African-American Criminals.
"It's not racism if it's true. Suppressing news like this, now that's racism."


Wear your colors.

1- Firearm Sales Exploding

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

Jobs are bad, the economy is bad, the economy is actually good, the recovery is on, the recovery is over, there is no recovery yet, we're still in a recession, there is no recession, unemployment is terrible, you're doomed, be afraid, be very afraid, everyone is out of work, the government is trying to make jobs, Obama is a good president and the economic problems are not his, candidates are running because they will create jobs, blah, blah, blah...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Gun sales continue to provide robust stimulus to the economy. The February 2012 adjusted NICS firearm-background-checks figure of 1,266,344 is an increase of 31.4% over the 963,746 in February 2011. These figures from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) are adjusted to more accurately reflect actual firearm sales, since some NICS checks are performed for states that use NICS to qualify people for CCW permits and for other purposes.

The numbers are not precise sales figures, since one NICS check can be used for multiple purchases, and some people, after a check, decide not to complete a purchase. Without the adjustments carefully performed by NSSF, the figures would be different.

For example, the unadjusted February 2012 NICS count is 1,734,646 background checks, an 18.6% increase from the unadjusted NICS figure of 1,463,138 in February 2011.

The Brady Campaign to Promote Gun Violence was rumored to be nauseated that the system they instigated informs us that 1.7 million Americans sought guns or gun-related actions -- in a single month. They didn't like this either:

This is the 21st straight month that NSSF-adjusted NICS figures have increased when compared to the same period the previous year. The world may be going to heck in a handbasket, but the firearms industry is a tremendous bright spot in the economy. The lamestream media could not be reached for comment. Read more and view the charts:

Total NICS background checks from inception in November 1998 through last March totaled 145.7 million. The most checks for any month were last December (2011) with 1,882,000 conducted. Three of the "top ten" days for background checks have occurred since "Black Friday" last November. March 2012 was the 22nd straight month that NSSF-adjusted NICS figures have increased.

With 145 million checks conducted in just the past 14 years, the lamestream media's popular figure of 200 million guns in American hands -- for the rest of the nation's two centuries of history -- seems like it might be a bit low, you think?

The "news" media was unavailable for comment. Or reporting.

In other news, Ruger has stopped taking orders, with more than one million back orders currently on hand. Their firearm sales by April of this year had reportedly exceeded all sales for 2011. Smith and Wesson, Mossberg, Hi Point and others are facing similar problems, if you can call that a problem, in this terrible economy.


2- Ammunition Exports Exploding

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Overall U.S. exports of arms and ammunition in six sporting categories increased 48.5% in January 2012 compared to January 2011. January 2012 exported units in tracked categories totaled 119.0 million units, up from 80.2 million units reported in January 2011.

Overall U.S. imports of arms and ammunition in the same six tracked sporting categories however decreased 21.1 percent in January 2012 compared to January 2011. This means our balance of trade for arms and ammunition is in positive territory, a strong plus for the economy.

January 2012 imported units in the six tracked categories totaled 114.9 million, down from 145.7 million reported in January 2011. All figures are from U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC). See a breakdown for each category here:

The six tracked categories are handguns, rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, shotgun cartridges and other cartridges. Handgun exports increased 65.6% from 10,557 to 17,487 units.


3- FFL Numbers Exploding

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

Jobs are shrinking, the workforce is shrinking, the economic outlook is dreary, jobs are going overseas, people are demoralized, there are no bright spots on the horizon...

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

More than 2,000 federally licensed firearm dealers have entered the marketplace since Jan 2010, bringing the national total to just under 49,000. This reverses a trend of draconian business policies instituted under former president Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton, that wiped out about two thirds of the FFLs in the nation, mostly small independent entrepreneurs and Mon-and-Pop shops.

Data collected by NSSF from the BATFE shows that the number of Type 01 (dealer in firearms) federal firearms licenses (FFLs) in the U.S. increased from 47,411 in January 2010 to 48,987 in February 2012. Additionally, the number of Type 02 FFLs (defined as pawnbroker in firearms) increased from 6,712 in January 2010 to 7,171 in February 2012.

"These increases over the past two years, especially considering the economic times, complement many other indicators that show strength for the firearms industry," said Randy Clark, NSSF managing director of business development.


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Ronald Reagan called the author's contributions, "immeasurable."

4- Media Admits Suppression

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

May 2, 2012. "Republicans for more than a year have tried to parlay a federal gun sting called 'Fast and Furious' into a major Obama administration scandal. They have not succeeded, but not for lack of trying." --The Roanoke Times

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

All this says is that the lamestream media has refused to follow this story like they should. It's not about a "lack of trying." It's about deliberate suppression of real news. The "news" media would cover this like white on rice if it was a republican administration shipping guns in wholesale quantities to Mexican drug kingpins. Despite overwhelming evidence of malfeasance, deliberate lying by the attorney general of the U.S., self-evident cover-ups, promotions for the bad actors, retracted documents and stonewalling (92% of requested documents have not been provided), the republicans "have not succeeded, but not for lack of trying." The "news" paper has indicted itself, without knowing it, but not for lack of trying.


4- "Birther" is an "N" word

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

The "birthers" are at it again, pressing this non-existent issue that has already been firmly settled beyond any question or doubt. A "birther" sheriff in Arizona, with the help of a "birther" Secretary of State there are trying to revive the "birther" issue to attack our beloved president.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

"Birther" is an "N" word

Dear Editor,
[permission to forward this to editors in your hometown granted]

"Birther," used by the media with impunity, is a derogatory slur, the equivalent of the "N" word used for another group to cast them as sub human.

You apply this new "N" word to a huge group of politically active Americans who've raised legitimate questions on a legitimate topic.

These Americans remember Sen. McCain was grilled by a Senate committee over the same issue -- eligibility. The man currently in the White House, for reasons that remain unclear to this day, avoided such reasonable scrutiny. These people ask, "Why?"

These citizens noticed that when Obama refused -- flat-out refused -- to release relevant documents you let him slide. These people noticed that when papers finally emerged, after unconscionable delays, irregularities were so great even amateur sleuths could spot them. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office found remarkable inconsistencies that point to deliberate fraud.

To demean and ridicule such socially conscious, politically active Americans with their own "N" word violates journalism's codes of ethics (AP, NY Times, SPJ) that require you not only to be unbiased, but to avoid even an appearance of bias. Inflammatory use of this offensive denigrating smear and "birther bashing" announces your prejudice loudly. At least you make that clear.

Alan Korwin.


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5- Hiding communist China

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

Chinese activist Chen arrives in NY.

The Washington Post has reported that Chinese dissident Chen has arrived in New York with his wife and two children. How he managed to escape from China, after seven years of house arrest is unclear, but Chinese and American diplomats worked behind the scenes to get him admitted to the U.S., and thus defuse a potentially difficult diplomatic situation.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Not a single word in the lengthy Washington Compost story mentioned why Chen was under arrest in communist China. The communist Chinese dictatorship remains a tyrannical regime with virtually no recognition of human rights.

Chen had campaigned, among other things, against forced abortions under the communist dictatorship's family-size-management policies. A self-taught lawyer, he was banned from practicing law.

Detractors of America's greatness, which includes the communist Chinese and all too often the Washington Compost itself, failed to mention why the U.S. is the last best hope for people escaping from tyranny and oppression because, with all our faults, we remain the linchpin of freedom for the entire planet.

His flight here was paid for by incredibly generous U.S. taxpayers, without their knowledge, through the U.S. State Dept. The check for his other expenses, like housing, food, clothing, and college tuition (he plans to study law at NYU), are likely to be picked up by the same people, us. You voted for that, didn't you?

In an unrelated story not mentioned by the Compost, a new t-shirt being marketed by the communist front organization, the "occupy" private property combine, features the friendly expression, "You say 'commie' like it's a bad thing." Various branches of the active communist parties in the U.S. brazenly set up tables at "occupy" insurgencies nationwide, giving out literature and soliciting converts.

Communists are selling this t-shirt design
at "occupy" rallies and political meetings.
If you think we beat the commies, think again.

Chen expressed concern that he still has relatives held by the chicoms, and the commie reds chained one of his relatives to a chair for three days, according to the Compost, in an effort to find out how he escaped from house arrest. His "escape" was actually a matter of getting into the highly fortified U.S. Embassy in red China. His crimes basically amounted to campaigning for increases in freedom, and disrupting traffic, according to official sources.

Why Chen did not make a break for the embassies of Niger, Nigeria, Zambia, Congo, Syria, Russia, Norway or 187 other countries remained unclear at press time. The "news" media could not be reached for comment.

The massive lamestream media's current trend of treating the communist dictatorship in China as just another government (the NY Times calls it simply "a one-party system") confound observers, who note that the lamestream does tend to lean well to the left themselves (where communism represents the extreme in that direction).

Americans who thought we defeated communism with the fall of the U.S.S.R. and the Berlin wall, were disappointed to learn that communist Cuba, communist China, communist North Korea, four nations in South America, Laos and Vietnam, scores of others with avowed communist rulers or communism/socialism imbedded in their very constitutions (, and communists or marxists within our own government are working hard to establish communism as the globally dominant force on Earth for the betterment of humanity and the children. And here you thought republican/democrat bickering and the muslims posed the great challenges to freedom...


6- Racist Presidential Campaign

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

"JACKSONVILLE, Fla. A billionaire who considered a plan to resurrect incendiary comments by President Barack Obama's former pastor shelved the idea Thursday after Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney denounced the tactic that would have drawn the issue of race into the presidential campaign," according to the Associated Press, in a story with no byline.

The only significant issues in the upcoming presidential campaign are the economy, jobs, the economy, foreign affairs, and the economy.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

How can any conscious person think that race is not an issue in the upcoming election? Yet the "news" media is falling into lock step behind the politically correct lie that race is not an issue.

The hypocrisy will be front and center as reports for the next 23 weeks will analyze how many blacks are voting for the black or partially black incumbent. Race is a dominant issue, but in classic naked-emperor style, every reporter and editor will see it and claim it does not exist, or charge "racism" to anyone who can see that it is and dares to say so. People will vote based on race on both sides of this black-and-white divide.

The current effort at race denial by adamant racists concerns supreme racist and hate monger Jeremiah Wright, who for 20 years preached hate and race baiting to a nearly segregated congregation including the man now in the White House. In a stunning denial of reality, Mr. Obama claims he never noticed the hate spewing forth from this horrid little man of the so-called "black liberation theology," an America-hating screed dedicated to "destroying the white enemy." Race is not an issue?

Now, in a social-pressure tactic, all the lamestream "news" media has declared that coverage of this hateful two frickin decades in Mr. Obama's career, "going too far," beyond the pale, and no longer an issue. This has forced one concerned citizen to not air commercials reminding the public of what Obama brought to the election. It is hidden and dismissed by the lamestreamers, and now being suppressed by the entire news corps. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, two of America's most overt and high-profile racists, agree with the lamestream on this point.


7- Black Teenage Murderer

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

"AP, SARASOTA, Fla. 3/28/12 - A Florida teenager received a life sentence Wednesday after a jury convicted him of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of two young British tourists last April, a case that generated blaring tabloid headlines in the U.K. press.

"The two men were vacationing in Sarasota and spent an evening drinking when they got lost and walked into a housing project where Shawn Tyson lived. Details of their deaths have gripped the British news media. Tabloids there have written stories saying the men were 'slaughtered' in a Florida 'ghetto.' "  The U.S. "news" media have refused to call a ghetto a ghetto in a long long time, according to sources.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In a stunning coincidence, two 17-year-old black Florida teenagers have been involved in homicides. "What are the chances of that," asked one observer, who denied racially profiling the story. Even more remarkable, is that one teenager got enormous press in England for murdering two British tourists, but got almost no attention here.

The other black teenager, six-foot-two-inch varsity-football-player Trayvon Martin, who was killed in what may have been a successful self defense against a failed felony assault on a stranger, has dominated U.S. news domestically for months and is likely to continue doing so.

It was unclear at press time why a black teenage murderer, who got no help from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, would get scant press coverage, when a dead black teenager who looked angelic in his baby pictures, would get so much more attention.


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8- Security Rules Ignored

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

The millions of students who take the SAT or ACT each year will have to submit photos of themselves when they sign up for the college-entrance exams, under a host of new security measures announced Tuesday in the aftermath of a major cheating scandal on Long Island.

Students have long been required to show identification when they arrive for one of the tests. Under the new rules, they will have to submit head shots of themselves in advance with their test application. A copy of the photo will be printed on the admission ticket mailed to each student and will also appear on the test-site roster.
"(School administrators are) going to be able to compare the photo and the person who showed up and say that's either John Doe or that's not John Doe. They didn't have the ability to do that before," the district attorney said.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

College students will need better ID to take exams than people living in America will need to vote for president of the United States or any other elected office, if certain powerful lobbying groups have their way. Student IDs for exams is already a done deal.

Many democrats and illegal-alien support groups are fighting against common-sense measures to require people to identify themselves when they go to polls to vote. Only citizens are supposed to vote in elections, but it has been shown that illegal aliens and others, including dogs and the dead, are often registered to vote, and sometimes do, sometimes more than once per election.

Vote fraud happens at three steps in the political process. First there's registration, where ineligibles are sometimes registered, or people register in multiple districts. Second, at the polls themselves, ineligibles, illegals, unregistereds and multiple voters can turn up and cast ballots without ID. Finally, during the counting process, numerous problems have been detected with everything from dimpled chads, to electronic-device malfunctions or malfeasance, lost ballot boxes, and deliberate chicanery in the counting process.

The powerful illegal-alien lobby claims that requiring positive ID, or any ID, places an unfair burden on disadvantaged minorities, people of color, underrepresented masses, the poor, welfare cases, the illiterate and the proletariat. Requiring a person to be who they say they are when they vote, will disenfranchise a political underclass, generally supporters of welfare democrats.

Balancing this notion is the controversial movement to restrict voting to only people who pay taxes, since it is their money that hangs in the balance and runs government. People who pay nothing and are "free riders" on the system, should be limited in what they can do to tip the system to their benefit.

A more dramatic and more controversial idea is floating to limit voting to people who understand politics and know what's going on. That, of course, would limit voting to exactly no one, since, despite all the bluster, no one ever really knows what's really going on, not even the president or the smartest person on the planet.


9- Pakistani Aid Unabated

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

The Associated Press reported on Friday that U.S. Congress has voted to withhold $33 million in aid to Pakistan, $1M for each year of a prison sentence handed to a Pakistani doctor who helped the U.S. locate Osama bin Laden. Congress was reportedly outraged at the punishment, and has been increasingly frustrated by Pakistani support for al-Qaeda and terrorism. The vote of the Senate Appropriations Committee was unanimous, 30-0.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Pakistan receives about $800 million each year from Congress, a number not reported by the AP. The cash is taken from people who earned it, known as U.S. taxpayers. Claims that the phony puffed-chest posturing by the deceitful lying snakes in Congress was just a show for the lapdog Associated Press and other "news" organizations could not be confirmed at press time.

It should be noted that the Committee's recommendations do not cut the funding, as the AP's headline misleadingly suggests. The recommendation MAY be voted on by Congress, sometime this summer, there's apparently no rush. Until then, and maybe after then, the cash continues to flow. The AP story, which gave percentages but not total numbers, failed to mention that the proposed "slash" (their word) to the aid is a huge 4% of the total cash giveaway, less than sales tax in most states.

Inclined to Liberty

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  National Training Week

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

National Training Week is when everyone is encouraged to go to the range and practice during 4th of July week (July 4 - 11). "Celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, firearms and freedom."

Wouldn't it be nice if, as a special project, your own local shooting ranges offered one-hour handgun rentals for free, so you could try out new guns?

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According to criminal-defense attorneys, half of all convictions for self-defense incidents rely on frantic traumatized 911 tapes. As a bonus, the media will air your voice nationwide for weeks. That can't be right.

Do you have the right to an attorney present during questioning? What about your Fifth Amendment rights against self incrimination? Can you call 911 and protect yourself?

When you call 911 after saving your life with gunfire, you are giving up crucial life-saving rights you think you have. Dial 911 and fry. And that's wrong.

The dangerous snare of 911 recordings is built right into our American self-defense system -- and nobody has looked at it hard -- until now.

After You Shoot lights up this overlooked problem and provides common-sense, workable solutions to these horrors -- vicious traps that threaten every gun owner and innocent crime victim in America. If you have a gun for self defense, find out how you should protect yourself -- After You Shoot.

Includes and discusses controversial Adnarim (reverse Miranda) statements many lawyers and other experts suggest you use. Includes the advice lethal-force expert Massad Ayoob has been giving his students for years.

Includes advice and commentary from more than 70 experts --
judges, lawyers, prosecutors, trainers, legislators, victims, reporters and more.

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Why did I join your list? I had your book, "The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide" in an edition from the late 1990s.  I decided to update myself and bought the current edition (the 25th, "Best gun laws in America").  In it, you mentioned the website and so I decided to check it out.  So, I guess the answer is, "You didn't have a website 15 years ago."



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