Clever and simple ideas for defending
the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
and Personal Freedom

Easy, fun, and it helps save the entire Bill of Rights.



I get asked this all the time.
People are frustrated with the infringements and abuses they see growing.

Do you want to fight back? Chip in? Have an effect?

If you want to help protect our gun rights, and freedom in general,
you can get started right now. It's easy.

And before you get discouraged and think -- but I'm only one person --
everyone is only one person:

Your state gun-rights group is listed in our National Directory (blue button on home page) -- JOIN if you haven’t already, go to meetings, volunteer -- that's really doing something -- and you start having a real effect (plus it’s fun) and you get strength in numbers. Write the check. Join one of the many national gun-rights groups while you're at it, to increase your clout -- and their power. And check this out if you're in my home state of Arizona.

Read and learn more, like, now. Do you feel powerless? Learn how to be more effective than you are. Take a look at my Politically Corrected Glossary, or the yellow Position Papers button on home page, for ideas you can use. This helps you talk the talk. Take a look at out our books on state gun rights for even more ideas. Find out more about why gun politics works the way it does. Learn about the Heller Case and the protections it has for the right to keep and bear arms. Read Jon Haupt's fabulous Five Minutes to Freedom brochure for free.

Important: Build up your email list so you can forward important news to people you know. I have to tell you this? They can make phone calls, get active, and help the cause (you have my permission to forward anything I circulate, or anything on this site). Political action is rapidly becoming an email thing. Get real ambitious and make an e-list of all your legislators from my directory or the tool at the NRA or GOA, and here's the list journalists recommend. Now there's a great thing to have. Do the same for radio, TV and printed news in your town, they provide their eddresses if you just look -- compile your own press list. Hey, I'll take a copy of any news media contacts you have, and put it to good use, send yours to me! Please.

Learn how to watch your own state legislature online for any gun or freedom-oriented bills you need to know about (and email the news to your friends). Dress nicely on a day (wear a tie??!) and actually attend a state legislative session or especially a committee meeting to see how it works. Get alerts automatically on proposed federal gun laws, with easy ways to contact Congress.

Go to lunch or dinner once a month with like-minded friends and focus your whole conversation on, "What can we do to protect our gun rights and expand freedom in our own community?" This is so powerful, so easy, and the results will surprise you. Go to dinner, it's the right to assemble, so important it's in the First Amendment. Come up with something you can actually do, and go do it. Visit your representatives and let them know what you think. Personal appearances have real impact.

Check out the blue Billboards button on our home page for a great idea that will affect the public, at a modest cost. Also from our home page, download, print and ask your own state legislator to introduce the Gun-Free-Zone Liability Act, or the High School Marksmanship Act, or the Private Property Protection Act. Model legislation makes it easy for legislators to do the right thing. Try it.

Take someone to the range and enjoy some safe shooting. Anyone. Take a journalist, your doctor, dentist, teacher, relative or anyone who has never been, and show them how much fun it is, how it isn't connected to crime, how other people -- just like themselves -- go to the range and it is good clean American sport. Always start newcomers with a .22, and be careful not to scare anyone off with a cannon-caliber the first time out (a bad mistake some macho types make, it can permanently scare off some people). Oh, and bring extra ammo, everyone always asks for it.

Increasingly unpopular among freedom-oriented people is the voting process. It seems hopeless, nothing changes, what can one vote do... But elections DO matter, as you can see in the current Obama administration. And people who think like we do far outnumber the takings coalition, but they got their numbers out, and beat us by a mere 3-1/2% spread in the national popular vote for president in 2008. Register your like-minded friends and get them to the polls. Ask a group you're part of to organize a registration drive. Radical thought, eh? Want to make sure your candidate choices are better? Become a precinct committeeman. What's that? Go find out.

Is that enough for a start?
Will you actually get up and do something... anything?
You can make a difference, and enjoy yourself.
Get to it!



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