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Gun Laws of America


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1- Court Censors "Guns Save Lives"
2- Next President Faces Constitutional Carry
3- Zimmerman's Lawyer Addresses Gun Rights Policy Conference
4- Mexico Plans U.S. Gun-Control Through the U.N.
5- Blow Hards Blow Harder Than "Sleeper" Storm Sandy

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Author Alan Korwin
as drawn by Pulitzer-prize-winning cartoonist Steve Benson

The Uninvited Ombudsman Report, October 30, 2012
by Alan Korwin, Bloomfield Press

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Meet me at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, Nov. 3-4
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This is the last big gun show in Arizona before the presidential election
Stock up while you still can -- no one knows how the election will turn out.
I'll be there to discuss the Guns Save Lives lawsuit, and will have all my books with me.


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Armed American Radio fans --
I know I promised news on a handful of subjects
and I will get to them soon, please bear with me:

--Obama's use of Executive Order 13603, scarier than the words themselves
(Applies during national emergency OR in peacetime, and he didn't write it)

--Bill of Rights Day is coming Saturday, Dec. 15, and we'll need it more than ever
(Whoever wins the election, Obama will control the lame-duck session of Congress)

--Was Thomas Jefferson wrong? Are we all equal, are rights unalienable, is there more to it?
(A stunning paper by Gerry Smedinghoff sheds new light, forces reexamination, chilling)


Nov. 7, 2012
"Half the nation will be severely depressed on the day after the election." --Korwin
That's assuming the election is decided by then.
We have found out in recent years that our ability to count that high is less than perfect.

Election Night:
You can sit around and watch humanity's inability to count quickly on TV.

You can watch the biased media teams root for their homies,
report partial numbers in breathless hopefulness and neurotic frenzy,
with circles and arrows, and maps and diagrams.

Fill your home and ears with the noisy frenetic racket your TV and radio will produce.
Or you can take this bold suggestion: Go out to a movie. Visit a comedy club. Clean your garage.
Play piano, or Scrabble. Read a book. There's a novel idea, pun acknowledged.

Leave electronic media, including your computer and small-screen electronics -- off.
VERY HARD TO DO. It will NOT change the election, that's a guarantee.

In the morning, like a birthday or Christmas surprise, find out who won, without the neurosis, assuming the result is known. You'll get the same elation or depression, I promise. You'll also have the benefit of some perspective, and will be able to proceed with a fresh outlook, which ever way it goes.

Whichever way it goes, remember, the best defense is a good offense. The problems created by government are basically not going to be solved by government. That's up to we, the people. Read the second article in this report for that.

Do vote. Yes, do vote. Aside from the candidates, there are other issues to be resolved. I don't publicly endorse or oppose candidates, I'm an issues and policy guy. My stand on ballot propositions for my home state are posted (after a ton of research and thought), and they definitely do matter. Our judges don't support fully informed juries, yours probably don't either, and if that's the case and you vote for retaining judges, vote NO for all of them (search and read about the John Peter Zenger trial if you have doubts).


Bill of Rights Day

Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012, is the day the Bill of Rights was ratified.
After a decade of carrying the water, I am not sponsoring an event this year.
YOU ARE. Nationwide. Look:
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Did you miss the documentary movie "2016"?

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You can now watch the entire film in the comfort of your home, free of charge.
How did Frank Marshal Davis, the dangerous black communist on the FBI's
national emergency round-up list, become Obama's leading mentor,
(according to Obama himself in his autobiography)
and not get filtered out in the national security checks
a candidate must go through before getting into office?
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.



The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

"Guns Save Lives" Bus-Stop Ads To Remain Censored

TrainMeAZ campaign will appeal

Goldwater Institute attorneys "disappointed" but "confident"

The lowest court to hear the free-speech case against Phoenix, for censoring the "Guns Save Lives" Educate-Your-Kids firearm-safety campaign, has decided against the plaintiff in the case, Alan Korwin and TrainMeAZ, LLC. The TrainMeAZ campaign will proceed with an appeal and Phase II, and is promising news on that soon. You can sign up for bulletins here.

Click the image for full details.

This is the advertising poster the city of Phoenix tore down in the middle of the night.
It was posted under an $11,000 contract at 50 public bus stops in high-traffic locations.
The campaign was financed by civic-minded sponsors in the firearms community,
listed here, take a look.

The court decision was not a total surprise, though the decision itself was something of a stunner. Clint Bolick, the director of The Goldwater Institute's Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation is the lead attorney representing TrainMeAZ on the case. Korwin discussed this with him and attorney Christina Sandefur, who has been on the case since it began.

"As expected, the judge ruled against us," Korwin said. "What is shocking is the utterly superficial nature of the ruling -- one of the worst any of us have ever seen, especially with the volume of evidence and complexity of the case. We've been at this now for two years -- hearings, filings, sworn depositions, responses, evidence gathered and submitted. Although we're displeased, our interest is not diminished."

Clint commented, “Given the importance of the legal issues and the extensive evidence showing that the City’s advertising policy is applied in a highly subjective manner, we were disappointed by the cursory decision issued by the trial court.  We’re confident that the Court of Appeals will give this case the attention it deserves, and that in the end the plaintiffs’ fundamental First Amendment rights will prevail.”


So here I was all set to bite into the meat of the decision, win or lose, and the decision is so short (five paragraphs) and so devoid of substance that there isn't much to say. Judge Brain concluded that, "... if one where (sic) to carry plaintiffs' arguments to its logical conclusion, Phoenix could only adopt one of two policies: (a) anyone can advertise anything; or (b) no one can advertise anything." It almost sounds like Brain was late for a dinner and didn't bother to read the arguments or the mountain of evidence the case generated.

The Goldwater Institute will be filing an appeal. It is typical in cases like this, where the bureaucrats in power run rampant over fundamental rights, that lower courts align themselves with the bureaucracies and allow the travesties to exist, which is why such cases must be filed.

The advertisements remained standing for about nine days, illuminated at night.

The Institute for Justice, a friend of freedom and pro-bono law firm which showed interest in our free-speech predicament early on, recently commented on the difficulty of these types of cases, in a recent report to its membership. They said it better than I can:

"...court losses, especially at the initial stages, are inescapable for cutting-edge constitutional lawyers. Indeed, we tend to view an initial loss in a case as a good warm-up to an ultimate victory... (such) cases are always uphill battles because we are trying to change the law. In fact, if they weren't such challenging cases, there would be no reason for IJ to litigate them in the first place. Easy cases can be litigated by anyone. Instead, we take cases as part of a long-term strategy to improve constitutional protection for individual freedom, particularly in areas of the law where that freedom has been degraded by courts and legislatures over time...

"But we do not win all of these cases at the trial court or even necessarily at the mid-level appellate courts. Instead, because our cases raise such difficult and important legal issues, we often must go to the appellate or supreme courts to secure a victory that then protects everyone's rights.

"...In fact, losing some of our cases tells us that we are litigating the right issues. Losses tell us that rights are in jeopardy and are in need of protection. A series of recent lower court losses in the area of free speech for businesses is serving just this purpose -- it is telling us we are on the right track in choosing our cases. The standard rule is that free speech rights get very strong protection, while government-imposed limits on economic rights get substantial deference from the courts through the 'rational basis test.'

"What happens, however, when businesses want to speak? IJ has brought a series of such cases in recent years. Despite the supposed high levels of protection for free speech in this nation, our cases have not fared well in the courts. The judiciary's reflexive deference to the other branches of government whenever a law has anything to do with business has outweighed even the strong protections of the First Amendment.

"Our three losses in these business speech cases have all been in the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals... The 4th Circuit losses tell us that the law is in even worse shape than we thought and therefore that IJ's work is desperately needed. We must redouble our commitment to protecting the right to earn a living through speaking and the right of everyone to speak freely, including people who own small businesses.

"Through resilience and persistence, we will secure protection not only for free speech but economic liberty, property rights and school choice, as well." That commentary was penned by Dana Berliner, IJ's litigation director, and echoes Goldwater's sentiments to a tee. It's a small world -- Dana succeeded Clint as IJ litigation director after Clint moved to the Goldwater Institute.

In oral argument at court, the attorney for Phoenix said, "We shouldn't have to be tarnished," with messages like TrainMeAZ's, and that political "diatribes" cannot be allowed. "It's the political ideology that we do not want," the city of Phoenix said. Those are quotes from the city's oral argument in court. They didn't fight with our headlines so much as the text we provided for people standing waiting at the public bus shelters.

Bolick and Sandefur preparing for oral argument.

Our text for bus riders is designed to draw them in and convince them training is valuable and something they should get: "In Arizona, marksmanship matters. 'The Train-Me State' knows that a nation, trained to arms, is an American linchpin of freedom, and is respected in Arizona like nowhere else. The Arizona legislature has enacted vibrant protection of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. We in Arizona seem destined to set models for the nation -- in this case, a shining example of gun rights for all free peoples of the Earth."

That's the tarnish the city of Phoenix doesn't want people to see. Read the rest here. We can't tell from their policy (which they changed after our lawsuit was filed by the way) which words are OK and which are not. No one can. In sworn depositions, even their experts couldn't tell what was allowed and what wasn't. Yet the "standards" are supposed to be clear to an average person of ordinary intelligence.

In other words, they decide what to allow in secret back rooms when no one is looking and you're not supposed to complain. That's their idea of free speech. You should have seen them squirm and evade and avoid when they were under oath. It was mind boggling. I had to keep my mouth shut and just watch. Now THAT was hard.

Everything in our ad is aimed at motivating and persuading the viewer to go to the website and hire trainers, go to classes and get educated about gun safety and marksmanship. (Arizona firearm trainers reading this should go to and sign up, it's free.)

We even go after a person's stomach: "This is why the TrainMeAZ campaign exists. Acting as one, the state rises up to encourage and enable gun-safety training, fun shoots, special training days at the range, a coordinating point for the state's thousand-plus certified trainers -- with web-interactive and printed maps for the people. Soak up family days where the shooting sports are honored and enjoyed, with that freedom smell of gunpowder and a good hot dog."

I've never been a plaintiff in a lawsuit before but this sure feels right. I'm lucky to have the Goldwater Institute on my side -- there would be no way to do this without them. They deserve your support -- financial, moral, or just follow their exploits by getting their email alerts.

The core of the lawsuit from my non-lawyer perspective

Phoenix claims that because a public-transit bus stop is a non-public venue (you read that right), they can limit speech on ads there to only those that "propose a commercial transaction" (with small exceptions for porn, fraud and similar). I know, I know, claiming a public bus stop is not a public venue is nuts, but it's a fine point of law and we're not even arguing that, go read the "Children of the Rosary" case at the beloved Ninth Circuit Court if you're really interested. Goldwater has all the papers posted here.

The real issue is that our ad does indeed propose a commercial transaction -- paid training: Educate Your Children, which promotes paid training and range time and classes at (go look) but the city falsely claims it doesn't. And the city has allowed all sorts of totally non-commercial ads, including public-service ads, which are supposed to be specifically banned. But they like those, so they let them run.

They have allowed ads for free pregnancy tests (where's the commercial transaction in that?) and free veterans counseling (another clear public-service ad, and a good thing, but not allowed under their "standards"). They even have an ad that says "Jesus Heals" with a cross made of band-aids and a radio station named. This is a commercial transaction?  Don't let Jesus know. Judge Brain mentioned none of this, and a ton of other clear examples that Goldwater attorneys and staff spent enormous time and effort researching and presenting, that Brain ignored, in what passes for his ruling.

In other words, the city's decisions about what you're allowed to say are arbitrary, capricious and decided at the whim of bureaucrats. The judge's ruling basically ignores the facts and evidence in the case and simply finds for the city on a whim. No reasonable person can apply their "standards" in a meaningful way and come out with consistent results. This denies a person's right to free speech, equal treatment under the law and due process, the grounds for our First and Fourteenth Amendment challenges under state and federal constitutional protections. We shall proceed.

This has been hard on me personally, and has been a major setback to our small business startup, the firearms-safety referral business for the state, for more than two years now. In a time of economic difficulty, the government has put the brakes on a golden business opportunity and a safety opportunity for the public.

The goal was to expand the market for gun-oriented training, now that Constitutional Carry is in place in Arizona. The market potential has exploded -- from the 2% of people willing to bow and scrape before the government for a permission slip to discreetly bear arms, to the 50% of the public who keep arms. Government takes a small step out of our way and it's a potential economic stimulus package all by itself.

Instead of catering to the government-enforcement model, where classes and course content are dictated by government, it makes sense for everyone to get firearms training. Instead of a government-induced training cartel, with "official" trainers sanctioned by unelected bureaucrats, NRA-certified and other free-market forces can fill the void and promote firearms safety as a legitimate and wholesome pursuit.

Two years later, government is still in the way. The ambitious dream of marketing firearms safety and marksmanship to the general public, the way drug makers sell cures for all that ails you, remains a lofty goal. But it remains.


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2- Next President Faces Constitutional Carry

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

President Obama, if re-elected, plans to introduce stronger gun-control laws the nation desperately needs. This includes limits on radical concealed-carry laws that let people carry dangerous fully loaded handguns wherever they go.

Governor Romney would not push for gun-control laws the way the great president Obama would, and though his record on guns is not as strong as some of the gun nuts in the gun lobby would like, they consider him a much better bet than Obama, even though Obama has not come through on most of his gun-control promises yet.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Whoever ends up taking the White House next month, the best defense is a good offense, and gun-rights advocates need to start thinking now about pro-rights laws to preserve, protect and defend the right to keep and bear arms, according to leading experts.

Chief among these is the nationwide effort to move beyond government-issued permission slips, often called CCW permits and so-called "right" to carry laws for discreetly bearing arms, and on to Freedom to Carry laws, or Constitutional Carry, now fully or partially effective in six states -- Vermont, Alaska, Montana (outside city limits), Texas (to, from and in vehicles), Wyoming (residents only) and Arizona (complete freedom for anyone legally in the state from anywhere on Earth).

NOTE: Read the background on Constitutional Carry, and talking points, here:
and a good Q&A about the system here:

You will hear scare tactics about blood-in-the-streets when you raise the issue, just like you heard when CCW was introduced, and it will be just as bogus. The Dodge-City myths are a bunch of baloney, fear and loathing from a cadre of haters who suffer from hoplophobia or just detest your rights. Ignore them and forge ahead.

Some Tips For Implementing Constitutional Carry In Your State

Although Constitutional Carry adheres closely to what the Founding Fathers intended when they formed this nation, we have moved so far from those fundamental principles that this law, which ought to be basically automatic, can be a struggle from the start. Don't be disheartened, it is the moral high ground and the right state of affairs. With persistence you can have this wonderful freedom in your state, while watching individual rights increase and crime drop.

For starters, getting as much law enforcement buy-in as you can from the beginning is helpful, virtually essential. Like it or not, LEO lobbyists tend to have a lot of influence at state houses, and especially in the Governor's office.

Getting them to the table at the start is a big plus. Even if you can't get them to cooperate or concede anything, it makes a difference when you go to legislators and staffers and can say that you tried to negotiate with them and address their issues. The fact that they were uncooperative or even refused to talk to you shows the right effort on your part. It puts the onus on them to concede something or deal with the bill as is.

This is a position they are not usually accustomed to being in, and even if they are, it can motivate them to start to deal. If you had reached out your hand in a good faith effort, and they slapped it away, that's a talking point, and will work in your favor. It could even take the edge off and make them marginally friendly.
If you're an independent grass roots person or group, you certainly want the NRA on your team as well. The NRA state liaison (who you should naturally have a relationship with before you even begin) will be a big help, depending on the person, and you should never run a gun bill without their buy-in or at least knowledge, that's just plain common sense. Constitutional Carry may or may not be on their busy agenda, so check first.

They have a lot of influence at state capitols, even in traditionally anti-gun legislatures, and if you don't have their cooperation, you probably won't get very far. You may find they'll want to simply take a hands-off approach to this issue and let you run on your own, it depends, and you need to know that as you gear up. As the biggest defender of gun rights in the nation, they deserve and have earned your cooperation. At the very least, keep them informed.
As a citizen or lobbyist, remember that facts are paramount. Never be caught in a lie or a half-truth. If you don't have an answer on any particular question, simply tell them you don't have it, but you will get it -- and then do so. Use the links at the top of this article for background. Leave the lies to the other guys, it catches up to them in the end. Constitutional Carry doesn't need embellishment -- it is the principled, righteous moral high ground. Possession of private property, especially constitutionally protected property like arms, should be permit free, without fees or expiration dates.

Be prepared to have many people who you'd think are "on your side" come out against Constitutional Carry, particularly from the ranks of instructors and training schools. They will argue that no one should be able to carry a gun without permits and training -- from them. Understand that constitutional arguments, despite their validity, will mostly fall on deaf ears -- when the government mandate for classes forces people to the trainers' rice bowls. It's hard to make a person see facts when their livelihood depends on not seeing those facts.

The stark reality is that, from a purely statistical standpoint, there is no evidence that shows that training results in a safer society. We can have a wonderfully energetic debate about that. You can contact Prof. John Lott for technical factual confirmation of this principle. While this seems counterintuitive, and many will argue exactly that, the numbers don't lie. There are many states that issue permits with no training requirement, and they are as safe as those that require training. Ditto for those states that don't require the little permits at all. In most cases, open carry has been legal for centuries with few problems. The introduction of carry under your shirt or in a handbag doesn't change this. In stark contrast, and you already know this, states and cities that severely restrict carry are crime ridden.
Now this doesn't mean that you or anyone else should be anti-training. Instructors everywhere encourage everyone to be trained and competent, regardless of government forcing you to do so. I support this totally. I don't think a high school diploma should be issued without at least one full credit in marksmanship. We have a statute in Arizona that provides for that as an elective, and we're looking into it as a requirement, you should too. Half of all American homes have a firearm, yet kids graduate and have no idea what sort of gun they should get, that's a national travesty.

What you should oppose, and what you should focus on, is the bad idea of one-size-fits-all government training mandates. And government licensing a fundamental right, which has been uniformly rejected by the courts in other areas -- like for voting, or religion, or speech. Just as we don't hammer on a square peg to make it fit a round hole, we shouldn't make everyone fit into a government marksmanship class and call it good. The free market can, and should, decide. Freedom to Carry laws do this. That's what TrainMeAZ is all about (at least until Phoenix censored us).

And don't be surprised when gun-rights activists themselves tend to balk, at least initially, to the idea of being free enough to bear arms without government oversight. Between the “news” media, the government-run school system, and the culture in America these days, large chunks of the population that ought to know better think things need to be government approved to be OK. Many will fiercely argue that without forced training from government masters, your friends and neighbors are unfit to exercise their rights responsibly. This statist mentality is at the heart of many problems we face today. Fighting back with Constitutional Carry laws helps people see the light.

Pressing for Constitutional Carry will force the next president to deal with the public from the people's perspective, and that's a good thing, no matter who wins the White House.



"It doesn't make sense to own a gun and not know the rules."

You need to know the gun laws for your state. Be safe, not sorry.
We publish the gun laws, word-for-word and in plain English.

Find your state here:

Owning a gun doesn't do you much good --
if it gets you arrested because you didn't know what you were doing.


3- Mark O'Mara Addresses Gun Rights Policy Conference

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:


In fact, video crews for five TV stations showed up at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando last month, recorded the remarks of Mark O'Mara, attorney for George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case, and promptly left the building. Very brief sound bites aired that evening with little mention of the conference or any of the other extremely relevant news at the three-day event, and then cut away to abject silliness which has become the mainstay of broadcast "news."

Camera crews crowded into the back of the hall for the 27th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference
in Orlando, Florida in September, to get sound bites of George Zimmerman's attorney, and then fled
the room like it was on fire. None of the newsworthy material at the conference got any coverage, and
the lessons on self defense that O'Mara delivered were among the least relevant from a timeliness
perspective, though from an informational standpoint, the public is almost perfectly ignorant of the
extremely valuable information Mr. O'Mara covered. None of it got airtime.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

O'Mara noted that he couldn't comment on the case itself or he would have to give up his license to practice law, so the "news" crews showed up essentially for nothing. He did point out that those of us in the audience who have already concluded how the case should be decided were idiots (my word, not even remotely his) because they could only be right by coincidence, since as the lead attorney on the case he was just beginning the process and he didn't know.

In his opinion, the case is bad for the nation, because whichever way the case is settled, half the nation will be dissatisfied, and if the past is any gauge, it could lead to riots and bad juju (my word, not his). The media coverage, he felt, was a disgrace, but par for the course. The media's focus on stand-your-ground laws, for example, was completely misplaced because they have little or nothing to do with the case. At first such things never even came up. I had made that point when I first heard about it. The media latched on to this point out of thin air somehow, and the spin then just spun out of control. Now it's part of the nation dialog and is not likely to go back to normal.

George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara,
at the 2012 Gun Rights Policy Conference in
Orlando, Florida

What he did discuss, and brilliantly I thought, was an examination of precisely how self-defense law works, and it seemed to me like the audience needed this. Most people have a gross misunderstanding of when they can shoot, what the repercussions are, and how it will affect you. Mark's command of the subject was superb, and his ability to communicate it was flawless.

If you ever need a lawyer, don't tell the responding cops, "I want a lawyer," expecting the people who arrive to arrest you and see you convicted to handle your defense. Instead, call this guy or someone like him. And prepare to empty all your bank accounts, that's just the nature of the game. The Zimmerman trial begins in the middle of 2013, not because they'll be sitting still, but because the preparations take that long (the Trayvon assault took place eight months ago). You don't understand how it can take so long? Like I said, most people have no clue how all this works. And you get to sit in jail while these wheels of justice grind. Even if you're innocent.


A survival guide from the left -- unlike any survival book you have seen. The author includes things you have never even considered (like bicycles of the apocalypse). It turns out liberals fear a world collapse just like everyone, maybe more. Financial upheaval, interruption of food, water or power supply, superbugs, muslims, nukes, martial law, it's a long list -- and here is a very fresh perspective -- how to survive and thrive with a left-wing slant. Evasion tactics of prison escapees. You're not fully prepared if you're not aware of what's in this book.


4- Mexico Plans U.S. Gun Control Through the U.N.

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

According to the U.S. Ambassador to the UN Arms Trade Treaty, Donald A. Mahley (pronounced MAY-lee) who spoke at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando last month, Mexico is hoping to introduce a resolution to the UN at the end of this month, to adopt the draft arms trade treaty as the official procedural text. At this late date it appears they may not be able to gather the needed votes to do so. If adopted by a vote of 90 members of the General Assembly this would make the draft agreement the official controlling document and work against U.S. gun laws.

Donald Mahley, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Arms Trade Treaty, seen here with his wife Julianna,
is all smiles
after being presented with a classic Colt 1911 pistol at the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

Mexico would only make the attempt if they know in advance that they have the votes for passage, which they will determine behind the scenes, and this would happen with the tacit approval and help from people within our own government. This would provide cover for the Mexican government, whose gun policies are an abject failure, and have led to carnage and corruption from top to bottom of their government and society.

The NRA released a brief video that summarizes the disastrous Mexican gun policies and civil warfare being hidden by the lamestream media. As bad as you know the U.S. "news" media has become, this will shock you.>

The war on U.S. gun rights, simmering under the Obama administration and promoted by his friends in the Calderon administration, were fostered by the Fast and Furious gun smuggling scheme the Obama team put in place and has since covered up, with a presidential order of executive privilege and attorney general stonewalling. Despite constant denials, Fast and Furious was successful in one of its main goals. It forced, through use of a "demand letter," the creation of a gun registration scheme in the four Mexican border states in direct violation of U.S. law, without an act of Congress, by edict of the controversial and often lawless BATFE.

Despite claims that guns in Fast and Furious come from the U.S., pictures in the U.S. "news" media itself clearly show that these are typically AK-47s, which everyone knows are commie guns, made in former communist bloc nations like Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and communist China, and shipped all over the world. The NRA video makes this point with eye-witness testimony. The U.S. is just a way station for some of these guns the Mexican drug lords get for murdering tens of thousands of people. No one in the "news" seems to get this point. These aren't U.S. guns. We make and prefer the much better made AR-15.

The primary firearms in the U.S. government's Fast and Furious gun-smuggling program,
displayed here in a "news" photo,
were the notorious single-shot AK-47, a commie gun.
Made in former
communist bloc countries, they're shipped all over the world. Saying they
come from America is simply inaccurate, but facts play a very small role in media stories,
which is why they are called "stories."

Also important to note is that the AK-47 is a single-shot rifle like any other household or sport-utility firearm. If it is converted to a machine gun, which requires detailed knowledge and a machine shop, that is highly illegal; the conversion is at least a five-year federal felony, possession afterwards is at least a five-year federal felony, transferring it to anyone afterwards is at least a five-year federal felony, so that's 15 years of prison with the laws already on the books, for this commie gun.

It's hard to get a sense of the size of the GRPC meeting. In the foreground of the empty hall on the night
before the event is the stack of free books each participant receives simply for showing up.

When the feds say they need more laws, how much more prison time would they add? Two guns, 30 years. The claim, sometimes made, that they cannot get convictions, means the judiciary needs improvement, not the laws. And judges, known for sometimes being soft on crime, need a brighter spotlight focused on their work (or lack of it) too.

In a letter to me from Ambassador Mahley, (edited for brevity) he explains:

"Mexico believes the draft that emerged from the July U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Conference is about as close as they are going to get to something they can use to try to lever the U.S. to keep weapons migrating from the U.S. to Mexico. I don't agree with that assessment -- nor with the idea that the problem with all the U.S.-origin (and other-country-origin as well) weapons ending up in Mexico is any U.S. laxness about weapons. Rather, every one of those is a violation of Mexican law, so the first place to look for a problem is with Mexican law enforcement.

"Their approach would (or could) be to introduce a resolution this month to win back their position that ammunition should be included in Article 2 as an item fully within the scope of the treaty, (rather than its current placement in Article 6 which is only exports). They would then attempt to get countries to "co-sponsor" the resolution, and eventually in the first week of November have it voted on by the UNFC (the UN First Committee). A simple majority of states voting would mean the resolution was approved and submitted to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) for consideration.

"Then, in December, the UNGA would take up the resolutions from all the UN committees and vote on adopting them. A simple majority would likely suffice. If such a resolution passed, most likely it would contain language calling for the attached text to be opened for signature by states at some date and location specified, most likely during the first quarter of 2013. At that point, the U.S. would have to decide whether to sign such a treaty or not -- likely not, no matter who wins the election in November."

Mexico faces some deep challenges in getting this to happen in the convoluted world of UN intrigues the Ambassador went on to describe, but the fact they would even consider stooping to such depths, to shift blame and hide their own corruption, incompetence and work, with Obama's minions in tow, means we face a darker future than you previously realized. However this boils out, don't expect to learn about it from lamestream media. Preparation ahead of time would be wise. Might I suggest -- a few good books on survival, disaster planning, and civil preparedness:


It's a Disaster!
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5- Blow Hards Blow Harder Than "Sleeper" Storm Sandy

True nature of the problem would not be known until morning.

Reporters blew hard anyway.

WARNING: Don't get me wrong here: Tropical Storm Sandy caused widespread devastation and misery. What I am addressing is the sensationalism of early reporting; the false fear mongering; the story lines that didn't match the videos; the attempt to instill fear that didn't match the facts; the joggers out for a casual run in the background while reporters spread dire tales of horror and lies. Yes, things are bad. No, reporters did not give it to you straight. If they could make it look worse than it is, they did.

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream media told you:

"Frankenstorm." "Superstorm Sandy." Monster storm the likes of which we haven't seen in our lifetimes. Hunker down. Mandatory evacuation orders. Stay off the roads. Do not venture outside. Do not expect emergency services to come and rescue you. Don't call 911 and jam the lines. One reporter who found a river flowing on what used to be a street in Atlantic City stood in it all night for the cameras (while people and vehicles traveled in the background). Some beach erosion on a beach near the ocean, which is where beaches are found, which erode in storms. A wooden walkway floats away. Erin Burnett breathlessly standing in a light rain and stiff breezes in front of a well-lit Manhattan talking about power outages all over Manhattan. Partial collapse of a construction crane on 57th street high above the busiest street in Manhattan. Partial collapse of a construction crane on 57th street high above the busiest street in Manhattan. Repetition of all of the above. Incessantly. Don't forget what nighttime "news" coverage was like, in the aftermath coverage of flooded homes and receding water and damage. Barrier islands washing away from erosion, which is the precise nature of barrier islands.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The lowest category storm that can still be called a hurricane, a Category 1 storm, threw the "news" community into a breathless reporting frenzy all night, as they did their best to make it into the report of the century, whipping themselves into a howling tirade on some rain that all but fizzled out at least where they stood, as the storm degraded below hurricane strength by the time it made landfall Monday night. CNN continued to call it a hurricane, FOX called it a storm, everyone could see it had no eye, even though it was huge and devastating.

The biggest problem -- a massive wall of water in a record storm surge, which would flood low lying coastal areas -- would go unreported until morning light.

Reality-show-watching Americans, formerly a fearless daredevil bunch but now being trained to be afraid of their own shadows, were treated to a non-stop fear-factor barrage of danger reports all night long, that were repudiated by the actual events that didn't unfold before their very eyes, and preempted all other news. Oh, sure, some local flooding was seen, some of it quite heavy, it rained, winds got up into the... double digits, flights were cancelled, schools were closed (yipee! that's a good thing, as we all remember), other stuff happened. It was a storm, to be sure. "Officials" and "authorities" closed things everywhere out of fear things might happen, shutting down entire cities, for safety. That's probably a good thing. Warning people is a good thing. Amplifying reality beyond reality, probably not a good thing. Wait for news before reporting it. That's now an olden thing. The three-foot flood at the stock market was pure rumor.

A lot of people lost electrical power, always a problem in storms, some of whom will remain without power for an extended period. If you're not prepared for that, this is a wake up call.

A number of people lost their lives, some tragically, a real cause for grief, a natural effect of natural disasters, and another wake up call, heed it.

Trees, yes trees, seemed to be among the biggest threats, with many toppling over. No calls to ban trees have been made, even though they are blocking traffic and caused extensive damage and even loss of life. Check for local tree threats on your own property, if any. Flooring, dry wall, carpentry, furniture, paint, hardware suppliers and flood-repair companies nationwide are licking their chops and preparing for overtime, heedless of the broken-window theory of economics (which I've always challenged to the chagrin of my libertarian friends). Keynsian economists and their political sycophants will be on guard for price gouging, also known as supply and demand.

Reporters got caught up in their own delirium, often reporting on nothing -- a heavy rain with winds they were told, hoped, wished, came to believe -- would be more than it was, and missed the real story, the surge that did the real damage and left the mess and stranded victims. What will happen if a real hurricane -- a Cat 2, 3, 4 or 5 were to hit a populated area of the mainland, with sustained winds in the three-digit range? What adjectives will they use then? What morons will they get to stand out in the streets then?

Some reality did creep into the reports, when reporters mentioned that of the many people who failed to obey the evacuation orders, some were seen out walking their dogs. Viewers were able to eyewitness police and other vehicles, specially equipped with... tires, closed windows, windshield wipers and gasoline engines, cruising streets behind intrepid reporters standing in wind gusts and rain, reporting through soggy whistling microphones and steady cameras.

The news media should be ashamed of itself -- ashamed I say -- for such miserable reporting, such fear mongering, such failure to adjust reports to reflect the true nature of the situation they actually found themselves in, and instead, going with the pre-fab "narrative." When a real storm hits, people will be reluctant to believe these purveyors of abject nonsense. "News" of the rainfall preempted all other reporting for the entire evening. Redundant images of the same pooled water on streets could have been interspersed with some news from somewhere else on Earth.

The next morning, major cities were at a self-imposed standstill. FLASH: This just in from an eyewitness living in Brooklyn (three miles from the coast where he received light rain) -- Manhattan has been completely sealed off -- not by the tropical storm, but by officials. The storm has provided an unexpected opportunity to test the ability to seal off Manhattan island. No one can enter or leave the island, at the time of the report. My secret contact, reporting by phone, cannot go and do his business, because he is not allowed (as opposed to not capable) or reaching the island. All bridges (which are fully functional and dry) and all tunnels (which may be flooded) have been closed, with the storm, now over, as the reason given. In fairness, parts of Manhattan are under water and draining. Coastal New Jersey, very hard hit, is inaccessible. States in the mid Atlantic are getting snow. I saw a guy with a snow blower doing his walk.

President Obama, in a widely televised appearance at the Red Cross and looking very presidential according to commentators, promised to wipe away all red tape and bureaucracy to rush aid to those hardest hit by the storm. Why red tape and bureaucracy aren't similarly wiped away elsewhere throughout the federal government by presidential announcement was unexplained at press time.

In other news, it appears that the White House actually watched the pre-planned highly coordinated heavily armed islamist assault on our Libyan Ambassador's Benghazi consulate outpost in real time, and did nothing to prevent it or help defend Ambassador Chris Stevens who was murdered, along with three of his staff. Troops were available standing ready nearby, but never received orders to act. The "news" media is apparently suppressing this story in hopes of re-electing the man responsible for this travesty, according to leading experts speaking on condition of anonymity. According to the father of one of the men murdered in the attack, speaking publicly on the only TV station covering the story, FOX, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton lied directly to his face about the event.


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