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Are you tired of getting the slats kicked out of you
by anti-rights bigots, corrupt politicians
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Take the offensive with these Rights Preservers!



Dinner Groups
With a close friend or two, make a short list of upstanding, reasonable folks you know, invite them to dinner (separate checks) and discuss “issues that concern us as free people.”

Why it works: Harnesses the Right to Assemble, and the power of brainstorming, automatically creates synergy, leads to multiple plans of action, easy, and the food's good.
Learn More: Easy organizing, cool dinner tricks, followup plans

The Liberty Poll
Designed to make politicians sweat, apply these razor sharp questions the media avoids and get at the truth from elected officials, reporters and bureaucrats. Use it at any Town Hall or meeting with candidates or officials.

This joint effort of columnist Vin Suprynowicz (Libertarian Candidate for Vice President), author Alan Korwin and attorney Mike Anthony is breathtaking.
Look here and read it: The Liberty Poll, and all the juicy backup questions.

Take a Hoplophobe Shooting
Many anti-rights people unknowingly suffer from a medical condition, morbid fear of guns (hoplophobia), which is often cured by some range time and a .22.

Never start a newcomer with a .44; many hoplophobes chill out when someone provides a chance to safely shoot.  You know, you could ask a friend to go enjoy a shoot too.
Coming soon: That great piece about the nervous woman who thought she was going to die on the whole ride to the range, and ended by asking for more ammo.

Make a PR List Already
Take out a yellow pad, and start writing down the names of reporters who cover the issues.  Get their outlet's address, fax and email, and set up to use your list. Start with today's paper. Having a media list is having real power.

Free speech belongs to those who use it; You don't get media coverage when they don't hear from you; contact them, it doesn't give you warts; even when they get it wrong some good leaks through. Look up "How to get on the news" and learn how PR is done. Anyone can get in the news, you just have to know how and do it.

Just Educate Yourself a Little
Spend 15 minutes (look at a clock) with electronics off, and READ a book on political thought -- any book will do, and it will advance your thinking. You need some suggestions? Your own book rack has some right now you haven't touched in years, pick one up, open to any page. "When you really need a lesson, any book will do."

We have a fine selection, just reading the captions will make you think: Politics of Firearms, or summaries of the Founding Fathers thoughts.

Involve Your House of Worship
Ask the leader of your house of worship to conduct a program on the role of religion in the preservation of freedom, and what government's proper function in that should be. With luck, this will evolve into an ongoing group and action that matters. Do it.

Open Your Checkbook
Don't be afraid to open your wallet. You don't have to empty your banking account, but a few bucks here and there makes a difference, and you can afford it. Spend wisely, and support causes that matter. Pledge part of your personal fortune to freedom.

American Freedom Essay Contest

Ask your child’s teacher to introduce this simple, fun and educational contest that teaches schools why freedom is important and the enemies of freedom.

Brings to schools a compelling Bill of Rights discussion, inexpensive to sponsor, teachers, students and parents learn.
Learn More:  Executive Summary, PDF brochure, student and judge instructions.

Cartridge Family Bands
Lots of rights advocates are musicians, so gather a bunch and throw together some political songs or parodies, which communicate superbly and attract media attention.

Songs communicate better than anything, lightens things up, brings smiles, fun for you and audience. Swap songs with Cartridge Family bands in other cities.
Learn More:  See what the original Cartridge Family band has done.

Fly the American Flag

If you haven't got one and a mount, get one. Learn the ettiquette. Show your patriotism, let your neighbors see it, encourage them to emulate you.

TUG Meetings

All it takes is a few dedicated activists to invite all the local gun-rights groups to a big pow wow (“the umbrella group”) for huge synergy and activism.

You call one member of each group, go to dinner, make a steering group e-list, pick a date, invite everyone. National groups are generally cooperative. Pretty easy, very effective.
Coming soon: How-to-TUG essay, meeting review by the 2,000-mile-away man.

Billboard Campaigns
Smaller, city street billboards are remarkably affordable (about $125/month) and allow you to get the message out that the mainstream ignores.

Sticks messages suppressed by the mainstream media right into the public's eye, generates publicity, exercises free speech.
Learn More:  Images of billboards in Phoenix, EZ how-to instructions, swell messages to use.

Legislative Drafting Committee
Dream up, draft and introduce new bills that support freedom and your rights, or else suffer solely under the legislative onslaught of the anti-rights crowd.

Check out the ideas in “Sunshine Gun Laws” and from various state associations that have had successes.
Coming soon: Lists of good bill ideas, sample language, resources

Get alerts automatically about proposed federal gun laws, good and bad.

Join the Not-Choir
Stop preaching to the choir, go and listen to the other side. Join a group whose ideas offend your sensibilities and learn how they think and why. This is not easy.

You have to fight your principals in the first place to pay for admission, and you have to be able to sit, quiet, in the face of often outrageous affronts to your sensibilities and liberties, but you get to see what makes them tick, learn how to clean their clocks, and once in a while inject a little reasonable curiosity, with a well placed innocent question or two. How about, "If guns are so bad, why do we give them to the police?"

FIJA—the Fully Informed Jury Act
Anything you can do to let people know how robust their rights and duties are in a jury is valuable.

A linchpin of freedom is the ability, right and duty of a jury of your neighbors (peers) to decide if you're guilty of a crime, and if the law you're charged under is fair or even desireable.  It means that true power remains in the hands of the people, not the hands of the system.  It's the crux.
Learn More:  Visit fija.org.

Gun Policy Forum
OK, this isn't quite so easy.  But a group of you can get a library auditorium, book panelists, invite the press and everyone, and run your own show on the issues.

Certainly beats going to a trumped up anti-rights presentation carefully orchestrated by "officials" who infringe your liberties, and other riff raff.
Learn More: Our most recent was the 10th Anniversary of CCW banquet. Everyone came armed, service was slow, and the waiters all lived. Go figure.

Use Cartoons More
Think about the ironies or injustice of modern society, government and the people, and have a local caricaturist express it as line art.

Find caricaturists at malls, tourist spots, state fairs, they're inexpensive, really good, can turn your dull essays into compelling images, if you'd but think that way.

Attend Gun Buyups
You're still free in most of America to buy a firearm from another person.  Exercise this right at tax-funded gun buyups, cherry picking the goods pre-smelter.

It really ticks off the elitist operators of these events, is usually legal (check locally first of course), attracts media for a few good sound bites, saves historic pieces, builds your collection.

Booklets on Halloween
You can give out candy like everyone else, or be different and put a booklet in each kid's bag.  "The Grandpa Jack" series are eye-openers, or the Constitution.

Helps spread the word, makes people think, costs little, stands out.
Learn more: The Grandpa Jack cartoon booklets are inexpensive, cover a wide range of topics.

Don't Waste Time On True Believers
And for a lot more time-saving, action-oriented ideas, get Jon Haupt's superb, "Five Minutes to Freedom."
Learn more: Download this classic short pamphlet.

Discuss the Subject Politely
Ask, for example, at your barber shop, what they all think of "gun control," and listen back and see.  Show interest with a question or two to see if they know anything or are living in mythology.

Go for the Ink — in the Letters to the Editor Column
Even if they don't run 'em, the editors have to read 'em, and they have some effect.  If they're not running 'em, find out why, change your style, get better, get ink more. Try a one- or two-liner, very effective when you dream up good ones.

Stop Winning Debates...
... and start Winning Friends and Influencing People. If you win the debate you lose. "A man convinced against his will is of the other opinion still." Get the book (How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie) if you want to advance the cause of freedom.



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