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True gun-safety advocates know it well, but the general public is less aware that: The first responders against crime are almost always the people themselves, and police are the second responders.

This is because stories of self defense are routinely suppressed by the mainstream media, part of an unethical distortion of the news for political purposes. This unfortunate reality is described and documented here:

The First Responders Report brings you stories of people who are alive today because they had fully loaded, readily accessible firearms for their intended purpose -- to protect innocent life and property from criminal assault when it is immediately necessary -- actions you can take that are guaranteed by law.

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From the Sept 9, 2014, Washington, D.C. regional edition:

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News links referred to in the
Sept 9, 2014 USA Today
First Responders Report:

Beautiful Woman Stops Armed Robber by Pulling a Gun and Calling Police
KCCI-TV-8 Ft. Dodge, Iowa!Xc38r
The footage of the young woman reenacting the scene is interesting, as she walks sideways to keep the gun trained on the suspect until he leaves the premises.

A Woman's Guide to Firearms
Women should watch this DVD to better prepare for possible conflicts:

Student Shoots Burglar, Turns Out to Be Son of Notorious Abortion Doc
KPVI-TV-6 Philadelphia, Penn.

It's particularly nice to see a police spokesperson on the scene describe a clean shoot, and recognize that proper self-defense and defense-of-a-third-person is a correct use of firearms in a dangerous situation.

Solid training can be the difference between surviving or not:
The Armed Response series of videos

Armed Citizen Accosted in Parking Lot Shoots Attacker, Calls Police
KPRC-TV-2 Houston, Texas

Quick decisive action like this man took is the sort of training Col. Jeff Cooper advises in his book Principles of Personal Protection, which we have always recommended. The potential victim here had the presence of mind to secure the suspect's gun after dropping him, before going to call the police, so they could arrive and pick up the pieces, later, after the event had ended. of the all-time classics, Col. Jeff Cooper is one of the all-time masters: Principles of Personal Defense [Note: Not for the squeamish.]



From the July 30, 2014, Washington, D.C. regional edition:

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News links referred to in the
July 30, 2014 USA Today
First Responders Report:

Armed Woman Saves Life; ‛Something Told Her’
to Carry Her Gun That Day

KHOU-TV-11 Dallas, Texas
The idea that she hadn't carried her gun for years after getting a CHL from the state police, and then just happened to carry it on the one day she would need it, was just stunning. The stranger actually threatened to shoot the potential victim.

True-life stories of people who saved themselves with personal firearms—better than fiction, a real page-turner, with tips on how you can survive a deadly encounter.

Vietnam Vet Survives Home Invasion: Criminal’s Career Ended
KTVI-TV-2 St. Clair County, Ill.

We lacked space for this in the newspaper article, but neighbors say the neighborhood had been subject to a number of break-in burglaries, and the car, which had license plates that didn't match the vehicle, had been seen cruising the area before. Illinois law technically prevents calling this a "home invasion," since you must prove the perp knew it was occupied, according to the reporter.

Learn about the tactics and techniques that can make all the difference when seconds count and you need every advantage to come out the winner.

Gun Claims No Victim—Gun Law Does
WWOR-TV-9 Newark, New Jersey

A heartbreaking travesty of justice here—the law is supposed to catch criminals, not make them. New Jersey's gun laws are designed to disarm the public, infringe on the rights of the innocent, and make life easier for criminals by ensuring that victims are helpless. This struggling health-care worker, already a victim of two robberies, has been victimized again by armed thugs—this time New Jersey authorities—and will lose her children and have her life in tatters, because the state violates her civil rights and disrespects everything America stands for... like the Bill of Rights. a woman and especially for women, this comprehensive guide gets you prepared from the first decisions you must make for personal safety to all the details, in an easy reading style.



From the July 14, 2014, Washington, D.C. regional edition:

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News links referred to in the
July 14, 2014 USA Today
First Responders Report:
Father Defends Home and Daughter Without Firing a Shot

These two young men had been allegedly harassing the homeowner's daughter by phone when they decided to come over and do it in person. People are getting more dangerous for some reason, and the need to be able to defend yourself on the spot is becoming more important. It's very common for people in life-threatening situations to know each other, and when that happens -- you're the first responder.

Videos are among the most effective home training techniques for gun owners -- watch and learn -- from beginner to very advanced.

WDIV-TV-4 Detroit, Mich.
Black Grandmother, Shot 4 Times, Returns Fire,
Saving Her Own Life

A pair of vicious thugs simply opened fire on this woman, a healthcare worker whose job is to aid other people -- and who was simply minding her own business. She took four rounds yet sent them to the hospital, and said that without her gun, "I would be dead." Her friends and family now call her Rambo, so there is a good side to those movies. Maybe we should call her Grambo. New York thinks it did a good thing limiting its innocent residents to only seven shots -- but Grambo need eight shots to stop these two assailants who attacked her. In New York, that would have made her the criminal!

There is more to using a gun is self defense than simply having one. The techniques for bring one into a gunfight and using it effectively are covered well in Armed Response, with images and clear descriptions. You should get this book, also available as a video.

KCCI-TV-8 Coalville, Iowa
Homeowner Slashed in Throat Fights Back, Shoots Attacker, Lives!W96AJ

When The U.S. Supreme Court dealt with this element of self defense back in the late 1890s, they set the basic guidelines we rely upon today. This is called the immediacy issue. Self defense is only legal when it is immediately necessary, one of nine separate elements the Court helped define back then. You could hardly ask for a case where a gun was more immediately needed than this one! something about how the police work is a good idea, and you can learn from their procedures and approaches to safety too. Check out our line of police guides for the public.



From the July 9, 2014, Washington, D.C. regional edition:

Click here to see the actual column.

News links referred to in the
July 9, 2014 USA Today
First Responders Report:

WXYZ-TV-7, Detroit, Mich.
Black Mom with Assault Weapon Stops Attack, Saves Children

Note how both the reporter and especially the police spokesperson credit the police with stopping crime, when they had absolutely nothing to do with preventing this assault! Even the victim is mired in a statist mindset, almost unaware that police responded after she alone saved her kids and herself. It would be hysterical if it weren't so tragic. Note the terrible gun-handling technique on the part of the officials in the video.

Suzanna Gratia Hupp went through the ordeal of facing a gunman without the gun she left in her car -- because a law made her leave it there, and it cost many lives, including her parents. Read how that changed her, and the lessons she learned about being able to respond first, in From Luby's to the Legislature.

KHOU-TV-11, Houston, Texas
Black Bystander with Gun Saves Mother, Helps Capture Assailants

It's just too rare to see black-man-with-a-gun stories like this one, where the black man isn't the suspect or the dead person, but is the hero. I love the part where he stops off for candy for his kids before leaving to go home! The media all too often falsely portray gun incidents as traumatizing life-changing events you cannot recover from, a completely distorted view that advances an anti-rights agenda. According to John Lott, black people benefit from Stand Your Ground laws more often than white people do, in part due to the greater number of crimes committed against them.

When circumstances draw innocent bystanders to respond first, knowing a little about tactics and strategy helps -- and it's really fun reading at the beach!

KTVI-TV-2, Richwoods, Mo.
Robber Picks Wrong Store, Brings Knife to a Gun Fight

Not only do they have wildly pro-gun-rights signs (with bullet holes!) in their windows by the door, they have a $100,000 gun display locked behind glass in the back of their shop. The old duffer who talks about how everyone knows you don't rob that place is just too much. The alleged perp's neck tattoos are a nice touch (but he got too much face time on air if you ask me). Of course the police know this guy.

Knowing something about how the police work is a good idea, and you can learn from their procedures and approaches to safety too. Check out our line of police guides for the public.

KSAZ-TV-10, Phoenix, Ariz.
Woman Alive Thanks to Sidearm; Calls 911, then Shoots Attacker 25442018/2014/05/06/woman-shoots-intruder-after-alleged-assault

It's nice to see and hear a police spokesperson acknowledge, live on the scene (well after an incident has taken place of course) that, by the time an assailant has attempted entry through all three of your doors, and has broken in, and has physically assaulted you, that you're probably in the right to shoot the person to protect yourself. Arizona statutes provide robust legal protection for this sort of thing, guarding the innocent against dangerous violent criminals, as all states should. Not all states do.

Not all women are prepared to act in their own defense as this confident one proved to be. Considering how determined the assailant was, her own first response was the only thing that saved her. A whole line of books and DVDs has developed for women who are beginning to think this way at last.


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